Hype Check: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

  • I'm definitely still interested, but I've decided to wait and see reception (and now Ben's review!) because my backlog is getting hella unruly and I have quite a few JRPGs still in need of my attention. It's absolutely hype-worthy! I'll be keeping an eye on it for now, but I'm almost certain it'll end up being one I need to play.

  • Special Edition Pre-Ordered baby!!!
    I am HYPED for another JRPG to play on my Wii U, and it's got ATLUS vibes through out the art direction. It will get me through the wait of Persona 5 and the 2-3 week wait on I AM SETSUNA ;p

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  • I'm not really hyped on it, but I'm definitely gonna check out the reviews for it when it releases.

  • I ask you when was the last time Atlus made a bad game? I'm so hyped for this as it's a beautiful, high definition, traditional turn based RPG from the undisputed masters of RPGs.
    Love & Respect.

  • I love the Fire Emblem series with a passion. But I just can't get behind this game. The fact that it sold so poorly in Japan, despite seeming like it was made for that market, is concerning. I don't see it doing well out here either.

    What I want to see so badly though, Fire Emblem Warriors. That would be so fun, and it's an easy sell!

  • Alright, so cautiously optimistic seems to be the general consensus! I also have a huge backlog (still have to finish Xenoblade Chronicles X...), so I doubt I'll buy it day one anyway.

    Looks like our buying decisions rest on Ben's shoulders!

    @Hero-of-Lime Wow Fire Emblem Warriors, hadn't thought of that! That would indeed be awesome, and it's very plausible, after Zelda it's definitely the IP that lends itself to the genre the most.

  • @Axel I know! Japan loves warriors/musou games, and they love Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem is really popular outside Japan now, and Hyrule Warriors was really popular, so Fire Emblem Warriors would be a hit, I know it. I can totally see it being made too. At least I hope so.

  • I honestly don't know what to think, it was something I initially was really hyped for, but when they started showing it, it was not even close to what I was hoping for, and yet it has me if not excited at least intrigued.

    In any case they only way I'm actually playing it is if the NX is backwards compatible, since there's no way I'm getting a Wii U

  • @Hero-of-Lime I wouldn't put stock into Japanese sales numbers of Wii U games as a true reflection of quality. It'd be like looking a Bayonetta 2's physical 38,828 JP opening week and dismissing that 10, that masterpiece.

    As for Warriors of the Emblem I think it's absolutely going to happen, Hyrule Warriors exceeded 1 million copies on Wii U and they are probably working on another Hyrule Warriors for NX. If they wanted to collaborate further with Nintendo a Fire Emblem game would be a natural progression.

    Could also do "Smash Warriors" then again im probably the only person expecting a Smash Bros spin off in the near future

  • First reviews are out, and it's looking good!

    Nintendo Life: 8/10
    Eurogamer: Recommended

    If Ben's review confirms the trend, I'll probably take the plunge!

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    The Nintendo Gameplay Video from E3 made me a bit more Excited. I was kind of indifferent and worried, but now I'm pretty excited

  • Polygon gave it a 9.5, Gamespot & Destructoid with 8's.

    Looks way, WAY up my street - and I love the thought of saving the world with music.

    I recall Ben saying he's reviewing it, just waiting on that review now ..! :D

    That Special edition is looking awwwfully temptinnng ...!

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  • [Easy] UPDATE ...

    Ben is streaming TMS on Twitch tomorrow :)

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