What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?

  • I had a very emotional reaction while playing "The Beginner's Guide". I went into more detail in another post here on the forums. It comes down to the process the main character and narrator goes through as he tries out games created by his friend.

    I also became extremely emotional when playing Proteus. I just can't figure out why ;)

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  • I agree with @jipostus that MGS4 is one of the few games that actually made me shed tears after watching that sublime ending. I had the same reaction to ending for MGS3 because tbh I was so invested emotionally with those games at that time that it was hard not to get emotional.

  • A little game called Fragile Dreams. A emotional rollercoaster about the end of the world and loss that had me tearing up a few times.
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  • Life is Strange, several times.

  • Brothers: A tale of two sons. That game hit me hard. :sob:

  • Tales of Xillia 2 that ending got me big time.

  • @Mechanoid Maaaaan I haven't thought about either of those games in a long time. I may have to go replay those now, haha.

    As for me, the ending of Walking Dead Season 1 is still probably the most a game has emotionally impacted me. Excellent and amazing story telling in games.

  • @Inflorescence I never got to play Nier but i did watch a little bit of it and your so right! Any family element to a emotional game is always such an intense experience! I hope Nier 2 does something similar.

    @Nillend I forgot All about Brothers!!! i cried hardcore to that too!

    @thenerdtheword ME3 really got to me too, the last part right before the ending of the game when you talk to all your Allies as if this is going to be there final mission ever and we all may die in the process drove me over the edge. i didn't want to leave the camp so badly...especially after talking to Garus, I love that Damn Alien SO MUCH!!!!

  • @Bigdude1 said in What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?:

    A little game called Fragile Dreams. A emotional rollercoaster about the end of the world and loss that had me tearing up a few times.
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    YES! This game is sooooo good!

  • @Bigdude1
    I bought that a few months ago, need to find a chunk of time and pick it up again

  • Seconding Life is Strange and The Beginner's Guide. Just as a fun side project, I'm actually writing an essay about The Beginner's Guide and my interpretation of the game. As an artist who has previously been in unhealthy relationships and who struggles with many of the things that both in-game Davey and real life Davey have talked about, that game hit very close to home. It actually spiraled me into an intensely reflective state almost similar to my depressive episodes, but I feel like I came out the other end with a stronger sense of who I am as a person and a creator. In my mind, this game is a must-play for pretty much anyone.

  • @alexwhiteplays Very cool. Can you please publish the essay on "The Beginner's guide" on the forums once it is done?

  • @marcel That's the plan! I have a residential summer job coming up in a few days and I'm part of a team for a game jam so I'm not going to make any promises about the essay being done soon, but my goal is to have it out before I go back to college in August.

  • @alexwhiteplays Well, maybe you can even write about the game jam ;)

  • @Joetown They're pretty old games and I never would have played them if it wasn't for my old roommate. Classic gems :heart:

  • @OscarMoscar Same here. What a game.

  • Banned

    Heavenly Sword is the last game that got me to shed a few.
    If you've played the game, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

  • As said above. Life is Strange Episode 3 is pretty heavy.
    I love Kingdom Hearts story but i don't have any consoles anymore so i've watched the cutscenes of them all and the one that got me the most was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

  • I didn't cry but there was a moment in Papers Please which got a stronger reaction from me than anything else I have ever played, read, watched, etc, I literally had to stop playing for a while and pull myself together.

    Besides that everytime I've finished P4 I get teary eyed and that's out of pure bliss, I think it's that only game that's ever made cry out of sadness and joy.

  • I never cry from sad stuff, I don't know why, but I cry A LOT out of positive happy emotional powerful scenes, or that's what I think...

    I cried with the You are not alone part in FF9, not only because that's my favorite track in any game, but because I get so carried away with all the party members... AAAGH

    I cry with Overwatch, by far the weirdest one, not playing of course, but the original cinematic in the museum always hypes me to the point of tears when at the end Tracer says her line with the world needing more heroes... This one I consider stupid xD

    Reading this topic I remembered I cried at the end of MGS4 because of how powerful it is, and with Brothers, The begginers guide and Gone Home I was kind of tear-y.

    I hope I find more of these games with hopeful positive and powerful messages that get me, it's the best feeling but I usually only get it with movies, like Big Fish, Toy Story 3 and the such.