What was the Last Game that made you Cry Allies?

  • I’m not afraid to admit it that an amazing game could make you cry! And neither should you!

    I know a lot of people like to give this game crap but for me Heavy Rain really got to me. I really grew attached to Ethan and his quest to find and save his Son Shaun (I’m a big family kind of guy btw). So much so that every trial that Ethan faced I really put myself in his shoes and I really felt his pain of just trying to do the right thing. Then Ethan’s last trial comes up and you have to drink poison that will kill you but will give you enough time to save your son, I remember standing in that last trial room for at least a good 15 mins…is it really worth saving my son if I’m just going to die? And yes I started to choke up a bit. I choose to not take the poison because I didn’t want to die…I wanted to save my son alive! Thankfully after the trial I was able to figure out how to get to where my son was and man…the feeling I got when I finally got my son out of the water, after going through all that pain of those trials…I finally had my son back in my arms. I cried like a baby.

  • @Lasercat006 I love family dynamics in video games; I think, as people who grew up playing games start to mature, we're starting to see a lot more parental themes in video games. Nier, for example (the American one). It's a powerful tool, I'd really like to see more mature-toned games with motivations related to family bonds.

  • I'm a notorious crier, but usually in weird spots. I think the last time I out and out sobbed was a month or so ago when I finally beat Okami. I owned both the PS2 and Wii versions, and got to the Ryoshima Coast in my first playthrough, Ninetails fight in the the next. I didn't beat the game until I played Okami HD. I really do love that game, which is why I kept buying it even though I rarely beat games. I remember tearing up all through the Ark of Yamato, but I really lost it when the credits had finally rolled and it was giving me my stats for the game. 38 hours, 102 saves, 56 days passed. When in actuality, it had been almost 10 years. I was 9 years old when that game came out, it was one of the first games I'd ever played, something I went back to play for an hour or so whenever I was in between playthroughs, always thinking, I'll finish it eventually. And now it's over, which is really weird to think about. Feels like a more tangible reminder that my childhood is over. But I'm glad to be done, I can finally say I've beaten on of the best games ever made.

  • Uncharted 4. :(

  • Watching a friend stream the end of FFX. Before that, The Witcher 3 always gets me, as does the beginning of Mass Effect 3 and several parts of it. Infact, I don't think a game has made me cry more than ME3 ever, even the lame ABC ending due to being completely immersed in it. Marathon playthrough with no sleep yay. Ni-No Kuni tugged at the heartstrings as well.

  • I'm with @BatViking Mass Effect 3 was a constant stream of tears for me.

    Most recently it probably has to be Uncharted 4. There are several moments during the game that hit me right in the feels.

  • Probably the last bit of taletale's walking dead season 1. I saw it coming miles away, but damn lol

  • I got pretty sad during Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and Persona 4's ending, but didn't cry.

    The only games that have made me straight up cry were To The Moon and some of the last moments you spend with particular characters in Mass Effect 3. (I can't remember which I played more recently)

    Of those, ME3 is kindof really down to your connection with the universe and characters, but MAN - I don't know anyone who hasn't been effected by To The Moon. Must play if you care for stories in video games (very light on mechanics, but SUCH a good game).

  • It was awhile go but there's a scene in Grandia...

    Spoiler: Justin has to set forth into the world and says a heartfelt good-bye to his mother...

    And in Lunar Eternal Blue...

    Spoiler: In the epilogue segment, just before you set off to reunite with Lucia, all your friends say good-bye to you...

  • Probably P3 FES(replayed it last year in the summer)

    Don't care what anyone says, Aigis is the best "robot learning emotions"-storyarch I've ever seen told in movies or games.

    She's also, without a doubt, best girl

  • I got pretty teary when playing Life is Strange last fall, but the last time bawled was replaying Final Fantasy X about two years ago. Persona 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Suikoden 2 and Suikoden 5 always make me bawl like a baby too.

  • the only game to make me cry was ICO.

  • That has to be Life is Strange, I cried in most episodes. The story just resonated with my thoughts so much at the time, that it became a consistently cathartic experience. I love the game for it, and I now draw on these emotions every time I listen to a song off that beautiful licensed soundtrack.

  • @selfconfessedcynic TO THE MOON! Great answer. One of the most emotional games I've ever played.

  • Metal Gear Solid 4. That ending is so powerful, as I grew up with Metal Gear games, Seeing the very end of the story... Just thinking about it gets me sad. MGS3 ending got me crying as well, but MGS4 was more recent. It's hard to say which is more heartwrenching, but both are powerful.

  • I had a very emotional reaction while playing "The Beginner's Guide". I went into more detail in another post here on the forums. It comes down to the process the main character and narrator goes through as he tries out games created by his friend.

    I also became extremely emotional when playing Proteus. I just can't figure out why ;)

    Youtube Video

  • I agree with @jipostus that MGS4 is one of the few games that actually made me shed tears after watching that sublime ending. I had the same reaction to ending for MGS3 because tbh I was so invested emotionally with those games at that time that it was hard not to get emotional.

  • A little game called Fragile Dreams. A emotional rollercoaster about the end of the world and loss that had me tearing up a few times.
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  • Life is Strange, several times.

  • Brothers: A tale of two sons. That game hit me hard. :sob: