Is the Scorpio enough to make you switch mid generation?

  • It's all about the games, and so far there hasn't been a single one that would make consider getting an Xbox One or Scorpio. I started last gen with the 360, because they had the best offering, and I ended up regretting that decision, because MS got progressively worse at providing interesting games, and it keeps getting worse in my opinion.

    Specially now I don't see any reason for going with scorpio, for anyone that has even a decent PC

  • Honestly I can't really see myself jumping over to Xbox again. I did for the 360 cuz it was on the market first, was cheaper and in the beginning had the better library. However, once I got my PS3 I never went back to 360 again. I suppose I tend to just play on one console at a time.
    For me to go over to the Scorpio would take a lot, mostly exclusive games I just 100% had to experience. I have a hard time imagining what that could be. Even since I jumped to PS3 Sony has just been winning me over year after year... till they announced PS4 Pro, and then TGS wasnt mind blowing either. Playstation seems to have made some mis steps recently but im still on board. That being said, I think Xbox has been making all the right moves since they kinda botched the reveal of Xbox One. Backwards compatitable games, custom controllers (god those look so cool) but they still lack the exclusive games that I have to play. Better specs and such are all well and good, but if I can play most of the same games on my PS4 and the ones I can't I dont mind missing I don't see why I would jump over.
    Also for some weird reason I can't rationalize paying for both XBox Live and PS+, they aren't that much really but I can only do one.

  • Oh, man, if I shelled out $500-600 for a Scorpio I could play Ubisoft games with slightly clearer frame rates and textures! Oh, wait, why would I want to do that???

    Seriously, why would I change over to PC or Xbox for superior hardware specs when the most hype games release only on Sony and Nintendo systems? That's putting the cart before the horse in such a profound way that it tumbles down the hill, resulting in a spectacular crash that scatters horse feed, gunpowder, and broken furniture legs all over the mountainside.

  • Btw, Microsofts consoles may not have any more cycles (to a certain extent, over a long time the older models will eventually not be supported of course). So if this will become true, then there still is a long time for unkown exclusives that have yet to be announced to be announced. So right now it's hard to tell whether the Scorpio will be worth it. Microsoft can still have exclusive games. They decide which 1st party games they want to be on both pc or xbox one. Not all games have to be on both platforms. They may have some tricks up their sleeves...

  • Devs are just going to make games look as good as the best selling console, so whatever power Scorpio has will maybe receive some minuscule performance boost.
    Devs aren't going to go out of their way to specifically develop graphical features for the Scorpio.

    I don't think Scorpio is going to do anything.

  • Depends on if MS gets a few more games I'm interested in, Rare Replay, Killer Instinct, and Scalebound are not enough to get me to buy a X1 of any kind. Although Phantom Dust might if we ever get a update on it.

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    Have almost zero interest in the One or Scorpio, especially after E3 when they announced everything would also be coming to PC day and date.

  • I switched to PC at the end of the last console generation, where I played mostly on Xbox 360. At this point I really see no reason to get an Xbox One. When I saw the E3 promo video for the scorpio this year I thought that they actually have nothing. I mean they can come up with some fancy number but what they finally going to put in the new console – I wouldn’t be surprise if they made an actual decision only next summer. I hate exclusives but anyway MS has none at this point and had none that interested me that much. Except Sunset Overdrive I would like to play because of the art style and character customization, not so much because of the gameplay. At this point I rather pay twice the money for a new graphics card than buy a Xbox. Or I maybe going to buy a Playstation 4 because there are some games that I’m interested in like Uncharted 4 and the remasters, Last of us I never played, Persona 5, Bloodborne (maybe), Digimon Cyber Sleuth and the upcoming new one – and with PS VR there might be one or two interesting exclusives (that like a certain volleyball game will never come to the west :disappointed: ).

  • At first Scorpio sounded great for someone without an X1. But the more I read about Scorpio, the less interest I have. For starters, its over a year away from release. We haven't seen a working model. Potential for compatibility issues with such a huge leap of power and change of parts is a concern. It will need to sell really well to have good long term support.

    And Scorpio can potentiality be in the $500 dollar range. As it was stated as a premium product, and boasts specs 43% more power than the Pro. And what does MS plan to do with all that power ? They barely have any studios. Would cost a fortune to build a scorpio game with all the bells and whistles from the ground up. So the only thing I can think of, is Scorpio getting the equivalent PC port. Without all the customization options of course. And for someone whose in the process of getting a gaming PC. That's not an appealing option for me to throw down hundreds of dollars for. To buy inferior PC ports.

  • I don't care about 4k at all but I love games running at 60fps.

    If the Scorpio can start to consistently deliver 60fps console gaming (and patch-up things like The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider to run at 60fps) then I'm sold, so long as the price isn't insane.

  • Personally I'm just not a fan of any of the Xbox exclusives so I've stayed loyal to Playstation (and I just like everything about Playstation more). Plus if the Xbox exclusives are coming to PC then I see no reason to get a new console.

    I don't have any real interest in either "4.5" console as of now. If they drop in price while and I end up with a 4k tv then maybe, but as of now it seems like I'm better off just waiting for next gen.

  • @luckywallace Witcher 3 won't even do that on a $3000 PC. Hardware doesn't magically make frame drops go away. The game is the problem because Witcher 3 is a pretty insane open world game.

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    No I don't think so, I am quite happy with my normal PS4. I dont see why I should by the PS4 PRO or the scorpio. I might save up and get a nice PC so I play some more games, but other than that I am quite happy with my PS4. If I would get any xbox I would get the one once its gone down in price, with master chief collection, but thats it.

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    @luckywallace said in Is the Scorpio enough to make you switch mid generation?:

    I don't care about 4k at all but I love games running at 60fps.

    If the Scorpio can start to consistently deliver 60fps console gaming (and patch-up things like The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider to run at 60fps) then I'm sold, so long as the price isn't insane.

    But those are multiplat games that already run at 60fps on pc. You don't need MS's new console for that. Unless you REALLY love Halo and Gears.

    Then again....if Mass Effect Andromeda is 60fps on consoles that would be great because let's face it. Nobody wants to install Origin.

  • Other posters are on point. Console gaming has a few advantages over PC; lower initial cost, accessibility, exclusives. MSs policy of releasing their exclusives on the PC as well as the xbone/scorpio wipes out exclusives. We don't know the scorpios specs or cost, but its sounding like it'll be quite powerful and expensive (making the initial cost of a PC look a lot better).

    Maybe I'll get the scorpio...but it's certainly making me take a close look at building a PC. I'm also going to buy games digitally so they'll be playable on a PC if I end up getting one.

  • Before considering anything, I'd need to know what Scorpio actually is, what it can do and what games line-up it is. Also, I'd need to know if there are any full exclusives on it. Until then, I couldn't really answer the questions, no matter how many teraflops it has!

  • Of course not. A console is for exclusives, and as long as Sony has the better ones I'm sticking with my PS4. If I want performance I'll play the game on PC.

  • I am a current gen console owner (PS4) and have a great PC rig, so for myself.. I can't really see the benefit of making the leap to a what I call a 2.0 system (PS4 Pro/Scorpio). Mostly for the reason you mentioned above. I think I would rather wait and see if a new PS5 or new Xbox gen will come soon after.

    I am happy with the video quality of my current gen and will enjoy the games coming out on my PS4 or if not then my PC. If 2017 comes around and we might not see a next gen till 2020 or something like that then I may consider later on to make the leap at a later time. I have yet to get a 4k tv anyways and my main reason atm would be for the PSVR I'm getting to look a bit better.

  • It would have been if they hadn't started the whole Cross-Play thing, but now that I can play on PC I have no interest at all in Scorpio

  • @Whoaness
    Um, you can watch Witcher 3 running at 60fps on youtube - a powerhouse PC can do it.
    My friend has a cutting-edge gaming rig which can run Witcher 3 and other moden games at a rock-solid 60fps so it is possible (in theory). Whether it would take too much effort to work on Scorpio I have no idea.