Euro Allies Be Known!

  • Hello all you Allies out there! I'm Ross from the UK, kinda curious who is from around my time zone area. All too often i'm catching up on the allies videos via youtube archive, and very rarley catch the streams, but i want to support all allies.
    If your from Europe and you stream, or play on either PS4 or XBONE and just want to occasionaly cause some damage on a game with others let yourself me known :) happy to team up and destroy, or chill and watch you stream.

  • I'm from Sweden and I almost never catch the streams. It sucks because I like to interact with EZA in chat but when you have to be up for a job at 6am, its hard to justify going up 3am to watch a stream. So I too watch VODs all the time.

  • Hey Ross I'm Sharoze from UK too (Manchester specifically). Yeah I hear ya. I would love to team up. Man this website in only giving me good vibes abut the community. Its a god-send!

  • I'm two hours after you guys in the UK and I sometimes catch the RDR streams or TBT.
    I wouldn't mind playing with allies :video_game:

  • Reporting in from Slovakia :flag_sk:

  • @lotsofotherstuff I don't even watch most of the vids. 2 hours+ is way too long for me.

  • I'm from the UK too. I catch the odd stream here and there but I'm mainly here for the videos and podcast.

  • I often start my Saturdays at 10 AM by eating breakfast cereal and tuning in to Kyle's midnight Tetris run which is just about to begin, as there's a ten-hour time difference between Finland and California. I find it a nice way to start a day.

  • Southern Netherlands here! Yeah, i practically never watch the streams live. Only got to catch one or two E3 streams since they were steaming so much. Mostly in it for the shows and the overall jollyness! This team has so much heart and good vibes, loving it.

  • I know on playstation there is an Easy Allies Community, i'm a member of that, you should be able to see what games i am playing and if your intrested in joining in.
    my ID is the same accross platforms so feel free everyone to send me a request, just put in the message your from the allies.

  • Yeah, there aren't many EU friendly streams. Maybe now that E3 is done, we'll get some.
    Slovenian here :flag_si:

  • @Nillend said in Euro Allies Be Known!:

    Yeah, there aren't many EU friendly streams. Maybe now that E3 is done, we'll get some.
    Slovenian here :flag_si:

    Pleased to meet you

  • I'm reporting in from Denmark. Between a full time job and the time difference, I rarely get to watch any live streams. I used to watch Dumb Game Monday every week, but now that Kyle is doing it later in the day, I have to watch the archive.

  • PORTUGAL!!! :D oh yeaah!!

  • In the UK as well, tend to watch the pre-recorded stuff more than the livestreams since moving out of Uni.

    Still happy to keep putting down the $5 a month for the content though.

  • Germany here!! I watch most of the streams live!

  • Wish the group streams were more EU friendly :/ The only ones I manage to watch live are Red Dead Revisited, Bosman v Wozniak and sometimes Ben's/Blood's streams.

    I'll add you on PSN later :)

    CEST Time - Malta

  • @Exist-2-Inspire said in Euro Allies Be Known!:

    Germny here!! I wach most of the streams live!

    Dedication :)

  • Spain here, holaaaaaa

  • Im from uk, i try to watch streams live but only catch maybe 1 a week?

    I dont mind too much though, i just watch in past broadcasts after :)

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