EZA Cards Against Humanity game

  • Hey guys,

    I saw there wasn't any thread about the EZA CaH game yet, so I thought I'd set one up. Me and a few other allies made a base deck and I'm updating and expanding it with new cards every week.

    How to set up a game

      1. go to https://pyx-2.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp
      1. enter a username and press Set
      1. press 'create game' in the upper left corner of the screen
      1. click on chat below, and paste /addcardcast KVU6A and press enter.
        A message will pop up, saying "Added: Cardcast deck 'Easy Allies (EZA) (former GameTrailers) Uneasy Alliance Card Set' "
      1. Set player and score limit
      1. (optional) set a password. This way, randoms wont be able to join your game.
      1. copy the current browser link, share it with your friends (including password), wait for them to join and press Start Game!

    How to play

    To start the game, each player draws ten White Cards. One player starts as card czar. The Card Czar reads the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the Black Card out loud. Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing one White Card, face down, to the Card Czar.

    The Card Czar shuffles all of the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect, the Card Czar should usually re-read the Black Card before presenting each answer. The Card Czar then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets one Awesome Point.

    After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws back up to ten White Cards.

    If you just want to see all the cards, go to this website: https://www.cardcastgame.com/browse/deck/KVU6A

    On the site, you can also download a PDF, print out the cards and play with a physical deck.


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    This is kinda embarrasing.. but I have no idea how to play CAH to begind with :blush:

  • @Lotias Oh, it's easy. You just embrace your dark writer side. I've no idea how this set reads, but it's not Cards Against Humanity if we don't have off-color commentary about Bosman's frumpy butt, something hurtful said about Ben, or baseless speculation that Elyse is pregnant, etc, etc.

    Come to think of it, I'm actually kinda curious how this will even work with a community self-described as "positive..."

  • Well, the 'black' cards are basically sentences with blank spaces where you fill in a word with a 'white' card. You complete a sentence, eg. 'Yo Ben, I'm _ from China.'. You pick a white card from your hand, for example 'the Dragon of Iowa'. The sentence becomes "Yo Ben, I'm the Dragon of Iowa from China."

    One player is the card czar, picking what they think is the funniest sentence. All the other players pick a white card separately. Funniest sentence wins!

    And you'd be surprised how generally positive this deck is compared to other CaH decks :)

  • @Divinity You can't fool me! I saw that big head card. That's "something hurtful said about Ben!"

  • This is well crafted and all kinds of awesome.

  • @Haru17 Ben mocked that comment and said it was fine during a stream, that's the only reason I put it in.

  • @Divinity I heard. And I'm not blaming you: this is Cards Against Humanity.

    The title.

    Anyway, did you all want to play some time?

  • @Haru17 I'd love to play sometime :D