For Honor closed alpha access

  • @OverNightGaming done... thanks a lot mate.

  • I just want to hijack this thread to say that the alpha has sold me on this game.

    That is all.

  • Should we make a For Honor closed alpha thread?

  • We should and I'm not even in the alpha nor would I'd have time to play it right now.

  • Does someone still have a For Honor ps4 code left? :) I would be so happy to be able to play it, so excited for the game!

  • please if anyone can invite me for the alpha for pc please my uplay is narutoxswrv

  • I actually got codes in the mail and failed to notice lol, man this game is cool!

  • I am so hyped for this game! I really hope one of the yet unrevealed modes is faction vs faction, because that's not the case with what they've shown, and that ruins the immersion quite a bit.

  • You are so lucky. I can't wait to play.

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  • For Honor is basically try hard: the game and I can't wait to get to play it.

  • This may be the first valentines day that I'm actually looking forward to :smile:

  • The depth of the combat system in this game is just perfect. It's fairly easy to pick up and play, after you play the quick tutorial you understand the basics of attacking and blocking, and can enter a 4v4 match and have a fun time killing the mobs at B and helping your teammates fight off enemies. It's a fun multiplayer game with swords.

    BUT. If you want, you can transform For Honor into a fighting game. The amount of depth in this game locked away from the tutorial is staggering. Dueling is more than just blocking and attacking, its about combos, feints, spacing, cancels, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both your character and your opponent's, etc. If you want to get good you need to put serious time in.

    Damiani said it best where, to paraphrase, "I don't know how the balance, maps, etc will turn out, but the combat in this game is a 10, ignore any review that complains about it." If For Honor gets dedicated servers and the kind of long term support and updates that Ubisoft is giving for Rainbow Six Siege, this can truly be an excellent multiplayer game. Not a CoD level of success that everyone loves to be sure, but with the proper support it can assemble a cult following.

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    Before watching Huber played, I was a bit excited for this game and expected somekind of "button mash" game with a cool theme. Now however I REALLY cant wait for this game, the combat seems deeper than I really could dare to wish for, the maps seems open yet small enough to make each game intense. Now I really can't wait for the release and I know what me and my gf will play on valentines together <3

  • I was interested in this game before, but somehow I missed that it has splitscreen. Now it's a must buy since I'm always looking for great games me and the BF can play together.
    It looks great!