Game Trailers Appreciation Thread

  • I was familiar with GT back in the day, but was never an avid fan. I watched the occasional GT Time and Final Bosman, but never made a routine about it. After GT closed, I felt a Kyle Bosman shaped hole in my heart. I was incredibly excited when the Easy Allies united, and I became a massive fan of their stuff. Unfortunately, I now watch their videos faster than they can produce them. To remedy this I've gone back to watch old stuff they did at GT. For instance, I've watched most of Table Top Adventures, all the first fifteens, most of the GT Times, and all of the Fiascos.

    There are so many other great shows to watch too: Huber Hype, Mandatory Update, GT Live, Trailer Score, etc.

    This thread is for sending love and good vibes to a fallen friend. GT deserves to be appreciated and remembered.

    Rest in Peace Dusty Barnes.