Darkest Dungeon (PC/PS4/Vita)

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to use that class, seems like theres some serious drawbacks. Really I just never heard about this class and once I read the little description I was really surprised at just how different and interesting it was compared to the other classes. I know they were thinking about having a Banker class that was really bad in combat but would help with loot and stuff, i dont think they ended up going that way.
    Personally I'm finding the middle section classes (highway man/Grave Robber) to be my favorite or at least the best at doing good damage and not getting overly stressed. My highway man is a straight G, loving this game.

  • @TheMarcV My highway man was aptly named after Kyle and he has yet to disappoint as well. I've also been appreciating the Houndmaster for being able to inflict bleed on all enemies at once.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Haven't gotten a houndmaster yet and it was one of the newer classes I didnt get to try out in early access. I do like how bleed and blight effects stack as well, so if I hit some miserable soul with blight twice they will take 8 damage and not just 4. I do hope that red hook plans on maybe adding some DLC, or even better free updates that could add new classes and stuff.

  • @TheMarcV said in Darkest Dungeon comes out this week for PS4:

    I know they were thinking about having a Banker class that was really bad in combat but would help with loot and stuff, i dont think they ended up going that way.

    That's basically what became the Antiquarian. They're horrible damage dealers, but decent at buffing. An added bonus to using them is that every battle drops extra relics that sell for money that otherwise you'd never see. You can also find these in curios if you open them with the Antiquarian selected. Since most of the time you'll get fully loaded on long expeditions even without them, they're much better to bring on short expeditions when you're running low on cash, medium expeditions if you're confident but having the dead weight will make it rougher.

    Honestly, since the early access launch they've already added a bunch of free new classes like Man-at-Arms, Arbalest, Hound Master, Abomination, and Antiquarian. I'm not sure if they're planning anymore beyond that. You gotta remember this has been out on PC quite awhile to prepare for the full console launch. The game is probably mostly done now besides some little tweaks here and there.

  • @Mbun
    Yeah, I had never heard of that class till later yesterday when I read about it on another forum. Sounds really cool. I honestly don't really except them to have DLC or free updates that include new things like new classes/monsters/areas but a man can dream. I'm very interested to see what their next game might be, so far I've been loving playing darkest dungeon again.

  • Looks like they just released a patch to clear up a lot of the crashes, that was pretty fast. Let's just hope it works!

    I also stumbled upon a very rare trinket that reduces the stress caused by the Abomination's transformation by 25%, so I think I'll finally give him a go here pretty soon.

  • Youtube Video

    That's right, I'm bringing this topic back! I loved this stream to death and it reignited my desire to play more of this game.

  • Oh cool, I might watch this sometime.

    Been playing through it a bit on Vita now. Took a while to get used to all the different screens and options you have but I've got the hang of it now. I've managed to get a few up to level 4 but man is the game unforgiving!

    I'm still mixing between this and Pokemon and I've no major long bus over the next week so I probably won't play too much for a little while.

    Any tips on the best classes to mix? I always feel like I don't have enough people who can heal.

  • @tokeeffe9 Huber uses some unconventional builds in the stream but somehow... they mostly work. I try to get as many occultists as I can. Their healing is a gamble but if it hits well, it's a life-saver. I'm also very partial to the jester, since they keep stress levels real low and buff the party.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Darkest Dungeon comes out this week for PS4:

    Any tips on the best classes to mix? I always feel like I don't have enough people who can heal.

    I found the Occultist and Vestal to be the most effective healers.

    Considering people seem to like the Leper but can have problems getting him to work well I can recommend the Jester with him. The two biggest problems with the Leper is his accuracy and inability to move around well, the Jester solves both of these problems.

  • I've only ever found one secret room. Do you need certain classes to improve that or is it random?

    I do like the Jester too. Only recently recruited the man with hound class and like him a lot.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah, those bleed stacks can be pretty helpful with the houndmaster. Despite posting months ago I would try out the abomination, I still haven't.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh ya, like that class too but it's so frustrating when others won't join the party with them in it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Scouting chances go up as units level up, but you can also check an individual unit's scouting chance on their page. It also helps to stack scouting up trinkets on an adventurer if you're doing money runs anyways. If you're overconfident, you could try doing a medium length run and camp at the very start with survivalist skills that boost scouting chance. Basically, the only way to find the hidden rooms are critical scouting in the right area, so you want to boost your chance to scout as often as possible. Be sure to bring lots of keys, because you need them to open the chests in the hidden rooms.

    During normal runs, I usually hold onto my last key until the very end just in case I randomly get a hidden room scouted. When there's like three rooms or so left it's pretty safe to go ahead and use your key.

  • You know I'm beginning to think I'm a bit burnt out on this type of game. Since I've been travelling I've been playing games like this, X-Com, Animal Crossing and Pokemon and they all have an element of repetition (all games do of course but I think you know what I mean) and grind that is taking away from the experience.

    I'm nearly at the year point in Darkest Dungeon and I just feel like progress is going very slowly.

    I'm thinking about taking a break for a bit.

  • @tokeeffe9 In the same boat mate. I loved Huber's first stream (I need to watch the second) and I had some fun with a few dungeon dives but then... I dunno. I actually beat 3 bosses in a row so that literally is progress but I didn't feel fulfilled. On the flipside, Kyle's stream of the Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 caused me to purchase the 1st one and I can't get enough. Maybe it boils down to vibes, I'm not sure.. but taking a break from Darkest Dungeon and LET IT DIE is starting to feel refreshing.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I think you hit the nail on the head. The issue with a rogue like in the vain of Darkest Dungeon is it never feels like you make progress because the next dungeon is going to look pretty similar and have 95% of the same stuff the previous one had.

    When you think of Rogue Legacy, it feels like you're progressing because some things stay permanent, you make progress into more difficult areas etc.

    This actually reminds me of the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne where visually you got a bit bored of it and in general things were pretty familiar. You had to find a switch to open a gate and the majority of the time that fat enemy was there. But even with that you still feel progress because each dungeon connects and you face off against a boss, pick up different items.

    And I think that'd be totally fine with Darkest Dungeon too if it was a twenty hour game or so but from what I gather (heard about this new update coming), the game takes about 80 hours to complete! That's just way too much of the same stuff for me.

  • @tokeeffe9 It's all about the run you're on now and how your party works in that moment. I always take it one boss at a time, so the overall goal doesn't fatigue me. Beating bosses is my milestone.

    I guess I don't mind it, because I'm used to roguelikes, and I played FTL for a long time, a game that's frankly impossible to beat on 80% of the runs you make. You can however notice you're not up to snuff midrun and change your objective to unlocking a new ship or just exploring and learning to enhance your next run to possible be THE run. If you keep this up, you will eventually beat the game. Just play it when you want to, and do something else when you're tired of it. That's the rule of roguelikes for me.

  • @Mbun Ah FTL... that game is way more unforgiving than Darkest Dungeon, at least it was for me. I keep meaning to hop back into Enter the Gungeon just because of how adorable it is, but I can't seem to get past the 3rd floor ever. Guess I need to git gud.

  • Youtube Video

    Huber's reaction is how I feel about things currently. I definitely want to give the game more time but for now, I think I'll be watching from a distance.