NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!

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    Shame her? That's kind of a stretch.
    First off, the post is about Palmer Luckey and his unfortunate association with racists and bigots that has recently come to light, not about inciting anything at his gf.

    Secondly, she posted racist/xenophobic/Islamophobic tweets, many of which Palmer Luckey then retweeted, a few if which then were reposted by this user. That's not inhumane hatred. That's reposting her own words to expose her bigotry.

    I'm pretty sure neither one are ashamed of it. Also, please spell out what harassment is being incited in this post? I see nobody calling for her to be SWATTED or anyone to go troll her on social media. No incitement.

    And Donald Trump is running for president on a campaign of racism and xenophobia. He retweets white power memes. He has been sued and lost multiple times for his racially discriminatory business practices. This is all common knowledge. If you support him, you are supporting racism, whether you are personally a racist or not. That's a pretty fine line to pick nits at.

  • @Musou-Tensei

    I've seen no evidence yet that anyone from NeoGAF has tweeted harassment at her. no. And speculation that if there was it was caused by NeoGAF users are not supported by anything but circumstantial evidence and maybe your own bias against NeoGAF, unless you can tie usernames together. People have been critical of Luckey's retweeting of her racist and xenophobic tweets for a while now. It's just that he shined a much bigger spotlight on himself about these issues now and it's gotten him in trouble.

    I'm of the opinion that the "timing" of her shutting off her twitter account is likely more about corporate damage control on that part of Palmer Luckey than it is about anyone calling her a racist on twitter. Many people have criticized her on twitter for her stances before and she didn't immediately start deleting her offensive tweets, and then decide to nuke her whole account when she realized how many there were.

    So far the only thing I've seen NeoGAF incite is a boycott of Oculus until Luckey is fired. That's neither inhumane, or abusive. I'd rather not give money to a guy like Luckey either.

  • My response was to you asking for Musou Tensei some inhuman hatred directed to Palmer or his girlfriend. The tweet itself may not qualify as inhuman hatred since that is something completely subjective, but linking to her tweets like that more than likely encouraged some posters in the thread to hop on the twitter hate train. As for the content of the tweets themselves she may have tweeted some that a racist, but I'd disagree that the ones linked are racist. With the most arguable one being the one about Islamic immigration. But that's another discussion for another day . And I think most people would agree that this thread is already derailed enough and is liable to head for a shit storm. So I'll probably bug out of this conversation. I typically don't like to get involved in shit that can be political

  • @JNT11593

    Sorry, showing support for the guy who's ACTUALLY inciting racist and bigoted harassment, hacking, and etc with the #freemilo tweet isn't racist?
    Again, I don't draw a fine line against people who set out to lynch someone personally, and the people egging them on to lynch someone. I think both are racists. I wonder what Leslie Jones would think about that.

  • Are you really that naive to believe that not a single person from Gaf could possibly tweeted at her?

  • @Musou-Tensei said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    Are you really that naive to believe that not a single person from Gaf could possibly tweeted at her?

    Your original point was that NeoGAF incited and caused harassment. I dispute this as there is no evidence to support that.
    Do I think it's possible that someone from NeoGAF also possibly tweeted her? Sure. It's also possible someone from Easy Allies tweeted her. There's a lot of overlap between GAF and EA. But there was no groupthink harassment incited on anyone. There were people calling other people racists, with evidence supplied that they are racists and have said racist things in a public forum. This is not harassment, this is exposing racism.

  • Oh I feel like saying that even though it's even more off topic but also very important to me, I like keeping feelings in the threads they were created in. Like for example if I ever post codes in the give away thread again and you want to snag it, don't be shy to tell me you did (so I can delete it and won't waste other people's time with used codes), I will not be mad or something (well, not more than I'm naturally am).

  • @TokyoSlim said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    @Musou-Tensei said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    Are you really that naive to believe that not a single person from Gaf could possibly tweeted at her?

    Your original point was that NeoGAF incited and caused harassment.

    I never said that, my words were "I will just leave this here to show what kind of people are on GAF" and posted an excerpt of the article I linked, which is titled "Gizmodo Incites Harassment On Female #GamerGate Supporter, Forces Her Off Twitter", but the article also points out that gaffers are joining in on that.
    And you can't deny that omgfloofy was unrightfully banned, which let's me assume that some mod, who possibly participated, got butthurt.

  • Just so we're clear - I'd rather have this discussion than your original "go fuck yourself" post to me. I reported that post because, frankly - it was rude and was not conducive to discussion or furthering understanding. I'm glad we talked, and even though I think you're bias against GAF is a tiny bit irrational. Considering that a lot of GAFfers are also Allies. I feel like condemning "the people over there" may be counterproductive, since many times, as in my case - you're sitting here talking to one of the people over there.

    I'm not mad at you or anything.

  • @Musou-Tensei said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    "Gizmodo Incites Harassment On Female #GamerGate Supporter, Forces Her Off Twitter", but the article also points out that gaffers are joining in on that.<

    And I'm asking you to show me where, on NeoGAF or on Twitter, Gaffers joined in with Gizmodo in inciting harassment.
    I don't think it happened. Being critical of racism is not inciting harassment. None of the pictures of GAF in your link show that it incited or joined in with harassment.

  • Tbh I was half asleep and thought I'm still on Nichegamer Forum (which is pretty much the opposite of Gaf in terms of censorship) and when I came back from the toilet and looked at the screen I was like "oh shit".

    Also you just said "Do I think it's possible that someone from NeoGAF also possibly tweeted her? Sure." But now you're going back to "Gaffers dindu nuffin", please stop the flip flopping.

  • @TokyoSlim No? I mean I'll admit I'm lacking context especially in regards to the milo thing as I don't get on twitter, and especially don't keep up with the shit storms that come and go. But just because you defend someone does not mean you share their values or beliefs. So while it is entirely possible Palmers girlfriend might be racist. I don't feel like I could discern that the 3 tweets that I've actually seen. And if it looks like I'm being some sort of racist apologist that is not the intent. I feel like I've never being good at getting my points across in a concise manner. So some of my points may have come across as shittier than intended.

  • @Musou-Tensei Not flip flopping. I'm asking you to prove your statement that people in that thread joined in with Gizmodo in inciting harassment against Palmer Luckey's girlfriend. It's a simple request. You made the statement.

    I don't believe it happened. Is it out of the realm of possibility? No, but I'm not the one making blanket statements on potential possibilities as if it was a fact. That's you. :)

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    @TokyoSlim No? I mean I'll admit I'm lacking context especially in regards to the milo thing as I don't get on twitter

  • @TokyoSlim thanks for the link.

  • @TokyoSlim Do you truly believe that not a single person on that thread or maybe even only reading it used on of the many links provided (not saying with the intention to send hate towards her) to tweet at her? Of course no one will post there stuff like "I'm gonna harass her now", you would have to be the biggest moron to do that. It's virtually impossible to accurately link users and tweets without spending hours on that terrible place, only on the possibility that people there have the same username on twitter or their profiles linked somewhere.

    Different question though, will you boycott Mass Effect Andromeda for the racist comments and harassment towards the devs of Mankind Devided from one of their developers, and how BioWare is doing nothing against it?
    Youtube Video

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    @Oscillator Eh. I consider it similar to Something Awful. Paying/signing up with a paid email means your account has "weight". You dont act like the usual jackass you might on a free forum because there is now money on the line.

    SA has that same problem too. Shit moves too fast.

    There's a big difference between NeoGAF's and SA's registration restrictions. All you need to sign up for SA is money, and if you get banned, you can buy another account. As a result, SA is flooded with trolls.

    NeoGAF requires an ISP, educational, or work address, meaning if you're unemployed and don't go to college, and they blacklist your ISP address, you're not getting in.

    P.S. Somebody started a thread on NeoGAF just to say that people should stop using the word "gyp". It wouldn't surprise me if they use communist-style harassment tactics.

  • Hell is a gyp? I googled it and none of the results seem even remotely offensive, some sort of bird, shortcuts for several companies and such worldwide, name of a school, a software, hell there is even a Gyp tv website which is like a german local version of Youtube for highschoolers... wat?

  • @Musou-Tensei According to Urban Dictionary, it's "a ripoff; something that is not worth what your are giving for it; refering to gypsies who make their living off of swindling others."

    In short, not really that big a deal.

    Honestly though, I don't think I'd be welcome at NeoGaf. (made an account a good few years ago, never actually used it as by the time I got approved I lost interest) Someone who's unafraid to speak his mind, and judging by screenshots of posts I've seen I've got some opinions that would likely give me the boot. (and that's without going into the 'potentially offensive to some' stuff)

  • Oooh, juicy! The topic this thread has migrated to interests me a hell of a lot more than the title topic, so I'm just going to continue on with that. Don't ban me, bro.

    After reading through this thread, that thread, and a bunch of links, this whole discussion is pretty damn transparent if you look at it: it's a product of the cultural divide. (I assume the rest of you are Americans? And even if that's not the case there are other binding ties that connect western politics.)

    • Conservative, anti-"censorship," gamergate.

    • Progressive, NeoGAF, anti-discrimination, and, well... me.

    People are basically never as ignorant as they let on—that ignorance even existing is a lie perpetrated by the thin characters in pop culture. Everyone is affected by their social environment, everyone is biased. Everyone knows what they align with implicitly, if not consciously. Some people jump to condemning the alleged racist, others rush to his or her defense.

    You'll note that the former of the two positions lies on the left of this left/right political views chart, where the focus is on the community which is weakened by discrimination. The second position would fall towards the right, which is more concerned with the individual, preferring that their discriminatory intent be proven more rigorously before they are condemned.

    Now, of course not everyone lines up perfectly with these philosophies (The Impure), there are complexities in real life of course, but even these half-way sorts tend toward one side or the other.

    But as far as "NeoGAF incites harassment of women" goes, conservatives have been trying to prove "liberal hypocrisy" forever. Absolutely For. Ev. Er. Taking Hillary Clinton as an example of this, back when Bill was running for president they said she was sexist when she was quoted speaking dismissively of stay at home mothers, and much more recently Trump and Trump surrogates have accused her of destroying all of the women in her way, or something to that effect. Not to focus on Clinton the individual too much, the intent is clear: paint the feminist as a sexist and you defeat that philosophy in one fell swoop.

    That's why you see some people in this thread (and, indeed, the backwater news sites they're linking) reaching for straws to prove this hypothetical hypocrisy. They're all the more desperate for it because they've never been able to do it before. It's a real life fanfiction seeking an empirical anecdote. A conclusion seeking a proof.