NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!

  • edit: Nevermind, I apologize.

  • @Budi said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    He is a hateful little man.

    Did you just assume my gender? :O

  • Do we really have people in this thread unironically using SJW and gaffer as an insult to mimic someone who is being to "PC"? Come on, I thought we were better than that. Don't reduce yourselves to that kind of internet crowd.

    In any case, calling GAF vile and disgusting is LOL to me

    Not to mention they don't ban the discussion of Criminal Girls. Hell, I'll go make a thread talking about it right now

  • @Musou-Tensei you got me! That's what I apologized. Should have used they instead of he.

    Edit: Back on the topic again. I don't mind the moderation in Gaf at all. I think people can still share their views there when it's not clearly hateful or offensive. And shitposting like "who cares?" in certain topics should be banned, since it's all it is a shitpost. People are talking about something so clearly they care. Why go in a topic if that poster doesn't care. Let others have their discussion or join it.

  • I'm gonna blog on Tumblr about that >_<

  • @Musou-Tensei almost funny, you are getting there. Keep on trying. :)

  • Please keep this little spat to PM.

    Final warning. Stay on topic.

    edit: Just so we're clear, I don't care who started it.

  • Just to give an example how one can even defend Trump rally there. There was a topic about how Laura Ingraham allegedly made a nazi salute. It was a great picture taken at a right time. But when looking at the actual video of it, it shows that she was just greeting the crowd and her hand continued from the "salute" to another motion. She wasn't givin a nazi salute, but some posters really believed so. I was one of the many to call the posters out on it, even moderator stepped in to say that people are grasping at straws.

    So it's not really that one sided forum. It takes a stand on hate speech sure.

  • @Sieghardt said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:

    to describe a person with the noun Gyp refers to Gypsies, this comes from the word egypt

    the verb to gyp someone doesnt, it comes from the latin gyps which means vulture

    I can find no reference to the verb being of Latin origin. The word vulture comes directly from Latin, and the Latin word gypsum comes from the Greek word for plaster.γύψος

    Multiple online dictionaries say that to gyp, meaning to swindle, probably comes from Gypsy, in reference to the perception of them being thieves. Gypsy, in turn, comes from Egyptian, as they were originally mistaken for Egyptians (they actually come from India).

  • Regardless of the whole NeoGAF issue, I think we can all agree that Luckey's pseudonym (or proxy, shadow clone, or whatever) is pretty lame.

    "NimbleRichMan?" Really?

    I'm a nerd and I don't name my accounts "KawaiiProletariat669." I mean come on!

  • @ObbyDent well actually,
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    Nope, get your loli porn elsewhere.

    Criminal Girls topic 2 was closed. But yeah, the game to my knowlegde is highly sexual in content. And it has characters with very childlike features, sure the game doesn't state them to be underage but ofcourse it won't. They probably are 1000 year old dragons or something. I really can't get up and arms about game like this, sure it has right to exist. But different communities have the right to condemn it for it's borderline illegal content. Yes in some countries depicting sexualized children even when drawn is considered illegal. And Neogaf isn't government banning or altering discussion, so censorship and freedom of speech cards don't work here.

    And really, if someone is surprised and confused why in the world would someone find a game like this inapproriate. I worry for them and everyone around them. You can like it if you do, but you should also see why others condemn it. And no, Criminal Girls isn't art.

    And there was a time when there was meme going for pedogaf. Wouldn't everyone rather be associated with "SJW" than a pedophile.

  • @Sieghardt said in NeoGaf's EZA thread. I want to comment!:


    I doubt that a term meaning to swindle is taken from a scientific name.

    Do you have a source that contradicts the common dictionary-listed word origin?