Thanks Huber, now I think I want Battlefield 1 more than Titanfall 2

  • Watching the stream right now, and listening to Huber talk about bf1 I think I might need it more than my titanfall 2.

    What about you guys, y'all hype for either of these games?

  • The funny thing is is that this E3 has convinced me to get Titanfall 2, BF1, and CoD as well.

  • @ObbyDent that CoD gameplay did impress the fuck out of me I will say that.

  • CoD definitely showed way better than that terrible trailer they had out.

  • I have a fairly clear idea of what to expect from FPS these days. Although both of those games look amazing. I am stoked to play Call of Duty 4 remastered more than any other fps because I have fond memories.

  • If this is the first Battlefield since BC2 that actually works on launch it's going to be pretty amazing. Only qualm I have is the Zeppelin - until i see it for myself I'm going to proclaim that it's a pre set levolution like Shanghai tower.

  • Battlefield 1 for me definitely. I'll probably get Titanfall 2, but I'll focus on singleplayer.

  • I swear Huber could talk me into a full playthrough of Vampire Rain. The dude has like, plus 10 to charisma or something

  • I haven't found the hype yet for Battlefield, but I'm amazed that I'm kind of excited for Titan Fall 2.

    A week ago someone asked me what game I regretted buying the most and that answer was easily the first Titan Fall. I cannot believe that I'm actually even considering Titan Fall 2.

  • I'm thinking that Titanfall 2 will have more replayability with the mechanics and titans.

    As well, All Titanfall 2 DLC Maps and Modes will be free.

    To me, this makes Battlefield 1 a game I likely won't even buy. Unless the campaign turns out to be extensive and fun.

    Respawn Entertainment is the guys who made Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2. In my mind, they are the definitive best in the business. I am chomping at the bit to see what they will do now that they've had a lot of time.

    All in all, I'll likely play the campaign for all three games, but focus on the multiplayer of Overwatch and Titanfall 2. I'm extremely sick of the Battlefield and Cod formula's. I'm only 24, but I've spent 6+ years playing those games, I need something a bit different.

  • I hate fps games, and even I felt a small amount of interest rise up in me after hearing Huber and Brad talk about it...

  • Haha the same thing happened to me. I'm so keen on getting Battlefield 1, even though I've never played one before, nor had I ever cared for the series.