Darkest Dungeon (PC/PS4/Vita)

  • @Galaxy40k
    Awesome, yeah I love the vibe of this game and how the art and narrator complement that Lovecraft style. I also really like how the hero's in this game are grounded, in that, weird shit freaks them out and can even make them crazy. I know where talking video games here but I wish more games were a little bit more grounded in that the characters can kinda be like, this is some really crazy shit that's happening to me or, man I've killed so many people. Most games the heros are just not effected at all by what they are doing.

  • @TheMarcV Steam says 93 hours, so I'm not quite up to 100 yet, but I recommend it.

    @suplextrain The devs have really stuck around and added tons, tweaked tons, jazzed up the interfaces, fixed things players hated, added options to allow players to enable and disable new features they may or may not like, etc. It's a way different game than it was when it first came out in Early Access. There's lots of new hero classes too.

    @Ikataishou I'll admit that does get annoying. It's for balanced reasons. Honestly you're never supposed to feel completely comfortable, and once units get leveled up skills and armor/weapons they're very broken in lower level areas. The game is actually balanced so you can survive to some level if you're smart on higher difficulty expeditions even if your guys aren't as upgraded as they should be. You do have to think in squads at some point though and plan around who's what level now and such. Leveling up your barracks to have more units available at a time helps ease the pain of it. Also, you will start to accumulate powerful trinkets that will make even your brand new recruits super strong in the low level expeditions.

    My biggest advice to anyone finally picking this up is to read the message you get when you first start the game. That will put you in the right mindset. Don't rage when things don't go your way. There will be times they wont, but there will also be times against all odds you'll pull through horrible situations. That's just how this game is designed. Experiment with different squad compositions lots and always think about what you're working towards and what you need to accomplish both inside and outside of battle. Don't be afraid to retreat either. Sometimes it is the best option, and you get to keep all the loot you've gotten so far when you abandon your quest, just not the quest completion bonus. Don't rage when you lose guys you've trained up and sank money into either. It's going to happen. Just minimize losses as much as you can, and be aware there's stagecoach upgrades you can unlock later that can allow higher level recruits to show up, which will take much of the edge off grinding new heroes up. One last somewhat obscure tip that I'm not entirely convinced isn't a bug, when you put a hero in the mental ward you can both lock in a positive trait and remove a negative trait at the same time if you have enough cash. Locking in positive traits prevents them from being overwritten by less useful positive traits later, and even though it's expensive, sometimes it's very worth it.

  • Just want to point out it's coming out on Vita too. Just bought it and hoping to have it downloaded before more bus trips.

  • I'm really looking forward to trying it out, but I know it'll make me angry at times. I prefer to wait to play the completed version of games, so I never got around to trying it in early access. Plus I mostly play on consoles.

  • @Mbun
    Totally agree with what you said, especially about not getting too upset when shit hits the fan.
    Also, think I saw its $24.99 but there's suppose to be a 20% off for PS+ members. That's just what I read on another forum.

  • Downloaded the game last night but didn't get a chance to start it up. I'm hearing a lot of people are having the game crash on them. Anyone else experience this yet? Seems like the devs are aware and are working on a patch but really sucks the game is coming out of the gates a little rough.

  • @Mbun Locking in positive traits isn't a bug, the game suggests doing this. Naturally, I'm just starting out and way too poor to use this feature, but some day... some day...

    @TheMarcV , I played maybe 5 or 6 hours yesterday and the game crashed on me three times. Nothing terrible though - each time it crashed when a dungeon was loading. I'd reload the application and it would pick up right back in the dungeon. A little annoying but tolerable.

    I'm loving the game so far. It took a couple of hours to get the feel for team composition and managing stress of party members but I've finally gotten into a pretty decent groove, thanks to the Jester (favorite class by far). Just like @Ikataishou mentioned, I was completely unaware a high level troop couldn't partake in lower level encounters, so that was where I left off last night; slightly frustrated that the main party I was building up for a boss encounter can no longer fight that boss encounter. The game did a decent job of explaining most of its systems, I'm a little surprised that detail was left out. The controller implementation is a little wonky and definitely takes some getting used to, but I wouldn't consider it game breaking. Equipping trinkets for the first time took way too much fiddling though, I still can't understand why you can't equip directly from the character screen. Still, I'm happy to finally have my hands on this game and the cross-buy makes it all the sweeter.

  • @SabotageTheTruth No, I meant the part where you can lock in a positive trait AND remove a negative trait in the same timespan since the game tends to make you choose between stuff to do in the same time period like destressing your heroes or taking them onto another expedition. You can't say remove stress and remove disease at the same time, so it's strange that you can remove a negative trait while locking in a positive one.

  • Some people are having serious crashing problems, but it hasn't been terrible for me (NA PS4). I've had three crashes to be sure over the course of 4 hours or so, but because the game autosaves constantly I quickly get back to where I was with no lost progress. Devs are working on fixes atm.

  • Finally got to start it up last night and really had a blast with it. First off it is kinda hard getting use to the controls, im slowly getting use to it but its not really intuitive. I just recuirted a class I hadn't played before, the abomination I think it was. I was gonna sent them out but when I was creating my team I only had other holy classes and they wouldnt team with them. Which kinda sucked cuz I still havent gotten to use them yet, but it actually really cool that the other characters are like, yeah im not rollin with this freakzoid. Otherwise only did like maybe 4 runs, the game did crash once when loading the dungeon but like others said, I reloaded and was sent straight to the dungeon which was great. I kinda thought Id have to repick the mission, team and provisions but that stuff was all saved so it was only slightly annoying. Totally looking forward to playing more and finally getting to try out this awesome sounding new class, anyone else use that class yet????

  • @TheMarcV I've been weary to use it. Turning into a beast sounds great but it seems to stress everyone out (rightfully so). Stress hasn't been too much of a problem lately, partially due to gaining levels, understanding abilities, and using a Jester, but... still, I dunno. I was actually surprised with how powerful a gravedigger was last night, so I might try throwing that into the rotation a little more.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to use that class, seems like theres some serious drawbacks. Really I just never heard about this class and once I read the little description I was really surprised at just how different and interesting it was compared to the other classes. I know they were thinking about having a Banker class that was really bad in combat but would help with loot and stuff, i dont think they ended up going that way.
    Personally I'm finding the middle section classes (highway man/Grave Robber) to be my favorite or at least the best at doing good damage and not getting overly stressed. My highway man is a straight G, loving this game.

  • @TheMarcV My highway man was aptly named after Kyle and he has yet to disappoint as well. I've also been appreciating the Houndmaster for being able to inflict bleed on all enemies at once.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Haven't gotten a houndmaster yet and it was one of the newer classes I didnt get to try out in early access. I do like how bleed and blight effects stack as well, so if I hit some miserable soul with blight twice they will take 8 damage and not just 4. I do hope that red hook plans on maybe adding some DLC, or even better free updates that could add new classes and stuff.

  • @TheMarcV said in Darkest Dungeon comes out this week for PS4:

    I know they were thinking about having a Banker class that was really bad in combat but would help with loot and stuff, i dont think they ended up going that way.

    That's basically what became the Antiquarian. They're horrible damage dealers, but decent at buffing. An added bonus to using them is that every battle drops extra relics that sell for money that otherwise you'd never see. You can also find these in curios if you open them with the Antiquarian selected. Since most of the time you'll get fully loaded on long expeditions even without them, they're much better to bring on short expeditions when you're running low on cash, medium expeditions if you're confident but having the dead weight will make it rougher.

    Honestly, since the early access launch they've already added a bunch of free new classes like Man-at-Arms, Arbalest, Hound Master, Abomination, and Antiquarian. I'm not sure if they're planning anymore beyond that. You gotta remember this has been out on PC quite awhile to prepare for the full console launch. The game is probably mostly done now besides some little tweaks here and there.

  • @Mbun
    Yeah, I had never heard of that class till later yesterday when I read about it on another forum. Sounds really cool. I honestly don't really except them to have DLC or free updates that include new things like new classes/monsters/areas but a man can dream. I'm very interested to see what their next game might be, so far I've been loving playing darkest dungeon again.

  • Looks like they just released a patch to clear up a lot of the crashes, that was pretty fast. Let's just hope it works!

    I also stumbled upon a very rare trinket that reduces the stress caused by the Abomination's transformation by 25%, so I think I'll finally give him a go here pretty soon.

  • Youtube Video

    That's right, I'm bringing this topic back! I loved this stream to death and it reignited my desire to play more of this game.

  • Oh cool, I might watch this sometime.

    Been playing through it a bit on Vita now. Took a while to get used to all the different screens and options you have but I've got the hang of it now. I've managed to get a few up to level 4 but man is the game unforgiving!

    I'm still mixing between this and Pokemon and I've no major long bus over the next week so I probably won't play too much for a little while.

    Any tips on the best classes to mix? I always feel like I don't have enough people who can heal.

  • @tokeeffe9 Huber uses some unconventional builds in the stream but somehow... they mostly work. I try to get as many occultists as I can. Their healing is a gamble but if it hits well, it's a life-saver. I'm also very partial to the jester, since they keep stress levels real low and buff the party.