NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!

  • Yeah this is definitely the nicest non private forum I've ever been. Also NeoGAF only became popular because of insiders and people from the industry (used to) post there, but that's decreasing as well, most of them prefer reddit now.

  • I got accepted into GAF pretty quickly. Do you have a valid paid (non-free) email address? They have the email requirement and are heavy with the ban hammer to cut down on the amount of idiots/trash talking.

  • Banned

    Musou is just mad that they don't like his oppai loli panty quest games over there.
    Generally GAF is a neat place to talk about games, and they have a great community for playing them together as well.

  • I feel like it took me at least a month or maybe more to get my account activated.

    My biggest issue with the site is the number of users.. I feel like I'm just posting into the abyss. Its fun to read sometimes but I don't visit or post very often.

    Also - lol the OP is banned

  • I've posted every so often in the EZA thread (been some time now) but generally I just find threads go way too fast for me to ever consider commenting in them.

    I'll go there, read the OP and that's about it now.

  • The only attractions to NeoGAF are that it's usually the first place to report rumours and news, and they discuss everything under the sun. Otherwise, it's incredibly elitist and PC.

    Because they didn't make it clear until later on that you have to use a PAID email and not just an uncommon one, a policy which alienates MANY potential members, I called them out on being elitist after being denied entry. As a result, I'm now unable to register with ANY address.

  • I'm reporting all of you to the NeoGAF overlords.
    Just kidding. I don't have to. NeoGAF is everywhere!
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  • @RockDoctor I used a valid, paid email. Maybe my account request got lost in the abyss.

    Thanks for the insight, everyone. I wasn't sure if I did something wrong (maybe I did - who knows), but reading the responses here makes me think it's just a difficult place to get in to. I like the website, but if it's littered with eggshells, maybe it's not the place for me.

  • Gaf's great. It has it's fair shake of crazy policies and elitism, but it still is the best place to get juicy news and rumors. With how easy it is to get banned, it makes most people think before they post.

  • Banned

    @Oscillator Eh. I consider it similar to Something Awful. Paying/signing up with a paid email means your account has "weight". You dont act like the usual jackass you might on a free forum because there is now money on the line.

    SA has that same problem too. Shit moves too fast.

  • I will just leave this here to show what kind of people are on GAF

    "The harassment got so bad that one user on NeoGaf named omgfloofy made a post stating the following…

    “The number of times I saw people shit talking about Nikki’s twitter in here on top of people posting about her on Gizmodo that she has deleted her account due to the harassment she’s seen.
    “People tweeting at her that she’s a hateful fucker and to fucking kill herself.
    “Seriously, guys? This is what you want to do? You bitch and moan and whine about inciting harassment on women in gaming, and you take part in this kind of shit on her?”
    […] “maybe people here should take a moment – a good long fucking moment – to look in the mirror before they start judging other people”

    As pointed out by Twitter user Jason Miller, the user was banned for objecting to NeoGaf engaging in groupthink harassment toward someone supporting #GamerGate."

  • @Musou-Tensei
    That's pretty disingenuous. I've been in that thread since it started and "NeoGAF" was not harassing anyone, and if being against racism is "groupthink" then I certainly hope this forum is also full of it.

  • I gave a link, you give me your word.

  • @Musou-Tensei

    So, I'm glad you editied your original post, that I flagged - which was "Go fuck yourself"

    Here's my link - I'm currently on page 62. I welcome you to catch up.

    Nobody that I've seen so far is inciting harassment in that thread, they are calling out a racist, for funding a racist political and reddit campaign, and reposting racist, Islamophobic, and hateful things his girlfriend said on twitter. They are hoping Facebook does the right thing and separates themselves and Oculus from him. They are not calling for violence or abuse that I have seen.

  • After 5 pages full of this inhumane hatred I feel rather sick, I don't think I will survive 60 more of that garbage, sorry.

  • @Musou-Tensei

    "inhumane hatred"
    ok, I'm gonna use my prove-it ticket.

    Point out to me, in the first five pages - some inhumane hatred directed at Luckey or his gf. I'm not seeing it.

  • To me most of it, but with everything else that exists, what one feels is inhumane hatred could be not to others,

    Page 10 now and I'm going to blow my melon off, Gaf is as horrible as I remember, fuck these disgusting people, I'm proud that I'm not part of them, I'm done.

  • @Musou-Tensei Ok, so nothing factual then, just you not liking GAF. They didn't actually incite any harassment and there's been no proof provided that anyone participating in that thread on GAF tweeted any harassment at Luckey's GF.

    I can understand not liking the tone of discourse on GAF, but that's what's disingenuous about your original post. You're letting your personal feelings of distaste for the tone of the conversation, sway you into believing that they did something they did not do. I am a firsthand witness refuting your assertion and provided you with proof - you just choose not to address it. Nothing I've seen on that thread is inciting the harassment of Palmer Luckey's GF.

  • @TokyoSlim This post is literally on page 5. I can see know other reason for this post except for the purpose of shaming her for her opinions and her relation with Palmer. Also I see people saying anyone who supports Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

  • Have you read the article I linked, they show some of the posts from that thread, now admittedly no one went all Leslie Jones and explicitly told others to "GET HER!" but you can't deny that posting her Twitter link on Gaf and the following harassment is a pure coincidence, come on, you can't be that naive.^tfw