Is the Scorpio enough to make you switch mid generation?

  • Other posters are on point. Console gaming has a few advantages over PC; lower initial cost, accessibility, exclusives. MSs policy of releasing their exclusives on the PC as well as the xbone/scorpio wipes out exclusives. We don't know the scorpios specs or cost, but its sounding like it'll be quite powerful and expensive (making the initial cost of a PC look a lot better).

    Maybe I'll get the scorpio...but it's certainly making me take a close look at building a PC. I'm also going to buy games digitally so they'll be playable on a PC if I end up getting one.

  • Before considering anything, I'd need to know what Scorpio actually is, what it can do and what games line-up it is. Also, I'd need to know if there are any full exclusives on it. Until then, I couldn't really answer the questions, no matter how many teraflops it has!

  • Of course not. A console is for exclusives, and as long as Sony has the better ones I'm sticking with my PS4. If I want performance I'll play the game on PC.

  • I am a current gen console owner (PS4) and have a great PC rig, so for myself.. I can't really see the benefit of making the leap to a what I call a 2.0 system (PS4 Pro/Scorpio). Mostly for the reason you mentioned above. I think I would rather wait and see if a new PS5 or new Xbox gen will come soon after.

    I am happy with the video quality of my current gen and will enjoy the games coming out on my PS4 or if not then my PC. If 2017 comes around and we might not see a next gen till 2020 or something like that then I may consider later on to make the leap at a later time. I have yet to get a 4k tv anyways and my main reason atm would be for the PSVR I'm getting to look a bit better.

  • It would have been if they hadn't started the whole Cross-Play thing, but now that I can play on PC I have no interest at all in Scorpio

  • @Whoaness
    Um, you can watch Witcher 3 running at 60fps on youtube - a powerhouse PC can do it.
    My friend has a cutting-edge gaming rig which can run Witcher 3 and other moden games at a rock-solid 60fps so it is possible (in theory). Whether it would take too much effort to work on Scorpio I have no idea.

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    I don't care about 4k at all but I love games running at 60fps.

    If the Scorpio can start to consistently deliver 60fps console gaming (and patch-up things like The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider to run at 60fps) then I'm sold, so long as the price isn't insane.

    But those are multiplat games that already run at 60fps on pc. You don't need MS's new console for that. Unless you REALLY love Halo and Gears.

    Then again....if Mass Effect Andromeda is 60fps on consoles that would be great because let's face it. Nobody wants to install Origin.

    Well yes, a powerhouse PC can do that but I don't want to spend that much money - my friend recently spent over £1,300 to build a super-PC so if a Scorpio comes in at £400 or less it would be a bargain (if it delivered 60fps gaming of course... which it may not do). I also find PC gaming generally awkward to set-up and get into - consoles are simply way more inconvenient for my personal set-up and preferences (getting the PC image to show on my TV requires re-wiring every time I want to do it).

  • @luckywallace You can hit 60 fps, sure, but Rock Solid is a no. You will get frame drops.

  • Microsoft can still decide to hold back a 1st party exclusive from the PC if they choose to. NOT ALL games will be on both pc and xbox one. They might haves some tricks left.

  • No, PS have better exclusives imo. "More powerful" machine doesn't mean that much to me.