What multiplayer genre's have you grown tired of? [Ramen]

  • When discussing Titanfall 2/Call of Duty/Battlefield, I don't want to play the last two's multiplayer. At the age of 24, I've played those multiplayer games for hundreds of hours.

    I've come to the conclusion that there is no amount of polish or small tweaking that can make the same core experience playable for years and years. Even Infinite Warfare seems different, but not enough.

    With respect to the latest frame trap, it is much like I've eaten this flavor of ramen for a few years, and I need something else.

    The market has already shifted from the classic Call of Duty style game to the hero shooter Overwatch genre. Even Battlefield has tastes of it with the vehicle classes.

    League of Legends is another game and genre I will never play on a daily basis anymore. I played Dota on Warcraft 3 client for 5 years, and then league for another 3-4 years. I don't think there is anything that could bring me back.

    What are the genre's that you've grown tired of?

    Where is the line between innovating and completely reinventing a game?

  • Survival games. It seems to me that the entire genre has stagnated pretty hard and isn't much different from how it was 2 to 3 years ago. The multiplayer experience seems to be mostly 12 year old kids playing to grief other people and wipe out their progress. Not to mention how deep the games are in early access - look at how buggy and glitchy Ark still is to this day.

  • Ahhh really good one @Hoken! I've honestly completely purged all thoughts of those stupid survival games.

    Feedthebeast minecraft is something I went really deep on for a year or two, and after that I've been good.

  • @Stormcrownn funny thing about Minecraft is, it's the only survival game I've ever actually enjoyed. About the time DayZ was released for the first time I was playing on a modded server with a nice amount of people which operated on pretty much the same rules. You had to be close to other people to chat, otherwise the chat was empty. If you crouched you'd be invisible to others, and no real rules applied so it was absolute anarchy. Guilds and friendships formed, UNEASY ALLIANCES came about, turncoats would backstab others and raid them - it was a blast. Blow up a town with TNT, come back in three days and see it rebuilt by the ten people who lived there. Contextual immersion.

    I'm sure you could have a similar experience in Rust today, but the fact that a Minecraft server did it best is pretty funny to me. Have yet to have an experience like that again, so I'm pretty over the genre in general.

  • Minecraft, MOBAs, the newly emerging "Hero shooters", Action MMOs, and just about anything team-based where you can't force your team-mates to actually DO the objective instead of running around like idiots.

    Never got into survival games myself, but that's mostly because of the cesspools those communities seem to have, turned me off instantly. Moreso since people have gotten twitch partnerships focusing on being a D-bag in said games. It's been done to death now.....it needs to stop for awhile.

  • Survival games that're survival for the sake of being survival. I don't know, I played DayZ for a bit, then I just got pretty tired of the lack of something to do beyond trying not to die and lose all your stuff. Beyond Infinite Crisis, which I tolerated because it was DC comics and didn't have lots of filth spewing folks in chat, I really can't deal with mobas either. One can only learn so much from playing against bots, so once you finally do the push for PvP.. heyo toxic chat.

    Overly simplistic combat like Bethesda games left'n right sword swings in Elder Scrolls bores me too, I guess I'm just spoiled by the fact that I'm interested in HEMA and games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and For Honor which have far more superiour, deep combat systems for melee weapon fighting.

  • Hahaha, these are all the big "burned out" hitters. I'll add the WoW/FFXIV style MMO. I'm still subbed to FFXIV, but only to hang out with friends, really. Is it really so difficult to create some novel, relevant content that doesn't boil down to dodging circles?

    Is there really a good reason that I can't get tomes from playing Lords of Verminion?

  • I think I can widen the topic a little bit and just go with a genre I grew sick of: platformers. I know that they aren't big in today's industry but I played way too many of those as a younger gamer and now I can't stand them. Almost none of them do anything new with the genre, in my eyes.

  • @ObbyDent I agree with you there. You could show me a demo of the most incredible platformer ever to exist and I'd just be saying "NEXT". :)

  • @ObbyDent I feel kind of the same way, but only in regards to 2d platformers, and even then, only Mario-esque ones. I still adore 3d platformers, it's one of my favorite genres. But I think the reason it's been able to stay fresh is because there aren't as many of them, though it seems that's about to change. I really has more to do with what some genres are at their core. There's only so many ways you can switch up the gameplay of a straight 2d platformer. 3d platformers offer a lot more variety, partly because they're often mixed with other genres. Okami, Super Mario Galaxy, and A Hat in Time are all technically 3d platformers, but they all offer different things and have really different flavors. Or Super Paper Mario which was a 2d/3d fusion platformer is really unique.

  • I never liked 3rd person shooters, but they have really worn out their welcome. I loved the platforming, climbing, swimming, swinging, and driving in Uncharted 4, and hated the 3rd person shooting. I'm so done with shooting for shooting sake.

  • I cant tell if im tired of mobas

    Or just tired of the community

    I dont often get time to play, but it seems whenever i get a chance now i get told to kill myself or to get cancer because im not very good and dont commit this patches meta to memory

    Since overwatch came out i just kinda stopped playing them

    But i do miss league and heroes sometimes :(

  • Fighting games.

    Too time consuming and doesn't allow for breaks if you plan to take it seriously. It mostly boiling down to just combo, setplay, etc. grinding and then them playing like rock-papper-scissors guesswork just bores me to tears. That and how even 1-2 frames can screw you over makes netplay just too frustrating if you play any character that requires strict execution.
    The community being the way it is doesn't help either.

  • @Inflorescence This. FFXIV was my first (and only) MMO and I remember getting sucked in to for at least a year. I loved the environments, how goofy the community was, and just the overall vibe of the game. Once Heavensward came out, I quickly gobbled up that content as well but despite all the additions, I was left feeling empty. That core grind of MMOs - running instances tens if not hundreds of times just to have a marginally small chance to get a weapon/armor that will be out of date come next patch - just really doesn't blend well with my gaming sensibilities. Grinding in a more traditional RPG is fine with me because I'm working towards an end goal that is achievable.. but with an MMO, there's no end in sight. Whereas that's the notion that probably attracts a lot of people to MMOs, I've realized it's just not for me.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, absolutely. Honestly, after playing FFXIV and playing a single-player game, it was refreshing to play a game that was just designed to be fun, rather than a game that has to make compromises on the fun in order to keep you subscribed. And to keep a billion people content at the same time. And to play into market trends.