The Top 100 Videogames ever! (Send me your list! Deadline Oct. 10th)

  • Heyho fellow Allies!

    Inspired by Jones in his last Cup of Jones and his story about the "Top 100 Games" list that never happend, i wanted to ask if you are interested in a little project to compile such a list.

    So how is this going to work:

    1. Everybody who wants to participate, sends me list of their Top 30 games of all time via E-Mail to! Please don't post your lists in the Thread!!!
    Every position on your list gets points: #1 gets 30 points, #2 gets 29, #3 gets 28....... until #30 which gets 1 point. (Please put your EZA Nickname into the Email so i can assign them easier later for the presentation)

    There are no restrictions, every Videogame ever is voteable! The only thing that is important is: Please be as precise as you can when it comes to the game titles!!

    2. After ~2 Weeks i will gather all the lists, count the positions, and calculate the final countdown.

    After that i present the full countdown here with a little presentation, where i will post some information about the game and who ranked it! Here a little example of how that would look like:

    alt text
    100. Knack (2013) - 43 Points - 3 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 User XY

    Developer: SCE Japan Studio
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Platformer, beat 'em up
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4

    Knack is a third-person brawler featuring a protagonist that was assembled by a doctor from ancient relics. The creature is made up out of a large amount of independent parts tied together. The story describes how a species called Goblins led by Gundahar attack mankind. Knack joins the industrialist Viktor to fend off the Goblins, working together with security robots. The game generally presents a series of arenas linked together where Knack has to fight off opponents to progress. He attacks with his arms, performing combos and he can also jump and dodge.

    Other Votes: User AB (6.), User CD (8.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    I've done multiple of these kinds of projects over the years so i'm expierenced enough to pull it off, with your help of course! ;)
    So what do you think? Is there interest for this kind of project? I would be very happy to do it! :)

    If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please post them here!

  • Lists send (41 so far)

    • Exist 2 Inspire
    • MCRMJ
    • Brannox
    • Nillend
    • jsackel
    • tokeeffe9
    • divinity
    • Bard91
    • Tokyo Slim
    • Billy
    • Faaip
    • FF7Cloud
    • Musou Tensei
    • Ringedwithtile
    • SabotageTheTruth
    • Brandon_Reister
    • Inustar
    • naltmank
    • jipostus
    • Browarr
    • MiserablePerson
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    • Oscillator
    • TechnoRage1127
    • Sentinel Beach
    • Lotias
    • Haru17
    • Sieghardt
    • Tearju Engi
    • Karu
    • Sheria
    • blakynt
    • DeweyDecibel
    • Alex840
    • Demmue
    • Axel
    • BlazingBahamut
    • NCartwright15
    • DanteThePyro
    • Dogtype
    • Hero of Lime

  • I'm down! Do you have any franchise rules/preferences? For example, could I list Pokemon as a franchise, or must it be a single game? Can I list multiple games from the same franchise, or should I keep it down to just one? Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  • I would like to have the individual games, how many games of a single franchise you put in your list is your thing though! (For example all of your 30 games could be Mario games)

    Pokemon is kind of a special case, i could put games of one generation as one placement (for example Blue,Red and Yellow count as one) or i could count them all individual. But in any case i don't want to put in whole franchises!

  • This sounds like a wonderful idea, although it seems like a lot of work for you!
    So do you have any intentions as to how we compile our lists? Do you want our personal 30 favorites, or ones we believe would be top 30 for the entire gaming community?

  • Don't worry, like i said i did a lot of those lists in the past few years so i know what kind of work it is!^^

    I want your personal favorites! The 30 best games you ever played so to speak! :D

  • Uu, this is a great idea! Really. Hopefully as many users as possible decide to take part in this. It would make the list better with every new member adding their votes.

    Thanks already in advance for doing this!

  • I'm going to tip my hand here and say that it was me that asked that question in Cup of Jones (So if you wanna know my name, there ya go ;-) ) I absolutely LOVE ideas and discussions such as these (Which is why I asked Mr. Jones the question in the first place). So I'm all about this. Give me some time, and I should have my list to you sometime today. And thanks for doing this! I hope to see a few of my favorites, but I'm SUPER excited to see what the communal list looks like! I'm getting HYPED just typing right now! This is going to be AWESOME!

  • Are you sure with a whooping 30 titles per user? Wouldn't 10 be enough?

  • This sounds pretty cool, we'll have a semi-official EZA forums top 100 list!

    I'm horrible at ranking things and I'm not even sure I can come up with 30 games but I'll give it a shot!

  • No, 10 is far too less! I really don't want to to post like 10-20 games that received only one or two points or so! And we are talking about the best games ever, over 30 years of Videogames to choose from, 30 games should be doeable i think!

  • I agree, 10 is way too few. 30 on the other hand is a pretty big number, I agree with that as well, but I much more would like to go with that number, if I had to choose here.

  • Just sent off my list! Can't wait to see the results!

  • Well as a compromise we could say that everybody who can't make a full 30 games list, can send in a list with at least 20 games. The points would be the same, you would only lose the last 10 points (for the games 21-30) so to speak. And if you have a list with like 24 games or so that's fine too!

    So minimum for a entry 20 games, maximum 30! What do you guys think!?

    EDIT: Three lists already in! :D

  • Sent mine :thumbsup:

  • Global Moderator

    This is awesome! I will try and send mine as fast as possible! I really got a hard time ranking my games though haha! But I will do my best!

  • I think this is a really cool idea, and I'll definitely send in my list sometime next week. I'm not at all happy with the amount of 'great' games I've played, but I'll have 30 for sure.

    I do have a concern about scoring, however. I like that someone's #1 will get more representation than someone's #30, making the ranking of these lists important, but I feel it's too drastic a differential. I'm not comfortable with my #30 having 30 times less the amount of representation of my #1. You could feasibly have the same game on every person's list, and still have it miss the top 100 in favor of something that only showed up on one or two lists.

    I'd like to suggest adding some points to every value, so that #30 starts at something like 10 or 20 points and increases incrementally to #1.

  • Just sent mine

  • List has been sent

  • See my problem isntt that I can't fill a list of 30, more the opposite, I played 100s of games and it's kinda difficult to me to make such a list, especially because I'm never satisfied with such lists.
    Also I'm feeling on not listing some games I know I'll most probably be the only one anyway, mainly my beloved Touhou games.

    Anyway this will take me a while, expect my list in a couple of days.