Games so good you are surprised they aren't more popular?

  • I'm going to also chime in with shouting OKAMI from the heavens because it is the greatest Legend of Zelda game ever created and doesn't get nearly the appreciation it deserves. It's one of those games that pretty much everybody who has played it has walked away with great feelings, but still despite it being on PS2, Wii, and PS3 for cheap, not a lot of people play it.

    In a real oddball pick: Monday Night Combat. That little $15 multiplayer TF2/MOBA hybrid on XBLA. I think I put more time into that game's multiplayer than anything other than Halo 3, I played it that much. God I loved that stupid game.

  • Okami is one of my favorite games—favorite Zeldas even—but I am a little irked that it's the only Zelda that doesn't get faulted for having a slow start. Not that I think that's a flaw in the first place, but people just treat things unequally and it's kinda dumb.

    Okami is probably the only Zelda intro that threw me, aside from Ocarina of Time when I couldn't find the Kokiri Sword (when it was the second video game I had ever played at home and I was eight). Stuff like the flower dance weren't only slow, though: they were flaws in the difficulty curve and gaps in tutorializing.

    Of course it's still an amazing game. The whole Ninetails arc is amazing, it made little 14-year-old me quite sad. I actually remember confusing myself, because I thought all of the histories of Shiranui were Mass Effect-style references to the previous game. So I was disappointed when I finally got to a computer and discovered that there was no previously-released "Oka."

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    Monster Hunter has the best bosses and melee combat system in gaming, but US people ignore it nonetheless. Especially hilarious given all of the excitement over Dark Souls in recent years.

    I beg to differ, the whole reason we got so many of the newer ones was due to US reactions. And the recent "Casual" changes to generations was to bring in even more people, which it succeeded at.

    The community is larger now than it's ever been, for better.....or worse.

  • @Haru17 I guess it's more of an "I dont understand why it wasnt popular when it was released" since it sold abysmally. Sure people like it now, but I am always confused why it wasn't a success at release.

  • @ZyloWolfBane It's a bigger niche, but it's still quite niche. Most sites don't even review those games, which is a crime given how awesome Monster Hunter is. There's also the whole multiplayer aspect, which I didn't mention. It's the only multiplayer game I legitimately love (unless you count Journey I guess), because it's cooperative and still really hard. Well, it was really hard before Cross anyway.

  • I'm one of the few people that always vouch for ADOM, for it's insanely deep RPG mechanics. I do admit that it's hard to get into, unless you are willing to adapt into 90's UI...

    But there are bunch of great somewhat hidden gems from eons ago, such as Turrican series, with the Turrican II being the best game in the series. There is also fun little game Knights that emerged on Amiga era of gaming. And who can forget Clonk which was fun little indie series that faded into obscurity, although the old titles are still available to play for free. :D

  • Not sure if it deserves to be "popular," but one of my favorite games of all time is the gamecube/ps2 version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It has a super fun hack and slash combat system, and kick-ass couch co-op. I've beaten it both solo and co-op more times than any other game. One of my favorite gaming memories is when my friend and I got drunk in my room, loaded up the game with all the cheat codes to make ourselves ultrapowerful, and then just blasted through the campaign in one sitting. It's incredible and never got the recognition I feel it deserved.

    Also Final Fantasy 3 is criminally underrated, but I can't really claim that a Final Fantasy game is unpopular.

  • @naltmank That's the one with the ghost level, right? I played that a ton with my cousin back in the way back. Super fun. It made me think that Aragorn's flaming sword was a part of LotR canon, haha.

  • @Haru17 Haha yup, that's the one! It's so fun!
    Also I realized I misspoke: I've beaten most pokemon games more, but I still stand by LotR's quality!

  • Axiom Verge - it's absolutely amazing and a fantastic Metroidvania, I've just played it through on the Wii U.
    Seemed to get a lot of criticism for being too faithful to the Metroid style-formula but I think it has just as many new and original ideas as the likes of Shadow Complex / Guacamelee / Shantae.

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    @crustef said in Games so good you are surprised they aren't more popular?:

    Star Wars: Repubic Commando
    This game! Its such a good game! it really feels tactical and it got such a good vibe all the way through, fun gameplay and still it feels like a game most people have missed.

  • I absolutely loved Shadow Hearts when I first played it back in the day for PS2.

    I'm currently playing Star Ocean V and have been enjoying it. I really don't understand the hate for the game so far. Maybe it suddenly goes off rails? Right now, all of the characters are likable and interesting, the gameplay isn't the greatest or innovated but it's fun and the graphics are really damn gorgeous.

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    I was surprised Mega Man Legends wasn't more popular when it first released. I love me a good action/adventure game.

    I guess people couldn't let go of their idea of what a Megaman game SHOULD be that they didn't even want to give it a chance.

    Now the franchise is dead. All of it. It's all dead.

    Actually that's an exaggeration. Capcom just put it on hiatus.

  • @Art Well, if you take away Federation Force, Mega Men is exactly as dead as Metroid is (2010). It's been even longer since they made a great Zelda game...

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    @Haru17 Other M was a pretty shitty title. Maybe Nintendo wants to wait awhile so people forget they actually made a bad game.


    Ok I'm not surprised these aren't more popular. They are little puzzle platformer game on the 3ds. But they are SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! If you like puzzle platformers and you have a 3ds just check them out.

    Youtube Video

  • @Haru17 I agree about the slow start of Okami completely. It's my favorite game of all time, but the start of the game takes forever - I think the intro cutscene alone is around 20 minutes if I remember correctly. I guess it isn't as harped on as Zelda openings because, at least for the first playthrough, most people genuinely don't know what's going on; the world needs a set-up. Meanwhile Zelda games for longtime fans are sort of a "we get it, there's Link, there's Zelda, great, now when's the dungeon?" Still, I agree with you.

  • I probably have more answers if I could think about it more but its a good question.

    I really liked this game for Advanced called Onimusha Tactics. It didn't get high praise but I have it up there with FF Tactics. Great music, good story, and challenging.

  • @Galaxy40k I actually never beat Okami because I couldn't get into it :/
    I was also playing the wii version, though, which had a pretty atrocious combat system since it was almost entirely waggle based and the waggles rarely picked up properly. At least for me, it had some of the worst input-action lag I've ever seen, and made even the most remedial combat encounters a chore. I hope to give it another shot when I move back stateside. There are a ton of great PS2 games that I never played because my family (outside of myself) wasn't super into video games at the time, and whatever video game money we got typically went into the latest baseball game.

  • Haha, I played through the Wii version of Okami first and liked it fine. Still, as with Twilight Princess, buttons are better. The celestial brush draws easier with motion controls, though.