Fire Emblem - A Huber Stream

  • I just stopped in the middle of the EZA podcast to bring this fervent petition, which I am sure has been voiced so many times already: I am absolutely dying for Huber to play through a Fire Emblem title. However, I sincerely believe it should be Path of Radiance. I know most folks are familiar with the 3DS iterations, and while amazing, I feel that PoR is the series' best. This also bypasses his handheld bias, as it is a Gamecube title. Also, many allies will have never seen that game before, due to its scarcity, and this would afford them the perfect chance to see this glorious entry. I would even mail them my personal copy of it would mean a stream. Although it does not have a "casual" option, Huber is adamantly against save-scumming anyway, preferring high stakes. Regardless, I know many of you want an Emblem stream. Please Help!

  • I completely agree with this! Path of Radiance has one of the best storylines in the series and it didn't rely on modern gimmicks or dlc to be a good game. By far it's the most enjoyable option and my favorite Fire Emblem title through and through. Awakening and Fates can't compare. I adamantly insist Huber does a playthrough.

  • If Huber is going to play any Fire Emblem game, it should be Fire Emblem on GBA as Hector

  • @Sieghardt That game is soooo good! I made myself a big Hector fridge magnet out of melting beads. Huber's just not overly keen on handhelds. I figure we should hook him with PoR first.

  • "Play through"? I think that's asking for too much. He's already doing a God of War series playthrough and he's only about halfway through Dragon Quest 8. Then you have to add on all the other stuff he has to do for EZA. As far as I'm aware Huber is not one of the full-timers on EZA either.
    I think you would either have to wait until like spring of next year at the earliest or settle for a single 1-2h stream, if at all.

  • @suplextrain Yes, I suppose it is too much, but I figured a suggestion wouldn't hurt. I've just heard Huber mention on multiple occasions how other Allies and fans have pushed for this, and Ben has brought it up before. If it ever were to come to fruition, I wanted them to at least consider PoR over Fates.

  • Perhaps "playthrough/stream" is a poor choice of words. I would just love him to give it a shot sometime, even if it's separate from a stream.

  • Huber should definitely do a Fire Emblem stream. Fire Emblem is my favorite series of all time, and I think it would be a good chance to get him hooked on a great series, even if he plays through the rest of the game(s) offline. Path of Radiance would be a great first game in the series to play. Relatable characters, compelling story, and solid Fire Emblem mechanics with the addition of the laguz. Please do it, Huber!