The Top 100 Videogames ever! (Send me your list! Deadline Oct. 10th)

  • I'm already not satisfied anymore with the list I sent, lol.

  • @Musou-Tensei well voting is still open, you can still change your list if you want.

  • Nah it's alright, allow that once I send you 10 more mails, lol.

  • That was hard, less so because I had trouble whittling it down, but more because I can't really reason with myself that most of my favorite games are among the "best ever." Still had fun doing it, though. Thanks again for putting this all together!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Do you have a dead line for this, some date? Or a certain number of users -> no more votes, once 50 people have given them? You could mention about this here. (Even if it's the two weeks, that was the first thing that came to your mind.)

    And would it be useful to keep a running list of the user(name)s that are officially on the list? People would know that their lists went through to you, and the overall scale would be apparent for all.

    Still working on mine.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Good suggestions! The deadline is October 10th (no max amount of lists, i want all i can get!^^) and i will add a list of users who submitted a list in the second post of the thread!

    EDIT: Updated the second post!

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    Im just thinking how do people rank games? do they throw in 30 game they think are candidates, then sort them? or do you have like a top 10 you really know and go from there? Im really struggling towards the lower places to see which goes over another

  • Just submitted mine. Wasn't too hard to make, although few titles can be swapped at anyday, because my favorite games list alternates constantly, though that list I made reflects most of the stuff I play. Anyhow, Thanks @Exist-2-Inspire for making this! L&R!

  • @Lotias I kind of did a top 10, then second tier 10, etc instead of looking at it as 30. That helped me think about the positions and organization and then I did all the tweaking and switching things out (almost forgot Half Life 2).. thats when it got tough

  • @Lotias I know my top 10 per heart, but I have to admit that the lower tier wasn't easy. Just for the fact that I didn't play enough great games (most of the time (I guess like everyone) I play good games but not great ones). I just ranked them from the amount of good vibes I got from the game, the time spend and the replay value of the game (simple question: Could I play the game right now ? If the answer is yes, it is a good sign :) ).

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Have you had any trouble with the lists, have all the nominated games been clear to you? Have people given you any links together with the names?

    I mean, for instance, I've got here Spider-Man, simply so titled, a big favourite from my pre-teen years. I'm thinking: should I give you a Wikipedia link, tell it's from Neversoft, on PS1 etc.?

    And another thing:
    Some games have different titles in different parts of the world. You need to stay sharp not to count points for two different games in cases like those.

    I went though my gaming history and got 43 games together that I've enjoyed the most. Now it's a painful process to kill a few of them! The top 10 is still quite clear already, I think.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I had no problems so far, if i have any questions i ask the person that send the list directly! You can include the console or even the wiki link to make it easier for me if you want, it's appreciated but not necessary!^^

  • @Lotias I just started to write a list of games I loved and then organized it. The top 10 was pretty easy, but after that it was harder to explain why one game was 15 and another was 25.

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in The Top 100 Videogames ever! (Send me your list! Deadline Oct. 10th):

    And another thing:
    Some games have different titles in different parts of the world. You need to stay sharp not to count points for two different games in cases like those.

    I know one game I put on my list was Bust a Move. I just put both names to make it clear which I meant. Doom also made it on the list and I just specified that I meant the original.

  • @Inustar I picked Ultimate Doom. So Doombros!

  • I chose DOOM as well, but in order to differentiate, I used the year. I did that for a couple of other games too...

  • Fun, great idea @Exist-2-Inspire.

    Just wanted to say my list will only include games I've played, so as a result will leave out a lot of classics that I have simply never gotten around to. Hard for me to place something in a list, when I have never actually played around with it.

    Excited to see how this turns out.

  • @MiserablePerson That's the point, please only include games you played and consider the best!^^

  • Really cool initiative @Exist-2-Inspire !

    I have 2 questions:

    • How about compilations? Can I pick Metroid Prime Trilogy or should I pick each game separately? I would assume separately but just checking.
    • How about remasters/remakes? Something like Chrono Trigger had a slightly improved version on the DS, but is 99% the same game, so I would assume they count as one. But something like Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes differs quite a lot from the original, would you count those as 2 separate games?

    I just started writing games down off the top of my head and I'm at 73, this is gonna take a while! :D

  • @Axel

    1. Yes seperately would be better
    2. Simple remasters are the same as the og game, one others it really depends, i'm going to treat Pokemons of the same Gen. or P4 / P4 Golden as one, i'm not sure about MGS, never played Twin Snakes!