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  • My story is far from unique. I basically used their site to download trailers of games I enjoyed and had no idea about their content. I just knew they had a TV show and were among the big wigs. It wasn't until I saw a little video about a E3 2015 reaction that I discovered that GT isn't some faceless org but an amazing group of friends who talk about video games. That being said, I'm not much of a fan of GT's content before 2013, and pretty much consider The Final Bosman to be the start of the GT I knew and loved.

    To be perfectly honest I do value their personalities more than their reviews or other "normal" journalist content even as Easy Allies. However, that doesn't stop me from watching it giving them the clicks for their work :p

  • I stumbled across some GT reviews on youtube back when I was in middle school.. 2007ish. Started visiting the site pretty much daily and eventually made an account to post in the forums. I was a fan of shows like Invisible Walls, Retrospectives, the Screwattack and AVGN stuff, and the E3 coverage but ended up pretty much just sticking to the forums for the last couple of years. As the forums died down the few of us that were left got pretty close and a few hung on until the very end. I'm glad the GT gang was able to carry on as Easy Allies.. I'm really enjoying their content and posting on the forums. Plus its good to know that the best game reviews out there aren't going anywhere

  • Posted it before elsewhere, but here it comes again.

    Can't remember exactly when, but it was maybe just over a year before GT moved from Viacom to Defy Media. I was aquainted with ScrewAttack via AVGN, mainly watching Top 10s and Video Game Vault. Somehow started watching GT Countdown alongside the Top 10s, then got really aquainted when Pop Fiction launched. Eventually started watching Level and GT Time religiously, and there you have it.

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    also, sorry for highjacking the thread, but I remember a show called "Hey Ash, whatcha playing?" or somewhere along those lines, were that on GT?

  • @Lotias Yes! The show still exists and during this/last year GDC Awards there was also a video featuring our favorite anchor women: Youtube Video

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    @Ikataishou Sweet! Yes I loved this show even though I thought it was super weird at the time. But this show I followed for a long long time. Time to catch up I think.

  • A friend introduced it to me to Gametrailers back in 2010 when footage for the Starcraft 2 leaked for the first time. According to Bosman on a twitch stream last year that footage wasn't suppose to be uploaded haha. Anyway I then discovered their game review section and was intrigued by "the voice". I loved the way Brandon broke down everything in a timely manner. From there I discovered various other shows like Annoyed Gamer, Pacht Attack, Screwattack, and the tale end of Invisible Walls which is where I was introduced to Huber and Bloodworth for the first time. I discovered more and more shows over the years learning who different people were and never looked back.

  • Great stories!

    My tale with EZA and GT started in their early years before they had Invisible walls and when the site was mostly a dumping ground for game trailers. I came across the site when looking for a site that had, well.... game trailers. Before I found GT I had primarily used IGN and other means of finding trailers but I think one day I just went ahead and typed in the address bar and behold a site dedicated to my love of gametrailers. I know right!! IDK why I never thought of doing that before. Back then I searched for the hottest new trailers on a regular daily basis as it was more common back then and I felt game trailers gave the best impressions of what a hot new game was going to be about.

    Then I noticed GT was starting to gear towards their own hosted shows or media. I remember Monty Oums first video posted on the site and I even uploaded my own edited trailers to the site. Invisible Walls and all the following shows were great and I'd watch them all weekly. I stood by the site and its cast for all these years, I even tried writing for Daniel kayser's Epic Battle Axe blog, although it was for a briefly short period due to life getting in the way. To this day, I still follow the old cast on their other ventures and social media, but obviously my weekly love is continuing to watch and support the current cast and EZA. Of all the years with GT, this truly is the best cast of gamers I enjoy listening to on a weekly basis. E3's are the best of times with this crew and I always look forward to all the content they create each week.

    Love and Respect o/

  • Got into GT because of AVGN. I used to only watch his content and occasional trailers.
    It wasn't until much later that I got into Final Bosman thanks to NeoGaf.
    Still, I never watched anything else there.
    It took Sony's 2015 E3 press conference to get me hooked. I then began watching all of their vids. Never done that for any other site.
    When GT shut down, I shed some tears.
    When EZA went up, I almost had a similar reaction to Huber's Shenmue reaction. I freakin' love these guys.

  • @Premium-Quality My story is somewhat similiar, expect that when I found GT back then, I did start to watch their stuff alongside with AVGN, and stayed all the way until end. I cried tears of joy when I saw the EZA announcement trailer.

  • I really can't remember when it all started. It was the Olden days for sure that much I know. I have hazy memories of Invisible Walls, Bonus Round and their reviews. Shane and Marcus had pretty good dynamic going back then but this current EZA crew including Willems who was a riot and shall be missed was when I started watching more regularly.

  • I first watched Game Trailers in about 2006/7 mainly for that, trailers. The aspect of trailers on YouTube didn't exist as the site was still quite small and primitive compared to now. I also watched the AVGN as a regular thing at the same time, but I didn't delve in much beyond that.

    I watched trailers off and on until E3 2015 when Shenmue 3 was announced. I'm a part of the campaign group Shenmue 500K and Huber's reaction was posted, and very much loved. One of my newly made friends recognised Bosman and told me to watch The Final Bosman. After laughing my arse off with Mr. Bosman I saw the E3 betting special and fell in love with the team. I'd had outlets and magazines that I felt in sync with, but a lot of them had closed. GameTrailers was my oasis in a dry desert. I went back and watched as much as I could and became a loyal viewer. I made up for lost time with the only site I could relate to.

    Then of course, it closed about 8 months later. I was despondent, and my faith in gaming journalism and outlets began to wane again. Then when my long-distance girlfriend at the time visited me, I caught up on a few emails while she was in the bathroom. I saw the Allies Assemble video and began shouting with joy. She came out and asked me what was wrong, and I told her about Easy Allies. She didn't know the history but she was happy for me as she knew my love for gaming (and played a bit herself).

    My loyal viewership could continue...

    And now I couldn't be happier with EZA. :)

  • Hello Allies !

    I am really, like really new to your community and the GT/EZA crew. I casually heard about Game Trailers closure but never wondered who were these folks at the time. The same way I heard about GT closure, I heard about the upcoming revival of said site throught NeoGAF running by the name of Easy Allies. I casually (as always haha) watched samples of their new work on YouTube but never managed to get stick to the crew.

    Since I am not a native english speaker, I was looking for some video games podcast in order to improve my english skills (ain't they that bad, are they ?) and maybe learn new stuff about my favorite media.
    I watched several episodes of GameScoop (by IGN) but knowing the untrustworthy nature of their opinions (and the too much "entertaining" aspect of their show), I decided to leave GameScoop and seek another podcast. I heard great thing about Giant Bomb but didn't managed to get hooked by the crew (I reckon they do an honest and relevant job). Hello, what do I do now ? Oh, there is an official thread about Easy Allies on NeoGAF. Okay, I guess I have to give them another shot. And sure I did well.
    I saw several podcast episode and really enjoyed the fair and relevant opinions given by the crew, and man, I really love the attitude and self-being of each of you (I don't know if the cast is going to read this thread, but still, let's give it a shot !) and I got my mind blown when I saw the 12th episode of FrameTrap. This is exactly what I was looking for: Relevant opinions, clever questions and honest human beings. And I love the "serious but friendly" feeling of the crew.

    I still didn't give a shot to the rest of the content (just saw an episode of Huber Syndrome) but I am definitely on board. I am a student so I count every penny, but I consider to become a Patreon since I don't like to consume content for free, knowing there is investment behind it.

    And last but not least, during the 12th episode of FrameTrap, Huber said that you are (maybe) one of the friendliest video games community on the known internet, so I decided to jump in and I just created an account (this is my very first post, bouya !).
    I am not a big poster but knowing there is a lot of good folks out here it may change.
    I also consider (this may be cringy to say) to make good friends and play with you guys (being lonely ain't funny, right ?).

    So here it goes, Love & Respect as you guys out there say <3

  • Gametrailers started out by being my main link to the gaming world; my family wasn't really into video games (essentially it went pokemon, baseball games, licensed games, super smash, mario kart), and even though I started getting more and more interested, my parents didn't want me to get super violent or bloody games. I think I originally found gametrailers because I was super interested in a game called God of War that I had seen in some gaming magazine or another. As far as I can remember, the gametrailers video review of God of War was my first access to gametrailers, and from then on I was hooked. Videos were so much better than still images. Youtube and let's plays weren't really a thing for gaming yet, so essentially all of my access to video games media was through gametrailers. I still don't consider myself a "gamer" since I've missed out on so much of gaming history, but as I grew older, my access to games increased and I started developing my own tastes - tastes that were largely influenced by my early viewings of those games on gametrailers. Even after I could play and buy games on my own, I still visited and watched gametrailers videos regularly.

    When I went to college, my access to games became much more limited than what it was in high school. The most recent console generation started when I was a sophomore in college, and since I didn't have any money, I didn't buy a PS4. My little brother, however, got a WiiU the previous year, and then a PS4 the following year. Unfortunately, he uses it almost exclusively for sports games. I never spent enough time at home to warrant any major game purchases. Gametrailers once again became my lifeline to the current gaming landscape. What's more, its increased focus on its "employees" brought fresh life into the company - the comments, once filled with the typical vitriol that you see all over the internet, became much more positive after the shift, and the community began to flourish under this new direction.

    When gametrailers shut down, I was gutted. I felt kind of stupid for getting so attached to people that I had never met, but over the years that site had become a major part of my life. Luckily, they came back stronger than ever, and I couldn't be happier.

    This is a long and corny post, but it's important to me. I just moved across the world, and even though I've been away from home for extended periods of time in the past, this is different. I don't have any friends here, and I can hardly speak the language. My access to video games, a major source of comfort, is more limited than it has been since I was a child. For the first time in my life, I'm homesick. EZA and the gametrailers crew has helped me maintain an ever important link to my home, because in many ways it's a part of my home. This community has done wonders in keeping me sane and happy.

    I've started to settle in more, and I'm finally over that initial hump of loneliness. I have friends here now, and my Japanese is getting better. I can talk to other teachers at work about life, and I don't have to pester them for help translating things constantly. In an odd, contradictory phenomenon, this has only made me appreciate this community even more. Yes, I'm overactive on the forums. My posts are often too long, and I tend to ramble and get off topic. But for me, this community helped me feel better, and I got to know some people just by reading what they've don in the past. If, by some infinitely small chance, someone else that's in the same position that I was in feels the same way, then I feel like I ought to do what others did for me. In a weird way, this is my way of giving back to people that probably don't need it.

    TLDR: I really like these guys, I've liked them for a while, and I really like you guys, too.

  • I met Bloodworth as interns at the same place back in 1999. Then he gave me a game about 4 years ago. I asked him for some game purchase advice and he was right. I started watching GT reviews and featuresshortly thereafter and got hooked. Funny part: it took GT shutting down and people talking about how big it used to be before I realized how cool they really were.

  • Heard about you guys on candid. There's actually a gametrailers group on there and someone let me know you guys existed.