Who else is as excited for Persona 5 as Ben, Huber, Brad, and me?

  • I was thinking about the "cooperation" system being the new social link system. After watching the Niconico stream I think I understand it more (and like it), bear in mind I don't speak Japanese, so who knows. But basically, the 3 people shown as cooperation partners are the guy who sells you weapons, the girl who heals/sells medicine (?) to you, and presumably who you're living with. It's probably called cooperation now because you have to bond with them in order for them to help you. Like normally, you wouldn't sell a bunch of weapons to some high schoolers (especially as often as they'll probably need new ones). Or in the case of the person you're staying with, they might start to look the other way at your odd schedule or activities because they trust you more. And I suppose they'll go out of their way to help you more as toe bond grows stronger. It makes me wonder who else we'll be cooperating with, or if I've got this totally wrong. Thoughts?

  • Wait so social links are gone? :(

  • @ObbyDent Cooperation is described as the evolution of social links. You can read more about them here and here (which actually confirm who all the people are.)

  • What's Persona?

    But for reals, I am super hyped for this. Looks too good.

  • @michemagius You pretty much nailed Cooperation on the head man. A lot of people were speculating it would be somewhat different and replace Social Links, but it looks like it will fit that same role in these games where you meet with people and learn more about them and connect with them. What I think was discussed about them in an earlier interview somewhere is that the main point behind them in this game is to get more supporters for the Phantom Thieves' cause, so you're helping spread the word out there and getting more people to be sympathetic and help you all out in the real world. So it definitely makes sense that if you deepen a "Cooperation Link" these people will actively help you in some way. Like how in Persona 4, the more you completed the Fox Social Link, you got discounts to replenish MP in the Shadow World, maybe in this game if you get farther in the Gun Salesman Cooperation Link you unlock more weapons, or get more discounts, or useful side missions, or something of that nature.

  • @DarkenRaul1 I hadn't known about the angle of getting more supporters for the Phantom Thieves but it makes a lot of sense. I can dig it.

  • @DarkenRaul1 That's good to hear. I've been tempted to get P3 but I've left it off a few times. I might get to it someday.

  • Oh man, watched a bunch of stuff from this new Atlus video.

    Youtube Video

    Cat in the pack. Dream come true.

  • I'm probably a bigger fan of Persona than Ben, not SMT in general though, so yeah you could say that I'm more than a little excited for I expect to be the best game ever made.

  • The HYPE is palpable for me, I'm rebuying Persona 4 this summer to hold me over

  • Hey, Is anyone else getting a Maya vibe from the woman at 1:28 in the TGS 2015 trailer? I know I'm probably grasping at straws here but her hair, face, and eyes (they're both dark purple) are similar, and by the way she's dressed she could be a reporter. What are the chances of seeing anybody from the P1/2 cast in the new game since the last we heard of them was through Trish's show in P3. I know a lot of people are gunning for a P3/4 cameo (me too a little bit), but what about the return of some earlier characters? I can imagine Maya reporting on the buzz around the Phantom Thieves, in fact considering that in P2 she was investigating the Joker rumor, it seems right up her alley. Thoughts?

    Edit: I realize that she's also likely the woman whom the protagonist sees get assaulted in the prologue, but I don't think it totally rules out the possibility of it being Maya.

  • @michemagius I will not lie they definitely look similar, but I'm going to go ahead and say that there won't be any cameos from any of the past Persona games except maybe something super minor like a Teddie plushy in a store or a poster that has Rise on it or something like that just confirm that it takes place in the same universe. If they keep the trend going, Persona 5 and its sequel will be in their own bubble in both spin-offs and cameos.

  • I don't think it'll be anything major, but Persona does have a habit of putting in cameos from previous games. I mean, half of the P1 cast was in P2 as minor/major characters. There was Trish's show which gave updates on the lives of the P2 cast and Innocent Sin online in P3. And the P4 cast went to Gekkoukan and met Chihiro/mentioned Mitsuru in P4. I don't think it's outside the realm of possiblity. Given, having Maya actually appear would be a bigger cameo than normal, but I think it could happen. Plus Atlus knows that the majority of Persona fans aren't familiar with P2.

  • It's finally here!... well in February... hopefully. It's my favorite franchise by far as I remember renting the original P1 for PS1 when it came out and a lifelong love was born on that day. I'd definitely be in for cameos from the cast of the previous games (a pretentious Nate would make my day) but I'd also not be super shocked if they decided against including them. I'm just envious of all those who got free Morgana hats but luckily the "Take Your Heart" collector's editions are still available to snatch up.

  • I am excited for it but I have a problem getting into stories in games so all the talking will make it hard for me to complete.

  • Persona 5 is absolutely my most anticipated game right now! Which is kind of weird because if you asked me in January, i wouldn't have cared at all. And this is simply because i had never played a persona game before. But in February that all changed. See right after GT closed i was bored and a longing for some sort of attachment to the old GT crew, so i decided to pick up Persona 4 on PSN after i had heard Ben constantly give it such high praise. I trusted Ben, but was a bit worried because for the longest time i wasn't really that into JRPGs. I don't really know why but they just never really connected with me before. But that all changed. I was very quickly hooked to Persona 4. I loved it. The story, the characters, the relationships, Inaba, the music, the dungeons, the list goes on! It quickly became one of my All time favourites. As soon as i finished i watched the anime, which is also fantastic. Got my friend to play, and he loved it. Then about 2-3 weeks after i finished i bought a Vita, then played through it again! I was so desperate to spend more time with those characters that i just had to play Golden after only playing the PS2 version. All of the additions to Golden are stellar, and i am very happy having invested in a Vita. I then Played Arena and am currently playing Arena Ultimax and Dancing all Night before starting Persona 3 portable which i just picked up on a sale.

    Persona 5 looks to have raised the bar for the franchise in almost every conceivable way. The combat looks vastly improved. Tokyo looks like it has so much more to offer than any previous town. And It looks Gorgeous! Of course it is hard to judge what the characters will be like and what the Social link system will be like this time, just from what they have shown us so far. But of course the teams reputation proceeds them and i am positive everything we don't know will be excellent. Waiting until February will indeed be tough, but i am also a bit glad. The end of 2016 will be busy so it gives me time to catch up before investing at least 60 hours, probably more, into P5. It will also be about a Year after i first played P4, which kinda just feels right! My heart is literally beating with anticipation just writing this post. Ben if you read this, i can't thank you enough for introducing me to this franchise.