Sending the Easy Allies around the world! (Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show etc.)

  • During the final words of today's E3 cast Brandon mentioned maybe sending one of the Allies to Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show (Ben's reaction was priceless). With the current Patreon and Twitch income they could probably afford to send at least one of them to these places. However, wouldn't it be great to send two or maybe three (or more) Allies? I for one would love to see a bunch of Allies coming over to Europe for Gamescom (the European EZA community is quite big) and sending all manga/JRPG maniacs to Tokyo.

    So here's what I thought: Like most of you I support the allies monthly trough Patreon. However I wouldn't mind providing some extra funding every once in a while (trough gofundme or something similar) to allow more allies to travel to events around the world. What do you all think? Should we start an EZA travel fund?

  • This is probably something that we should leave to Brandon and the team. They know what they want or need. I just hope they are not humble enough to not ask for stuff when they want or need it ;)

  • Ofcourse! I thought of it more like an add-on to Patreon/Twitch funds. Because while patreon is great for the long term/steady income its a bit wonky for short term 'single investment' goals. Another possibility could be donating trough Twitch but I'm not sure that is available yet.

  • My plan is to go to TGS when the Rugby World Cup is in Japan, two birds one stone.

  • If they go to Gamescom or PGW I'd definitely save some money to go as well. It would be awesome to see them here in Europe. :grin:

  • If someone from EZA goes to Gamescom and there will be some sort of EZA EU gathering, then I'll definitely jump in. But we should seek conformation with Brandon first. Maybe we can hint it at Toybox tuesday.

  • i would happily help sending Ben to japan

  • I think this has already been said, but the EZA team should decide where the funds we give them goes. They are the creators, and it would be limiting their talent if we said "Oh here is our money, but you can only use it for this". Doesn't sit right with me.

  • As a Tokyo resident, I would absolutely love, LOVE for a chance to meet up with Ben or any other ally at Tokyo Game Show. Travelling to Japan is definitely expensive though, but it would be cool if they could make it happen.

  • If Ben and any others go to Japan I demand holiday videos be posted to the EZA YouTube account!

  • Fully agree that the EZA crew should decide how to spend the funding they receive.

    If they're reading this, however, I would hope that they see that there are allies out there who would help out with one-time funding for special events like E3, TGS or Gamescom.

    Who knows, they might also go down the sponsored route where some of their expenses are covered and they provide some ad space at the beginning of their Youtube videos.

  • Sooo, Selfconfessedcynic brought up the topic of the Allies traveling to TSG with extra funding in the Easy Allies Patron Q&A June video (12:30). They were a bit reserved on asking more funds ("feels gross to ask for more") for traveling but they were definitely not opposed to the idea. Brandon finished with saying: "It sounds like what people want, maybe we can just see the fan sentiment and see how many people are cheering for this".

    So if we want to see a full on noodle and broth Frame Trap from an actual Tokyo ramen shop; Don getting his Pachinko on in a Japanese casino; Ben vs Japan playing SF5 in an arcade and Brandon on an epic toys/loot hunt in Akihabara, then lets get ourselves heard!

  • I'm heading to TGS again this year and I would LOVE to run into one of them at the show. It would be so cool! Hope they end up sending someone over here :smiley:

  • I honestly wouldn't even care about TGS, I'd just love to send Ben to Japan with a camera on the condition that he vlogs for a week. It'd make for some fantastic videos!

    I can understand their reluctance towards it though when not everyone is full time and they haven't acquired more important things like their studio but I'd still really love it.

    The first step is probably to determine the cost of such a trip, how many would travel and for how long. If they can do it for a couple of thousand it might really be good value for the channel.

  • This is all hypothetical but let's go crazy for a bit (rambling included):

    TGS is from September 15th to 18th (Thursday - Sunday). Add a few days before or after that to be in Tokyo and produce some content (Akihabara is calling!), one might consider 12th-19th.

    Flights are about USD 550 to USD 600 for above dates right now, both non-stop or 1-stops with plenty of airline choices.

    Hotels are more of a challenge for an event such as TGS. For above dates you can't get anything that is close to the exhibition centre anymore. Any hotel one would choose should then be close to a major transit hub so that the journey is kept to 1h max one-way. Shinjuku or Ueno areas might work well for the exhibition dates, as well as the remainder of the trip. Both have hotels like APA, DormyInn or Mystays that are reasonable between 100'000 and 150'000 Yen for the total stay (USD 950 - USD 1450, depending on exchange rate).

    Just for this example, let's use the Gracery hotel in Shinjuku at 102'000 Yen for the full stay in a single room (USD 1'000). If you break down a double room into per person pricing you can end up with 80'000 Yen per person sharing but we'll skip that to get to a higher end of the price range.

    So we're at USD 1'600 per person for flight, hotel, breakfast, and taxes; basically everything to get someone to Tokyo and have a roof over your head.

    Add USD 15 per day for transportation (24h Tokyo Tour Ticket, USD 105) and USD 50 per day for meals (USD 350 total).

    Now we're at roughly USD 2'100 per person for such a trip. To be fair, the EZA team very likely did the math on this already.

    This excludes any possible new equipment that might be needed to produce on the road. While Tokyo itself is not in high season right now it's still a major event for the city and the longer one waits, the more hotels will be sold out. It's also a question of which cost should be covered by such a fund raiser: should it be just flight and hotel or everything? What would one do with a fundraiser that achieves USD 6'000, as this covers USD 5'200 for two people ... what to do with the USD 800 extra?

    With all of that out of the way, I'm still on board to pay into a one-time Patreon or any other form of collection for such a trip. Given the interest in Tokyo and what it has to offer for gaming, gaming and anime culture, I think it would be great for EZA to do this and plenty of us fans would enjoy their take on the city.

    If it "feels gross to ask for more", you might be right. To a few people this might feel strange, even though they would undoubtedly enjoy your content from TGS - or any other event for that matter. However, as a community funded gaming channel EZA would probably do this eventually anyway. Personally I don't view EZA as a new crew who happens to have a successful Patreon. To me EZA shows that we get a lot for our money, including integrity that it is used well. This carries over to any one-time events and because of your history of content with GT and now with EZA I have no doubt that it would be money well spent. Just my two cents.

    tl;dr: it would cost USD 2'100 per ally to go to TGS and I think they shouldn't worry about doing one-time fund raisers

    edit: Brandon at Tokyo Disneyland would also be awesome :D

  • @Griffin Don't forget they have to get insurance for all their gear and themselves as well, but that is probably peanuts compared to the transportation/hotel cost

  • @TheHashtag0nist That's true. Personal travel insurance is often already included with credit cards, so that might not generate extra cost. Different story for their gear, absolutely.

  • @Griffin That being said, i'd donate some money to send Ben to Japan