[Rumor] Nintendo NX Reveal Imminent

  • So, apparently retailers are flying to Nintendo Europe in Germany for a days-away announcement. (This is the part where we all assume it's the NX.)

    I think it's happening, and that stealth-dropping the announcement via Nintendo Direct / Digital Event is a moderately to severely baller move by Nintendo.

    Correction: Reddit fooled me about the Bayonetta 9/20 tease. It's just an amiibo. No other redactions.

  • I am dying to get some concrete info on the NX. At this point they need to stealth drop it because making us wait any longer would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Give me the deets!

  • If the reveal happens during the livestream tomorrow, before the podcast, I'm throwin' up!

  • Meh, I'm good. I have a loaded backlog and a healthy amount of skepticism. It'd be cool if Nintendo could manage to unexpectedly blow me away, but right now I'm doubtful.

  • Last I heard was that the date for a direct would be announced tomorrow (the 20th) So I guess well see what tomorrow brings

  • Oooh this is exciting news to wake up to!! Please let this be true! Metroid Prime 4 here I coooome! :D

  • @Axel
    You get a Saturday morning Metroid Cartoon instead......with Kung-Fu grip

  • @DMCMaster If Kung-Fu grip is a feature on the NX, I'm throwin' up!

  • @DMCMaster At this point, I'll take anything!

  • @Haru17
    That was a joke directed at Federation Force. Something about the game kinda reminds me of like a toyline for a Saturday morning cartoon.
    Hell Johnny from SomecallmeJohnny perfectly describes it
    Bits around the 1:40 mark
    Youtube Video

  • ooo nice. I'll be lurking around the internetz tomorrow. I wasn't expecting this.

  • Just heard about this. I somehow doubt they'd stealth drop a bomb like the NX without any heads up whatsoever, that just doesn't make any sense to me. Something may be happening, maybe we get a reveal date or something like that, but I don't know if they'd straight up announce the thing without announcing that they're going to be announcing the thing... But then again, why are people flying to Germany if nothing is going on... Nintendo is an enigma, man.

  • In all seriousness, it seems like they might reveal the NX to retailers first, to make sure they can get everything prepared for pre-orders, etc, before an actual public reveal in the coming weeks. So I doubt this means we will get to see the NX in the coming days, but at least it shows signs of activity.

  • @Axel Do retailers really need to fly people out for that though? Seems to me that a simple e-mail or something like that could get the message across just as well without needing to spend money securing and setting up a venue for a private event just to tell a select few companies to brace for impact.
    I have to imagine that whatever they're doing requires that the people involved be there physically, it's gotta be something that cannot be done remotely. My mind immediately goes to some sort of demo event, but I don't know why they'd be sending reps from retailers and not actual gaming press in that case. I'm stumped to be honest.

  • @QuickLava I don't want to speculate too much, but yeah if they're unveiling a new console they would for sure give them a presentation/hands-on demo, because ultimately the objective is to convince retailers to order it, reserve shelf space for it, etc. So they do have to impress them with their product.

  • It's going to be some mobile/console hybrid so why should we care enough to fork over the money to buy it? That's the real question.

  • To be honest, Ninty are behaving so fucking weirdly these days I wouldn't put anything past them.

  • Banned

    After the Wii and Wii U I'm not particularly excited. I don't think it's just the hardware either.

    Maybe I'm just getting fatigue over the same few franchises Nintendo always puts out again and again. They really should stop relying on Mario and Zelda so much.

  • It would need to have an impressive launch line up before I'd consider to buy a Nintendo system at launch ever again, and seeing Zelda being on Wii U that's already one game that doesn't count, worked on me with Twilight Princess on Wii because I was a fanboy, but that's simply not the case anymore, havn't even bought a single Nintendo product this year so far (unless you count the 3rd party 3DS game Project X Zone 2).

  • I really want an official reveal already. I've always bought Nintendo consoles day 1 and they've never disappointed yet. They have always garaunteed a line up of exceptional, long lasting first party titles.

    I hope they don't go in too weird a direction or focus on VR in any way.

  • 'Kay, guys? This isn't a place for squabbling about whether Nintendo is dead or not. Make another thread if you want to circle that particular drain.