What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?

  • Only ever cried at two games, the last one being The Last of Us. I had to pause it.

  • @CoffeeJezus Did they do the actual dev work on that? I know the guy in charge was the dude who makes the Boku no Natsu Yasumi (My Summer Vacation) games.

  • I'm a sucker, I'll well up at anything almost. But holy moly Withcer 3. 130 hours to the end, almost 100%-ed it, thought i made all teh right decisions... i got THE WORST of the bad endings. Like, of the six main endings and the 35 ending states for the world. Rarely does a game teach me so much about my ignorance in a meaningful, tangible way. I loved the ending I got, despite how brutally sad it is. Phenomenal game

  • The last game to make me teary eyed was MGS 5 multiple times actually, in the aftermath of the Quiet level and just at the end of the game when I saw the credits and realized this will be the last Kojima Metal Gear Solid game I will get to play.

  • The last game I remember making me cry was Mother 3. While the game immediately became one of my most favorite games, at the time I wasn't prepared for anything in that game and the story tore me to pieces. But before that was Metal Gear Solid 4, I remember seeing the first trailer where they show Snake placing the gun in his mouth as the screen turns to black and a shot echos out, that horrified me as a long time MG fan and once I've gotten to the game I was balling like a baby...then again Metal Gear games have always found a way to pull on my heart strings.

  • I recently played Gone Home because it was free on PS Plus and experiencing that story really effected me, the only other game that has made me cry was The Last of Us.

  • Shenmue 3...well..Huber's reaction to the announcement gets my eyes a little teary.

    I remember watching the conference on my own and then going back to see the GT stream after the mind blowing conference sony had that year. I freaked out when I heard those opening notes. Going back to see Huber's reaction was pure joy.

  • i seldom cry because of games but like a few others here To The Moon got me. You can run it on pretty much any PC so if you happen upon it while it's on sale pick it up

  • @Conorhea said in What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?:

    I recently played Gone Home because it was free on PS Plus and experiencing that story really effected me, the only other game that has made me cry was The Last of Us.

    I am with you on Gone Home. I played it a few months before my daughter was born and it really hit me hard. I loved it.

  • Echoing all of the Life Is Strange mentions!

    This song still gets to me every time I hear it...

  • I don't think a game has ever actually made me cry, but some have come close. Most notably Mother 3 and Undertale.

  • Witcher 3. I just finished it a few months ago and after that AMAZING game and story telling I shed some tears as the credits rolled. Such a great gaming experience and since I was super happy with the ending that I got (Witcher Ciri ending), there was no stopping the feelings train after I saw that (the handing over of the sword??? OH MAN WHO'S CUTTING ONIONS)

  • I think Ch 4 in Uncharted 4 definitely got me choked up a bit. Loved the Elena and Nate bits in that chapter.

  • The Master Chief Collection. Backtracking through the OG & re-imagined oldies as well as Halo 4 reminiscing about times long past brought a few tears to my eyes.

  • Banned

    Can't say I've ever cried to a game but I've teared up to some, like the first season and second season of The Walking Dead, Gears of War 3...eh, that's about it I think.

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter - Case 4 man.... got the feels going, was not expecting it out of a Sherlock game. Now thinking about the Sherlock games I've realized they can be depressing sometimes, good atmosphere.

  • I dont think there is any game that makes me cry. seriously

  • Three are a number which have made me cry or nearly cry.

    The Walking Dead S1 - When the little kid starts to turn into a zombie and you have to kill him. I had just become a father earlier that year, and the thought of needing to kill a child just choked me up.

    Gears of War 2 - It feels stupid to cry over a brodude shooter like gears of war, but you spend half of the game searching for Dom's wife Maria. When they finally find her she's been tortured and is basically braindead. That sad moment really stood in contrast to the action leading up to that point.

    The Witcher 3 - I had decided early on in TW3 that Triss was going to be my love interest in the game. When I did the quest "the last wish" and the spirit (or whatever) that was binding Geralt and Yennifer together was lifted, I had to tell Yennifer I no longer had feelings for her. I felt so bad, it seemed like I had torn our her heart and stomped on it.

  • definitely MGS:V The Phantom pain for me. SPOILER ALERT.

    SPOILER ALERT. When you´re on motherbase on the sickbay or whatever, towards the end of the game, and you have to shoot all of your infected soldiers, they know what´s coming and they salute you while you have to gun them down. Really sad Kojima couldn´t finish the game.

  • For me it was Nier. Never has a game hit me so emotionally as that game. The whole thing just gradually wears you down and just takes it toll emotionally. I feel drained just thinking about it