Games so good you are surprised they aren't more popular?

  • @Galaxy40k I actually never beat Okami because I couldn't get into it :/
    I was also playing the wii version, though, which had a pretty atrocious combat system since it was almost entirely waggle based and the waggles rarely picked up properly. At least for me, it had some of the worst input-action lag I've ever seen, and made even the most remedial combat encounters a chore. I hope to give it another shot when I move back stateside. There are a ton of great PS2 games that I never played because my family (outside of myself) wasn't super into video games at the time, and whatever video game money we got typically went into the latest baseball game.

  • Haha, I played through the Wii version of Okami first and liked it fine. Still, as with Twilight Princess, buttons are better. The celestial brush draws easier with motion controls, though.

  • I don't recall any lag during combat in the Wii version of Okami. Then again its been like 5-6 years since I last played that version.

    Anyway Beyond Good & Evil is still one of the best blind purchases I've ever made, got some money for my birthday, and was trying to find something similar to Zelda at the time. Still the characters, story, and world all drew me in, oh and the OST, swear id spend time just standing in various locations just listening to the music.

    And speaking of blind purchase, PSO on Gamecube is another. I recall me and my brother were looking for something split-screen we could both play, and outside of a few screenshots in Expert Gamer (Anyone remember that Magazine?) and Nitendo Power I could never really find anything that described it that didn't just boil it down to "Its a Sci-fi Action RPG....IN SPACE!!" Still I remember taking that home....Only to be pissed we couldn't really it because we didn't have a 256mb memory card, and PSO alone took up like 102mb. But we convinced are parents to run us back to the store so we could get one. From that night every weekend was spent playing PSO with my brother, and eventually cousin. Hell we still talk about stuff from those PSO sessions now, and were still playing it together now from time to time when the planets align, the moon turns blood red, and our work schedule allows it. Last time we got together to play a session like we used to was after a cousin of ours passed away about 2 years ago, while the one that died never played (He was more into sports and hunting) The three of us just spent the next 72 hours laughing, crying, shouting (Brothers old habit of stealing all the money and items apparently didn't die) Just reminisceing about our passed cousin and just catching up, and that is why PSO is deserves more love. Although I should mention we never played it online.

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    Holy crap, thanks for pointing these games out. I absolutely adored the first one, hoping to pick up the sequel around the winter holidays.

    I'd like to throw in another vote for Sleeping Dogs, genuinely surprised that wasn't more popular. From a gameplay perspective I enjoyed that game quite a bit more than any of the GTA games. Movement is tight, aiming a gun is fast and easy, hand to hand combat is superb and the driving is super arcadey and fun. The little QoL touches like showing your next turn on the road instead of just highlighting the path on the mini map was a genius move that I'm also surprised that no one else has implemented that feature yet.

  • I'll give a shout out Alpha Protocol although I understand why it isn't more popular. Bugs and a lack of polish killed what could have been a fantastic new series. Still have to give props to a fantastic story and dialogue system.

  • Why are so many people talking about Okami? Yeah it didn't sell well out of the gate but won enough respect to get an HD remake. This is not a game that is unpopular.

  • A lot of the time I know the reasons for these games not being more popular, but I'm still putting them down dammit!

    • Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

    • Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    • Skulls of the Shogun

    • Dungeon of the Endless

    • Mega Man Battle Network

    • Hired Guns (it was a 4-player cyberpunk dungeon crawler for the Commodore Amiga, it's incredible!)

    • Forbidden Siren series

  • @Churchy Hotel Dusk is dope!

  • @naltmank Damn straight man! I loved Cing's games. I understand it that the sequel, Last Window, wasn't released in the US, am I right? If so, it's one of the lucky breaks European gamers got!

  • @Churchy haha lucky!

  • Banned

    Pretty much anything made by Treasure, Heroes games in particular.
    Guardian Heroes is my favorite game OF ALL TIME. I once considered buying a 360 just to play the HD remaster.

  • Dragon Quest in the West. Oh wait, never mind. It's not popular here because saving is inconvenient.

  • Grandia series
    Legend of Heroes series
    Yakuza Series
    Valkyria Chronicles

    These series have EVERYTHING going for them, style, story, characters, combat etc and are rightly regarded as greats by almost everyone who ever plays them but for some reason they never really caught fire

    maybe it's purely pacing issues, games with slow starts seem to never have a shot

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    Journey To Silius. Dunno why this game poped up in my head this morning, but its such an old gem yet so many people seem to have missed it! one of the best NES games in my oppinion