What Was Your First Game?

  • Mortal Kombat or Rayman, but I don't remember what I played them on.

  • My sisters had a few games for the PC and genesis by the time I was born. The first game i played was probably sonic the hedgehog or Aladdin for the genesis.

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    That looks like something I would have loved to have played as a kid. Sorta terrifying too.

  • mario duck hunt it the lion king tiger handheld

  • I definitely can't pick only one game (for obvious reasons) but I know among my first games there is Viper Racing and Montezuma's Return, both on PC. There is nothing to care about Viper Racing but sure Montezuma's Return has its unique mood and is still (at least for me) playable.

  • The earliest games i can remember playing are Pokemon Yellow, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer and Super Mario 64! Pretty unsurprising seeing as they were all (and still are) popular games :')

  • I had an odd order to my gaming. I started on Kings Quest V, and THEN went to Mario on the NES.

  • @Inustar

    Game and Watch, early Nintendo handheld games using LCD screens, similar to a calculator or digital watch.

    Gunpei Yokoi was a fucking dude.

  • We had a family NES, so that technically is first, but one of my earlier fond memories is watching my cousin play Megaman X while I was supposed to be sleeping.

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    @flower_arrangement I had a similar one a a kid! :D even though for me it was a burning house and you controlled firemen with a bouncy mat and put them all in an ambulance :D

  • My dad won a Gameboy with Tetris and Dr Mario in a company raffle right before I was born. I eventually found it buried in his desk drawer. Thus, a legend was born.

  • @flower_arrangement Such an underappreciated genius and innovator in the medium. Gone far too soon.

  • Super Mario Bros. my grandma would keep falling in a pit and apparently i got the controller from her and after a few attemps i managed to jump over. I was 2.

  • I was about 3/4 years old and it was between two games:

    • Mortal Kombat II on Commodore Amiga 500

    • Paperboy on Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    The former is definitely the better of the two.

  • I'm pretty sure it was either Mahjong or King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown on my grandparent's PC. They lived in a house out in cottage country so we'd visit once or twice a year and I can remember them getting a little frustrated with me that I was always bugging them to turn the computer on for me so I could play, rather than play outside.

  • Super Mario Bros on NES. My mom liked playing it, and I was content to just watch. Then she passed me the controller on World 4-1, where the Lakitu's chuck Spinies with impunity. My 3-year old self was so devastated I went and cried, but I kept coming back. Donkey Kong Country was given to me on my 4th birthday, and that was the first game I cleared.

  • "Full Tilt! Pinball" on Windows 95.

    I remember waking up and walking down the hall to see everyone at a computer playing the old pinball game.

    My parents have informed me I was around 3-4 when this happened. Still is clear as day to me. #PCFROMBIRTH

  • My first gaming machine was the Nintendo 64. My dad got one for us when I was five or six. But from what I remember, he didn't know there was no game with it. At blockbuster, we rented two games, I think at different times. And we were big into Star Wars at the time, so there was Pod Racer and Shadows of the Empire. I can't remember which exactly came first but I'm leaning towards SotE ^ ^

  • While I may have had the chance to try a game or two before it, I can't remember anything prior to Microdeal's "Goldrunner" which was bought with our Atari ST when I was six years old. It's a fairly bog standard vertically scrolling shooter which, to be honest, wouldn't win any awards. My next game, "Black Lamp" was much better, but Goldrunner will always stick with me as being my first.