What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter - Case 4 man.... got the feels going, was not expecting it out of a Sherlock game. Now thinking about the Sherlock games I've realized they can be depressing sometimes, good atmosphere.

  • I dont think there is any game that makes me cry. seriously

  • Three are a number which have made me cry or nearly cry.

    The Walking Dead S1 - When the little kid starts to turn into a zombie and you have to kill him. I had just become a father earlier that year, and the thought of needing to kill a child just choked me up.

    Gears of War 2 - It feels stupid to cry over a brodude shooter like gears of war, but you spend half of the game searching for Dom's wife Maria. When they finally find her she's been tortured and is basically braindead. That sad moment really stood in contrast to the action leading up to that point.

    The Witcher 3 - I had decided early on in TW3 that Triss was going to be my love interest in the game. When I did the quest "the last wish" and the spirit (or whatever) that was binding Geralt and Yennifer together was lifted, I had to tell Yennifer I no longer had feelings for her. I felt so bad, it seemed like I had torn our her heart and stomped on it.

  • definitely MGS:V The Phantom pain for me. SPOILER ALERT.

    SPOILER ALERT. When you´re on motherbase on the sickbay or whatever, towards the end of the game, and you have to shoot all of your infected soldiers, they know what´s coming and they salute you while you have to gun them down. Really sad Kojima couldn´t finish the game.

  • For me it was Nier. Never has a game hit me so emotionally as that game. The whole thing just gradually wears you down and just takes it toll emotionally. I feel drained just thinking about it

  • Do trailers count? Because technically the Breath of the Wild trailer had me in tears.

    But the last game that made me shed a tear would probably be Half Life 2 Episode 2 (if you've played, you know why).

  • Mother 3. Its amazing to me that in spite of the cliches of twin brothers and good and evil that the messages about globalization and technology's costs still carry the weight that they do. That's Shigesato Itoi for you.

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  • I didn't play The Last of Us until recently, so it'd have to be the opening of that game. No further explanation is necessary haha

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    Yeah The first game that springs to mind is The Last of Us. This game were an emotional rollercoaster for me.
    I cried, laughed, screamed and I loved the characters so much.

    Other than that recently.. hmm. I guess the end of battlefield 4 gave me a bit of teary eyes, but not more.

    Seeing Neir being mentioned alot, might have to grab a copy!

  • @Minamik said in What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?:

    Boku no Natsu Yasumi

    I'd not actually heard of Boku no Natsuyasumi - looks lovely!

  • I'll say it, someone has to (And if they did and I skimmed over it I'm sorry!)

    Also I'll spoiler tag this just in case...I mean it's an old game now but there's a lot of people who haven't played it still (SHAME ON YOU!).

    Spoiler P4 when you think Nanako is about to die, like damn...that got me, I didn't full blown cry but I got teary, maybe it's me getting older but stuff like this didn't affect me when I was younger as it does now, even the beginning to Pixar's UP gets me a little bit>! Spoiler