Trailers that Failed

  • So I've seen several threads talking about what makes a great trailer, favorite trailers, etc., but I'd like to dive into a completely different subject - trailers that turned you completely off from a game that you ended up enjoying later on. Maybe this is a pretty specific topic but I feel like I can't be the only one out there that has experienced this.

    My example is Jazzpunk:

    Youtube Video

    A friend recommended I play this game, so I decided to watch the trailer and I just didn't enjoy anything I saw. It felt like the trailer was just going for random lulz just for the hell of it, without really showing what the game is like. My friend didn't help much in convincing me either, just telling me to play it without describing anything from the game - although now that I've completed it, I'd have difficulty explaining all of it as well. The game definitely leans heavily on how obscure it can be, with certain segments playing out like old school point and click games. Yet the art direction, sparse jazz interlaced throughout, and the overall weirdness certainly left a lasting impression with me. None of that really presented itself in the trailer, which is a shame because I almost passed this strange gem up due to it. It's gotta be a challenge to advertise for a game that is this unique but I'd consider this a swing and a miss.

  • This is a tough one, I don't remember any trailers that de-hyped me for a game I went on to buy. However, I can offer the Metroid Prime Trilogy (for which I didn't see the trailers for until after I played the games, because they weren't anywhere to be found). All of the trailers are terrible compared to the quality of those games. One of the Corruption trailers even gets some really creepy voice over talking about how Samus has been "corrupted" in that sort of way that women get spoken about but men do not.

    "She likes it."

    Yeah, not great. Not accurate to the game, even, just that advertiser's creepy kink.

    I've never seen games that high profile marketed that incompetently.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Man I love that trailer..

    Though, I already knew what that game was and appreciated the Thunderbirds vibe. If I had no idea? Yeah it would not help sell that game at all.

  • @Inustar Yep, I literally had no idea what it was up until yesterday. Really glad I picked it up though.

  • @Haru17 Oh my, I never saw that trailer, what the hell! It's been a while since I played Corruption but I don't remember it being ever implied that she "likes" it. Sad that they feel they need to resort to sexualization to sell Metroid...

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    Ohh fun thread! :D

    Its really hard though as most "bad" trailers you kinda ignore or just forget after you've seen them. But a bad trailer for me are one that are way over the top in a bad way, or one that doesnt sell the game and just seem confusing rather than hyping up the game. Some trailers just got awful editing as well which makes the pace completely off - which turns me off

  • I find poor rhythm and pacing in editing is a make or break for me personally. I just can't think of anything right now.

    Sports games often use nothing except angles that you'll never see in gameplay and as a result of those close ups, the animations look very janky. NHL series has sub-par animation and it shows so much in trailers.

  • An example for me are most of those Madden trailers. I watch them and am amused by them, but they fail to sell that game series to anyone not already interested.
    Though maybe they don't count as trailers? The last one was labelled as a "movie"

    The first thing I thought of though was that Might No 9 trailer. Pretty infamous by now. Never a good idea to insult your target audience I think. Ignoring that though, it fails at selling that game. If you're gonna tell the audience how good your game looks, it should actually LOOK good.

  • @Haru17 i never interpreted it in a sexual way the whole idea of that trailer is the corruption is turning her into dark samus, which it was.
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  • @Inustar said in Trailers that Failed:

    The first thing I thought of though was that Might No 9 trailer.

    Yes of course! How could we forget this one haha? This is easily THE worst trailer I've ever seen.

  • From recently, Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer comes to mind.
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  • @Inustar Mighty No. 9 is a perfect example although from what I hear.. it was a bad trailer for a bad game, haha.

  • @SabotageTheTruth yeah, it's infamous for that anime fan line, but I mostly mentioned it because the only thing I think it does well is show off how bad that game looks.

  • For me personally the more gameplay trailers I see of Mafia III the less I get hyped. The AI seems dumb, some of the animations look janky, the driving looks pretty bad, and I don't like how the gunplay looks so I'll definitely wait for some reviews before picking it up.

  • @SabotageTheTruth agreed. Based on that trailer, Jazzpunk could easily be some shitty game on Steam Greenlight or something.

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  • I feel like every trailer for a not-indie game with a budget that doesn't get to at least the level of hype as Gravity Rush 2's TGS trailer is kind of a failure. It's not hard to make people emotional when watching video. I mean, it is, but a lot less so with practice. Some trailers are just so obviously poorly edited and some cut the music off in such jarring ways that all you need to do is show it to your mother / friend / boyfriend to find the points of detachment.

    Most people want to be excited. They want enjoy things. The way to pander to that is no unknown.

  • Love the thread idea Sabotage.

    Don't want to derail it but as a similar example the first Dragon's Dogma demo was so confusing it nearly put me off for good. Essentially you played the intro of the game proper, sans any real explanation of what you were doing, why, or even how to go about it. The AI carried you mostly. I had it earmarked as a Demon's Souls vacuum filler, and left disappointed.

    Then they released a second demo - unusual - especially nowadays. Total turn around. A couple of specific scenarios that gave you a chance to explore the mechanics and gristle of the game, really letting you get a sense for the meat of the game, cutting past most of the obtuse rind. Along with Matt Lee's enthusiastic youtube videos (not a guy I see eye to eye with on much but all credit to him he did a fantastic job on them) I was converted and still count it amongst the best of the PS3 library.

  • @flower_arrangement That game actually is a mark of shame for me. Started it, got to the first large town, and never came back.

  • Hey, I found another weird trailer for Metroid Prime 3. Don't know how I feel about this one...

    Youtube Video