Are consuming experience media a waste of time?

  • @Haru17 Exactly. That's why we need a space elevator. I keep telling people and they're all "No, man, rockets are fine." Not if you want to expand into space it isn't. With a space elevator we could construct massive ships in orbit at a fraction of the cost of actually shooting the materials up there in a rocket. Also, elevators are like 93% less likely to explode.

  • I kinda understand your friend, there indeed is some excellent games/movies out there. Why limit yourself to just a few! But my gripe isn't really with replaying games, but my friends that limit themselves to just Wow, CS, Dota etc. Ofc they are free to do that, I've "wasted" my time playing all of these for many thousands of hours. But why not give a chance to more games, I want the industry to grow. More people buying different games is a good thing.

    But yeah I don't mind replaying games or watching movies again. I do it too. When they are good you notice new things the second time.