Who else is as excited for Persona 5 as Ben, Huber, Brad, and me?

  • Hey guys! First time poster on this forum. Love the Easy Allies and I'm a huge Megami Tensei/Persona fan, so I was extremely delighted to see Ben get up to take over the panel, put on his Morgana hat, and just regale Huber and Brad with the 9 minutes of gameplay that was showcased at the Atlus booth. I myself am SOOOOO excited for this game, and it makes me so happy see these guys give this series the love and coverage that it deserves.

    Some things that Ben kinda skipped over or perhaps just didn't know at the time: Huber asked what happens if you fail the negotiation, and Ben joked you might as well turn the game off at that point, I'm pretty sure you can't fail. In the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games, you can use an action during your teams turn to talk to demons. If there's a demon who is close to that demon, they can step in and prevent you from talking to them so you have to kill that other demon first before you can negotiate. Also, in order to get a demon to talk to you, you have to normally either to give them money or items several times before they even consider it. Here's my little reenactment of a demon negotiation.

    "Woah, woah, woah, you want me to join you?! Not so fast pall, if you want me you gotta pay up. Give me 1200 Macca." Comply "You think you buy me with this chump change? Give me 2 life stones." Comply "Wow, you actually gave it to me, maybe I should actually consider joining you now." DarkenRaul seems hesistant "Okay pal, here's what. You answer my question correctly, and I'll join you. If you see someone in trouble do you go and help them, or do you laugh." Help them? "Hahahaha, what a loser, I'd never join you." Battle ensues.

    That last part, you gotta know the demon's alignment: either Law, Neutral, or Chaos, but that can be hard to guess/remember, so odds are you'll get the answer wrong your first time and then have to get into another random encounter with that demon to try again (because if you fail, they won't listen to you anymore). The HOLD UP mechanic, changes that completely. By sticking them up, you are not really "negotiating" anymore as you're threatening them with an All Out Attack. Remember that in order for a HOLD UP to activate, you set up an All Out Attack, so all enemies are down which means no demons can stop you from talking to one, and by threatening the demon with an All Out Attack, they won't deny your request to join them. I think it was Famitsu that covered this topic and said that in addition to recruiting demons as your personas, you can also get money and items from them in a full on shake down. Not only does this fit with the theme as their thieves and what not, but finally WE take control and force those jerks to pay up. It also streamlines the entire demon negotiation in general to not make it so ambiguous and what not. My only desire to this is that you can somehow talk to demons in old-school fashion to try and convince them and then do a shake down if you fail the negotiation to give it a tad more depth, but I didn't see any option to do that in the main hud (not that you can't but if that's the case, I'm cool with just the shake down negotiation personally).

    Some other things revealed in that gameplay trailer that Ben didn't discuss for some reason was the confirmation of the One More System and the Third Eye mechanic. The return of the One More System might have just seemed so obvious that he might not have thought about it, but we hadn't seen that in any of the trailers and many of us previously thought that it might have been replaced with the new Baton Touch mechanic. Speaking of the Baton Touch I'm 89% sure that that feature only becomes available when you hit an enemies weakness which is like either you can act again, or you can let someone else do so (just a little catch that Ben seemed to overlook). And finally, the Third Eye mechanic was shown where the screen is outlined in blue and lets you see clues and help you with puzzles. I actually shared my concerns on Reddit that this might make puzzle solving too easy if all points of interest are revealed to you, but someone made the point that it's fairly similar to the Witcher Senses from the Witcher series and that didn't really inhibit those games at all, and someone else pointed out that if the game gets too easy from it you can just choose not to use it (which is what I think I'll do).

    Don't mean to single out Ben or anything. That trailer just dropped and since he's at E3, I'm sure he didn't have the chance to watch it 12 plus times yet like I've had so it was easy to miss those things. Just wanted to expand the discussion and express my own excitement for these games. :D

  • Oh I'm sure Ben wanted to go in depth on it, but because it was a group discussion he wanted to keep it to the highlights.

    As someone who's never played a Persona 5 game, I really liked the way he hyped up the specific features he thought would grab Huber's attention.

    I definitely love this post, lots of good information and seriously tempting to buy a PS4 now instead of waiting for the Neo. Do you have any links to highlight some of what you're speaking about from Persona 5? Or even a good lets play from Persona 4?

  • When Ben stated that how all the others allies were casual for not have tried the megami tensei games . I was like damn I need to give those games a chance. I did play a little bit of Persona 3 and 4 but never finished them. Everything Ben stated resonated with my limited time with those games. I should give persona 3 and 4 at least a go before persona 5. It wouldn't hurt considering all the praise those games are getting in neogaf.

  • @Stormcrownn Persona 4 is really best experienced yourself, and if you have a PS2 the original version is pretty cheap on Amazon. If you don't however, Giant Bomb had a fun let's play. I'd also recommend watching a no commentary walkthrough so that you can absorb the story, Tamiil has a good one.

    Beyond that, I'm definitely hyped beyond belief for P5, even though I'll probably end up playing it on PS3. Persona is just about my favorite JRPG series ever. I've loved 3/4 for a while, and more resently 2 which is addictive in a completely different way.

    I'm really pleased to see some of Persona 2 shine through in P5 what with the return of demon negotiations, but I'm glad the tarot card system doesn't return, it was a bit tedious having to round up cards.

  • @michemagius I prefer he played on PCSX2 tbh, if you have a good PC there's no better option.

  • I posted this in chat yesterday, but I think it's appropriate:


    Now spread the gospel...

  • @Mechanoid Hahahahahah. Dammit Ben!

  • Wow, you definitely caught some things I didn't. Nice.

    So excited for this game. Preordered the Take Your Heart edition from Amazon US, international shipping be damned.

    If it comes out day & date here in Australia, I'll buy it digitally too so I don't have to find the disk when booting it back up and playing it through again.

  • @Stormcrownn thanks for the feedback. Absolutely, here's a link to the footage for the new gameplay showed off at Atlus' booth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2dskOKqNIA&t=3m10s

    I have it linked to the combat section of the video, but I suggest watching the whole thing when you get the chance as well as the other Persona 5 trailers. I'd probably get the Neo if it comes out before P5, but if it doesn't I'm just going to get the cheapest PS4 to play this game day one. I was hoping they'll announce a special edition PS4 that's stylized in P4 style, but if they don't I'll still be happy with the Take Your Heart Edition. Finally, here's the best Let's Play of Persona 3 and 4 that I know of: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7FE076E5F2923D72


    Also check out Yuriofwind's Let's Play as he is the person who got me into the game: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHVfwdYg0acdZ4E5RqQ0gUGxtpatUWTfl

    @SIX2SE7EN you OWE IT to yourself to finish those games. They are great stories and just great JRPGs that have unique battle systems with so much depth. I agree with Ben, but I also say that most "Persona fans" are casuals in that they don't even bother with Persona 1 and 2 or the other Megami Tensei games which are all great on some level. I haven't personally played P1 and P2 yet despite owning them, but I do plan to and I have played several of the other Megami Tensei games, and I think the fans should branch out and find which other sub series they like. It's a rabbit hole man, once you go down it, you are in for a crazy fun ride.

    @michemagius I agree, but I bought Persona 4 Golden because Yuriofwind Let's Played Persona 3 FES. Let's Plays do give people insight into the game, and that Let's Play did give me some familiarity with the combat system that made picking up P4G super easy (he didn't get very far into P3 when I bought P4 mind you, but still a taste I think is what most people want).

    @Mechanoid that is priceless. One of the reasons why Ben is my favorite to be honest haha

    @selfconfessedcynic solid plan. I feel so sorry for you guys outside of the US and how Atlus doesn't have very good publishing means to those in Europe and Australia. At least you won't be missing out this way and get accidentally spoiled on anything :)

    Edit: Article I mentioned in original post detailing new game mechanics: http://personacentral.com/persona-5-famitsu-scans-feature-battle-gameplay/

  • I can't wait for Persona 5. Loved P4G and this one looks a little more mature than that which I love.

    Also how can't you be hyped every time you see all those colours burst off the screen and the awesome soundtrack playing over it!

  • My body has been ready for this game since November 2013.

  • I skipped over reading these entries because I'm on full media lockdown when it comes to Persona 5, but I'm incredibly hype. I played P3, P4, and SMT4, and found myself loving them all in slightly different ways. All that I know about this game is from the announcement and gameplay trailers as well as the North American release date, and honestly it's all I need to know. I have a lot of faith in Atlus to make an incredible game, and all I can do is wait with open arms to receive it.

  • @tokeeffe9 I agree man. Funny that you mentioned that Persona 5 looked more mature, have you played Persona 3? If not, definitely check that game out, Persona 3 was far darker than Persona 4 in terms of style, plot, and themes. I'm pretty sure that the director said that Persona 5 sits somewhere between Persona 3 and Persona 4 in terms of tone.

    @Thunder-Lobster Same dude. Full on Reggy-mode for this game haha

    @alexwhiteplays I hear you. That's how I've been for the new Ace Attorney game coming out, but I NEED to get as much of Persona 5 as I can get. They show off so little yet so much in their trailers that every tiny announcement is exciting. I can't get enough. Damn it Atlus USA! Localize this game faster! lol

  • I love me some Persona.

    I'm sad they won't have Japanese voices in the NA release.

  • @Whoaness Don't get too excited, but John Hardin, the PR manager for Atlus USA stated that he's "looking into" dual audio as DLC:


    I say don't get too excited because it's not super likely that we'll get it, but it's nice to know that they listen to their fans (plus John is just a bro in general, honestly).

  • Dual audio would be amazing! And I forgot to mention earlier bur I'm really excited about the return of atomic spells and the addition of telekinetic. Now if only we could bring back Aqua and Magna spells....

  • My god, the game is looking soooooo good. I really wish it didn't get delayed.

    At least I stil have TMS#FE and SMT 4 Final to Keep me busy.

  • @michemagius I agree. I do also like the addition of telekinetic and nuclear. And I agree, we need a game where ALL elements are back (although, since I played Digital Devil Saga and not P1 or P2 yet, I know Magna as Tera lol). Maybe for SMT V.

    @Danjin44 Me too man, but at least we finally have a release date. And definitely, TMS#Fe and SMT IV Apocalypse (NA title) will be sick!

    Also everyone, I forgot to mention another super cool little tidbit that's going to be in Persona 5. Ben touched on it a little bit, but they showed a scene in the gameplay footage when you meet Ryuji outside a train station somewhere in Tokyo. What was REALLY cool about it other than the fact that you guys go to the airsoft store (which just so happens to be the same place you buy your "guns" for the Palace... maybe a similar scene to where you Yosuke and Chie find the antique weapons shop in P4 or when Akihiko introduces you to officer Kurosawa in P3 to buy weapons) is that Ryuji TAKES you there. In those other scenes, it was an in-game cutscene where you guys kinda teleported to the place in question (which is how you also met with friends during Social Links and what not). But yeah, Ryuji took you there; he was in front of you and if you ran to get there faster, he ran in front of you to stay ahead of you to take you the point of interest. It was a minor thing, but still something really cool. The reason why this wasn't in P3 and P4 was because the different areas in those games were too small to fully run around and explore, and there weren't that many places to visit to begin with whereas the scale of Tokyo is just so big (divided by the different areas around the various train stations such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku, obviously, but still every area around the station will still be pretty big).

  • I have never played Persona but the style oozing from the very first trailer ( and that Jazz Music ) hyped me up enough to give the series a try.

  • I was thinking about the "cooperation" system being the new social link system. After watching the Niconico stream I think I understand it more (and like it), bear in mind I don't speak Japanese, so who knows. But basically, the 3 people shown as cooperation partners are the guy who sells you weapons, the girl who heals/sells medicine (?) to you, and presumably who you're living with. It's probably called cooperation now because you have to bond with them in order for them to help you. Like normally, you wouldn't sell a bunch of weapons to some high schoolers (especially as often as they'll probably need new ones). Or in the case of the person you're staying with, they might start to look the other way at your odd schedule or activities because they trust you more. And I suppose they'll go out of their way to help you more as toe bond grows stronger. It makes me wonder who else we'll be cooperating with, or if I've got this totally wrong. Thoughts?