What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?

  • I never cry from sad stuff, I don't know why, but I cry A LOT out of positive happy emotional powerful scenes, or that's what I think...

    I cried with the You are not alone part in FF9, not only because that's my favorite track in any game, but because I get so carried away with all the party members... AAAGH

    I cry with Overwatch, by far the weirdest one, not playing of course, but the original cinematic in the museum always hypes me to the point of tears when at the end Tracer says her line with the world needing more heroes... This one I consider stupid xD

    Reading this topic I remembered I cried at the end of MGS4 because of how powerful it is, and with Brothers, The begginers guide and Gone Home I was kind of tear-y.

    I hope I find more of these games with hopeful positive and powerful messages that get me, it's the best feeling but I usually only get it with movies, like Big Fish, Toy Story 3 and the such.

  • I've never full on cried while playing a game, but I have teared up. The one that comes to mind is Crisis Core's ending. It was really the music more than anything. I'm a sucker for sad music, I can get misty eyed from stuff that is barely sad if the score is good enough.

  • God of War 3 when you realize Kratos was dead for portion of Zeus killing you (Kratos), and then you wake up, and you kill him. Then redemption. REDEMPTION. I will. have. my revenge!

    And Metal. Gear. Solid. either 4 or 5 (The Phantom Pain)

    Even the trailers that dropped before The Phantom Pain dropped. E32014, the farewell Launch Trailer...

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • I let a few drops in Uncharted 4. That franchise has been one of my favorite in all of gaming and the way it ended was beautiful for me.

  • Flower on the Vita. The tone of that game was so strong and I connected to it on such an oddly deep level. Such a beautiful game.

  • Prob the end of P4G. Getting on that train and leaving all my friends behind was harsh.

  • The Beginner's Guide got to me. I still think about it to this day. There's no real way to describe why without spoiling it so I'd say if you have a spare couple of hours then give it a try.

  • Lost Odyssey is the only game that I can remember making me tear up.

    I may have cried out of frustration playing Super Punch Out!

  • The end of Mother 3 really got to me. Other than that I've only been hit by Last of Us and Walking dead

  • @marcel said in What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?:

    I had a very emotional reaction while playing "The Beginner's Guide". I went into more detail in another post here on the forums. It comes down to the process the main character and narrator goes through as he tries out games created by his friend.

    I also became extremely emotional when playing Proteus. I just can't figure out why ;)

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    Oh I understand exactly why Proteus brings such a strong emotional reaction. There seems to be there innocence in the world around you tied together with a sense of loss. You see these ruins, pillars and signs of life, yet there is nothing left but creatures. Add to it the eerie night events and the entirety of the winter season and you really feel that loss amplified.

    A game I recently experienced that evoked a strong emotion was Firewatch. To avoid any spoilers, the beginning moments lay out the driving force for your character and being married definitely made the experience much more connectable to me. Incredibly sad.

  • i saw it pop up a few times for other people but Life is Strange definitely got a few tears out of me. the soundtrack really got to me.

  • I have never cried from a video game. It's VERY hard for me to really get attached to characters in games because gameplay breaks me out of story to much.

  • I've never cried from a game, but I weeped uncontrollably during certain one piece episodes! I never cried during last of us but had things played out differently in that game I probably would have.

  • Never. Games haven't had that level of impact on me. I've been sad at things, but never have I shed a tear.

  • honestlly. honestly. overwatch. im normally over emotional and it gets even WORSE when im tired/pms-ing/both and i was thinking about lucio and i. just started crying because i love him so much and hes literally made of sunshine and hes an angel who deserves the world and more. i wish i was joking but im not i cried over a DJ in a video game because he was TOO GOOD at existing

  • Sfv, lost in the stage 93 of the survivor mode.Shed a single tear in the corner of the eye while staring the screen in silence...

  • Two games come to mind. The last one is Life is Strange. That game really got to me. LiS really showed me that realistic graphics are certainly not necessary when it comes to stories where I will totally absorb the story. The characters and the world are so weird, but also very believable. I had many tears on my cheek when I ended that game.

    And the game where I still cry pretty much every time I finish it is The Last of Us. Even when I've seen the ending a couple of times, the way it's been told and the way it 'forces' the player to do certain things still amazes me every time.

  • @TokyoSlim Totally forgot about that. Yeah, that ending where you leave all of your friends. It almost felt like leaving real friends behind. I wonder if Persona 5 is going to give me such a feeling.

  • @BogusMeatFactory I completely forgot about Firewatch. Those final moments were really emotional too :crying_cat_face:

  • I haven't actually cried because of a video game but the ending of MGS4 came closest. "This is good isnt it?" alt text