Destiny Year Three - Rise of Iron Discussion

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    @suplextrain So you didn't expect an MMOFPS... even though thatbis what they have always said the game is?
    I'm confused about your post.

    I didn't expect all the negative aspects of an MMO to be present. Most notably the super hardcore grind for some piece of loot or locking out the fun content with some XP slogs. That is in my mind absolutely terrible game design, to artificially prevent you from having fun just to get you to play longer and to ruin the pacing of the game.
    Even though it has gotten better since vanilla, it seems like it wasn't some concession they had to make, but that they intentionally designed the game this way. I'm kinda sad about me checking out since for me there is a good game in there somewhere. The way the game plays and controls is great, the visuals are fantastic and the lore/world is pretty interesting. But I just can't stand all this endless grind for some piece of loot or level req.

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  • Honestly I'm pretty disappointed thus far. The main story was really bad, with no proper arc. One mission is "oh wait what's going on????" the next mission is "oh an its the bad guy!" and then the last mission is "yay we beat the bad guy!!!" I wasn't expecting an arc on the scale of TTK, but even HoW was better. Plus the Splicers are such a missed potential, acting purely like pallet swapped Fallen than adding anything to the combat.

  • @Galaxy40k Yeah, I thought Saladin was super weird throughout the whole arc. He seemed super agitated, acted way too mysterious, and came across as scatter brained.

  • I haven't played it in quite a long time, it was initially disappointed in what Destiny was when it released. It looks to be a lot more fun currently though, and I'm in the mood to pick it back up.

  • I'm up to lvl 363 and I am so far enjoying the 'grind' of running strikes for better gear. It feels like I'm making progress at a better clip than Taken King

    My raid group of 5 under-leveled guardians (roughly 345-358 light level) managed to beat the 'first' boss of the raid and open the exotic chest... but we struggled to do much on the second boss. Looking forward to leveling up and giving it another go next week.

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  • @Galaxy40k If you really thought the story was the thing that would hook you, then you kinda had it coming.

    And the Splicers? Ya they weren't the Taken level of "I wonder what the new enemies do?". They are simply tougher fallen. Landing one-hit kills on vandals requires more precision. Landing too many head-shots spawns homing missiles. Shanks and Servitors now actually feel like enemies instead of floating punching bags. Ya these are trivial changes in mechanics, but they add up in the endgame, for enemies that still feel like the fallen, but in gameplay are more potent enemies.

    Call me devil splicer's advocate, but RoI is exactly what I wanted. Same world. More progression. For brand new enemies and worlds, I can wait until Mass Effect gets here.

  • Anyone else think Saladin is an odd choice of name given the norse theme of the update?

    I mean, in terms of generals the dude was incredible, but give him a curved sword at least.

  • @flower_arrangement There are places other than Scandinavia that have winter and fur coats. It might as well be a Colorado-themed DLC.

  • The story, despite having great looking cutscenes, was kind of a mess. It had no real progression and failed to even adequately explain what Siva is. And I still don't really understand what the hell rasputin has to do with it all. Is he saying the rasputin we've been helping has been a siva puppet all along? I thought there was potential, but it fell flat. The missions themselves however are some of Destiny's best. Especially the last mission.

    The plaguelands are pretty awesome though. I wish archon's forge had better matchaking behind it, but when it gets going it's pretty great. I like the look of the area, and the verticality of the area with the overpass. The new strike was fun, but it doesn't really matter to me if it's randomized when all the rooms look the same. I feel like I'm going the same way every time because there's alost no visual variety to show that I am in a different spot. It's a good effort and the boss was hectic and fun. I actually enjoyed the nightfall, once my fireteam started shooting the shanks the second they appeared it was much easier. Sepiks strike is fun and I'm not super impressed with abomination but I'm glad it's there.

    Supremacy is fine. I'm not big on pvp, but when I do play it's usually control. It adds some variety though, but we really need some true obj. based modes. CTF, assault, etc.. Those probably won't come to destiny 2.

    The raid is top notch, I am only at the first phase of the final boss, but I've loved going through it so far. The look and vibe is awesome, the feeling of a journey is really well conveyed when you emerge on the top of the wall and you can look way back and see where you entered the raid. You can also look ahead and see where you'll be going. The siege machine shows that they're thinking more about what an encounter can be and are doing more than just bosses and jumping puzzles. I wish the entrance was in a true public space like VOG, but oh well.

    A lot of the content is good, the exotic quests are another fun addition for the post-game. They really messed one thing up though, and it kind of blows my mind. Blue engrams are essentiall worthless. Once you hit 340, which will happen pretty quickly, blue encrypted engrams become worthless. Any item that comes outof one will be capped at 340, unless you get lucky and it turn into a purpe item. Then you're forced to grind strikes for a max of two items that will drop from the boss already decoded. The decoded blues can be up to 365. This change makes the grind so slow, forcing you to wear blue items for minimal light increases to ensure that the next item you get has a better chance of being the slightest bit better. Want to wear your purple gear that is a little bit lower but not worth the resources to raise by a light level or two? Well too bad or you better remember to hecticly change back to the better gear right before you kill the boss. And every trip to the cryptarch now lacks excitement. Engrams are meant to get that pavlovian response, where you feel excited by the potential for some sweet loot. You take all your engrams to the cryptarch like a kid gathering up presents to open on their birthday. Except now you already know whats in the presents, and its socks. Worse it's socks that you already own and theyre the wrong size so you can't wear them anyway. I am just stunned that this came on the heels of the april update, which fixed the progression loop in a lot of ways.

    TLDR: 6.5-7/10