No. 1 Most Hyped Game

  • C'mon. If you want to talk about hype from this E3, there is no equal. We all just want to know more about FIFA story mode... Just Kidding.

    God of War. Only would have been interested if it were either a new protagonist or some reborn Kratos. But the grizzled older Kratos is definitely better than my ideas. Not to mention, Norse mythology is one of my favourite pantheon. So interested to see where it goes.

  • Persona 5 is one that I'll echo, but I really want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate Death Stranding. I have no idea what that game even is, but I know that I want it and I want it badly.

  • Persona 5.

    New announcement? God of War.

  • Shown at E3: Persona 5, no competition

    HOWEVER.... Dragon quest XI, the real successor to my most beloved game -Dragon quest 8- and the one true king is still my most hyped game. 40 million ps4's and an uprising in JRPG's can't be ignored by someone as daft as Squenix. Sooner or later, that Western release date is dropping on us with a new trailer.

  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Definitely Persona 5 for me as well. Horizon is a close number 2.

  • Lots of Persona luv here, I love It. However my most anticipated and most hyped game for various reasons is The Last Guardian. I cannot begin to say how excited I am to play this game ever since I completed ico and shadow of the colossus, it became on of my greatest video games ever made. So when I heard they announced another entry in the franchise, do you know how good that feels. Team Ico are simply genius in the way there games convey emotion and simplistic gameplay. But its hard to choose between my most anticipated games, all of which I am equally excited to play.

  • Definitely "We Happy Few". I'm really into utopia/dystopia stories and I am really hyped for the whole procedurally generated and survival gameplay described 1:34:22 in the Day Two impressions:

    Youtube Video

  • It's tough to pick!

    So, the two games that really connect with me the most were ABZU and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So it would have to be out of those two, but I guess it has to go to Zelda, since that game just has so much unexplored potential and cool mechanics discover. Seems like it's a game I could put so many hours into and get invested in. I really love the fresh appeal of it, compared to previous titles.

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    Deus Ex. When HR came out, I went deep down the hole, replayed the original, read the book, and devoured that game. I cannot wait to play Deus Ex Go, replay HR, and play Mankind Divided.

  • Death Stranding. Nothing else compares to Kojima.

  • It has to be The Last Guardian. I would just love to get that game, throw on some headphones and block out the rest of the world completely until I finish it.

  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    That is all I need to say

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild, but I feel like everyone else is fighting for second place.

    My non-zelda would be VR. Hands down.

  • @Stormcrownn Not to start an argument but The Last Guardian says hi! 😀

  • I really need Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the NX now. :cry:

  • @SIX2SE7EN Hyped though? I'm not sure. The attitude seems to more be "...Its time." - But it also depends if most hyped means for E3 overall?

    This website has some pretty good social media metrics.

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doubles every other game for how much it was talked about.

    After Legend of Zelda, I think its really subjective. This E3 has a really good mix of hype titles for nostalgia and new stuff.

  • No man's sky. I will not leave my house in august at all. :D

  • If you told me before E3 this would be my answer, I wouldn't have believed you,, but I've got to go with Horizon: Zero Dawn! Of course I'm extremely hyped for the new Zelda, FF7 Remake, and so on, but they still feel like distant dreams.

    Whereas Horizon looks... ready! It's gorgeous, seems to play so smoothly, has a very pretty and clear UI, a fascinating world. This E3's gameplay demo blew me away, not because it does anything extremely original, but because it's such a solid package, and as one of the Allies said during the stream, it's a videogame! Some games have had impressive trailers, but it's hard to tell how the final product will play like (looking at you, FF XV).

    When I look at Horizon, there's no doubt in my mind, I'm going to have a blast!

  • Zelda, baby! Get outta here, Steep! :p