Skiing Game Hype

  • So, I wanted to make a thread to anticipate Steep (and SNOW, which is still in Steam early access), but also to talk about skiing games past, since we have no assurances as to when either of those games will come out. I'm neither a fan of open world nor sports games, but there's just something about exploring and racing down an open world mountain. Perhaps it's the sense of speed, or perhaps it's how the different environs meet and interact.

    I'll start us off with a story, if you care to read it. So, back in the way back, I rented Wii Ski from the then-extant Hollywood Video. I had a blast playing this, but for the life of me couldn't figure out why there was an alcohol reference warning on the E-for-Everyone ESRB label. Sometime later I'm going along, doing a quest where you have to deliver spaghetti to a girl at the bottom of a course without either crashing and dropping the plate of pasta or skiing too slow and allowing it to grow cold. So I finally make it to the bottom of the course, give the girl her spaghetti, and she says, "Thanks for the pasta! This would go great with a glass of red wine," and the quest ends. That was the single reference to alcohol that the rating had warned of.

    Great job, ESRB. Win one for freedom.

  • Have to say the Skiing aspect in Steep did get me excited. I love the idea of a big open mountain to play on as well, totally reminds me of SSX3 which I loved. I also dig that both Steep and Snow are more grounded. While its cool to do breakdancing moves while also corkscrewing around in the air I do appreciate games that try to be more realistic.
    My only criticism is that there's just something about Steep and I guess Snow ( I haven't looked into Snow too much so this might not apply as much) that comes off a little bland. Like it doesn't really have much of it's own identity. Maybe I need to see more footage or something but it just seems like the character models dont express enough emotion or something, give me a fist shake after I pull off a big flip or something, and maybe there is that and I just missed it.
    Will get Steep at some point for sure, but right now its not a day one buy.

  • @TheMarcV Yeah, I see that. They're definitely both pretty sim-y. Hopefully the controls and movement are fun enough, though. One thing that I like about Steep is that, unless you really slam into something hard, you can get back up from a fall. I always enjoyed that about Wii Ski: You could fall, you could tumble, and you could even tumble down the entire rest of the course if you fell bad enough, but you could always get back up from a fall. No fatalities, haha.

  • I am really getting into the wingsuit and paragliding mode videos. And there's no getting up from tumbling in one of those. lol

    I discovered the Red Bull X-Alps event a few years ago, and I got sucked into watching that. Essentially it's a 1000km race across the Alps from Salzburg, Austria to Monaco by running, climbing, and paragliding. This mode of Steep gives me part of that vibe.

  • One thing I hope they add in a future mode or patch is the ability to switch modes while you're moving. Always wanted to do the whole "James Bond skis off the side of a mountain and then paraglides away" thing.

  • @TokyoSlim I know you can pull your paraglider chute while you're gliding down the mountain. No idea about the others, though.

  • @Haru17 In the wingsuit? I think that's just a parachute and that's how you "end" your run. I haven't seen anyone keep going after the chute pops.

    I don't know this for a fact, but have heard from people who demoed the game that you can only change modes when stationary.

  • @TokyoSlim Huh, I thought it was the same as the paraglider. Whoops!

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    I am a big fan of skiing/snowboarding games! I dont touch other sports games, but SSX are a series I have played a lot and always enjoyed. SSX on tour I have logged many many hours in for the fun and I hope that STEEP really becomes a nice game where I can fly down mountains and get that "free" feeling <3

  • A Skiing or Snowboarding game done well is always amazing, but seems really hard to come across. Brandon had tons of hype for Steep but I will wait to see if it holds. These types of games tend to devalue very quickly so if you are a bit patient you can get lots of reviews and a major discount.

  • @descendfromgrace Yeah, if I'm being honest Steep is far from a day-one purchase for me. Assuming it doesn't get delayed, it's the same day as Gravity Rush 2, in the same week as The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV. So for me that order goes:

    1. Final Fantasy XV
    2. Gravity Rush 2
    3. Finish Final Fantasy XV
    4. sleep
    5. The Last Guardian
    6. eat
    7. sleep
    8. bathe
    9. Steep ;)

  • Yeah, Steep is on the radar but not the main priority this Fall. Seems really cool and if it reviews really well that might be enough for me to jump on, but as of right now its a bit lower on the list of games I'm getting day one. Could make my X-mas list tho, haha. Any of you 30 years old or older and still ask for games for the holidays, I can't be the only man child here haha

  • I'm desperately hoping that Steep fills the Skate series gap in some way.

    Really all I want is a Skate game with a drop in drop out online mode similar to Burnout Paradise, if Steep gets even close I'm in in in.

    Now, that's me wishing upon the stars. Break my heart, allies who know more about it.

  • Steep closed alpha begins tomorrow. Anyone that signed up for it, make sure to check your email!
    Pre-downloads are happening right now!

  • @TokyoSlim Ha-haaaa, haha, ha ha! I'm in! Probably won't be able to play much tomorrow, but I plan on doing some SICK TRICKS before long.

  • @Haru17 Maybe I'll see you on the mountain!

  • @TokyoSlim Perhaps. That's right, it is MMO-y, isn't it?

  • @Haru17 said in Skiing Game Hype:

    @TokyoSlim Perhaps. That's right, it is MMO-y, isn't it?

    Sort of? I mean, it's online multiplayer, seems more like a racing game like Driveclub or something, since there's races and trick/point/speed based challenges and such.

  • Yup, I'm in the closed alpha, I'll probably stay in the office longer tonight (Singapore time) to play it. I'll check back here to see if we can somehow meet up in game!

  • Hmm, so they really don't want us to talk about the game here...