Your Conference Scores

  • Using the EZA star system, what are your conference scores? (In order of appearance)

    EA: 0 out of 5 stars
    Bethesda: 3 out of 5 stars
    Microsoft: 2.5 out of 5 stars
    Ubisoft: 2 out of 5 stars
    Sony: 5 out of 5 stars

    I thought it'd be nice to make a thread like this since I didn't see one.

    Since everyone's giving out their reasons, I might as well fill in mine.

    EA: Too much dev talks. This is the exact same problem they had in E3 2014. They had nothing to show, so they fill it up with dev talks. Compile that with showing celebrities (Mourinho, Jamie Foxx, Zac Ephron). EA really doesn't get what we care about. Ttianfall showed off well, but they didn't show Sims 4 Pets!

    Bethesda: I don't think they showed anything badly. There was poor pacing with Dishonored 2, but it was still good info. New exciting game announcements and a focus on games.

    Microsoft: I thought a majority of their games showed off poorly with a few spotlights. I wasn't impressed with Gears gameplay. They're in a hurricane, and the dialogue makes it sound like there's no wind turbulence. Some of the effects look bad, and those lightning at the end looked so gamey the way they spread out in an obvious pattern. It really looked poor. The FF15 demo that they "stole" Tabata from Sony, well Microsoft just made FF15 look like the worst game ever, and they didn't stop there because, in the Minecraft section (and I disagree with EZA's feeling on this), they paid off John Carmack to say "Minecraft is my grail for VR". I didn't even believe that for a second that Carmack spent his hard work just to make Minecraft into a VR game. Then Sea of Thieves, a really bad trailer to start, then a playthrough with annoying youtubers putting up their act. I didn't buy into any of that. I did think that Forza, Tekkan, and We Happy Few showed off well, but not Battlefield (obviously), Scalebound, Gwent, Halo Wars, or Recore. To top off all that, a fluff video about their next console showing no games. Just a bunch of devs talking.

    Ubisoft: I never liked Aisha. I thought she always was cringey when she make those terrible jokes. I don't get why Ubisoft can't just have charismatic VPs do the talking like everyone else does. That said, when I said Microsoft looked disingenuous for some of their showings, Ubisoft are Kings of Disingenuous. Starting with their Wild Lands trailer of fake voice comms, I had turned off watching the conference at this point and just watched it with the EZA reactions. I loved South Park and For Honor, but how can you turn a VR game like Eagle Flight, that looks like the next Flower, and turn it into a dudebro E-Sports shooter? Then to end off with a surprise announcement, Steep, that just didn't feel special at all. Ubisoft is just like their Watch Dogs 2 theme. They're trying to be cool by being hipsters, but it just comes off being cringey as hell. Still, marks for South Park and For Honor.

    Sony: The King remains King. Sony brought games, surprises, and dreams. How do they turn Call of Duty into a good thing? I hate Call of Duty and I want to play that game! How did they make VR, something that is a hard sell, into something I want? Games. That's it. Just show all the games we want. Every game they showed, even that weird Skylanders, look so fun to play when shown off by Sony. Then, Kojima... they're empowering his imagination and celebrating his work. How can you hate that? Sony gets it, and they're doing it for gamers.

  • My scores are for this E3, not comparing them to previous presentations. Every year has their own challenges and circumstances.

    EA: 0/5
    Bethesda: 2.5/5
    Microsoft: 3.5/5
    Ubisoft: 3/5
    Sony: 4.5/5

    I think Bethesda should have polished the Dishonored 2 segment. Could've been a 4/5 star conference easily. It took a star off for me. The half star was due to the Quake announcement. They did not give enough information, which they've been giving in post-show interviews and stuff. People thought it was a MOBA and reacted negatively. The last star off was just due to a lack of AAA games to talk about.

    I enjoyed Microsoft's presentation a lot. All of the negative comments about cross buy make me laugh, as I genuinely believe Microsoft is a step ahead of the community here. One big AAA announcement was what kept this from being a 4.5/5 for me. The scorpio announcement wasn't really any news, if it was a surprise then it might've got me to raise the score.

    Ubisoft - Steep/For Honor/South Park are really big games in my eyes. Loved the presentation and easily the funniest conference in a while. Aisha was great.

    EA isn't worth mentioning. The only thing that was interesting was Titanfall 2, and those two videos on YouTube would've made me feel the same.

    Sony was obviously good. The half star off was due to the last half of the conference. The Daysgone gameplay really really felt out of place, and it feels like a spot that they had something else in mind for. Rewatching the conference really highlighted this for me. I would've cut out the Daysgone trailer in the beginning, even though it matched the tone emotionally.

    I reserve the right to edit these opinions.

  • No scores, but I'll rank them after how good I felt they were.

    1. Sony Well paced, hype reveals, interesting games, minimal talking.
    2. Microsoft Well paced overall, but dipped a bit here and there. Pretty safe and no real surprises.
    3. Bethesda Wonky pacing but some hype reveals and interesting demos.
    4. PC Not bad, not good. Average across the board.
    5. Ubisoft Some bad, some good.
    6. EA Can't think of much good here. The hardest conference to sit through.
    7. Nintendo Not even a conference and it wasn't even a particularly good showing/stream.

  • EA: 0.5 out of 5 stars - the Battlefield multiplayer following the event was good.
    Bethesda: 3 out of 5 stars - no great titles but a pretty good event.
    Microsoft: 2 out of 5 stars - a few good games. Poor and confusing presentation of new hardware.
    Ubisoft: 3 out of 5 stars - entertaining, well presented. A few good games.
    Sony: 5 out of 5 stars - an experience executed so well that not even the Skylanders trailer can knock off any stars.

  • EA: F
    Bethesda: D
    Microsoft: C
    Ubisoft: D
    Sony: A

    EA had a chance to shine. They told the world to come watch their press conference, and they squandered the opportunity to impress. They showed the same Battlefield 1 trailer twice, they showed another documentary style look at Mass Effect, and did the same with Star Wars.

    Bethesda had a boring conference with very little I cared about. It is disappointing that they spending more time making Fallout 4 DLC, we didn’t see Tango’s new game, and Dishonored 2 was kind of boring. Prey was a conceptual CG trailer for a game franchise I don’t care about. The concept looked cool, but who knows what that game will actually be. Skyrim HD could be a cool announcement, but the biggest change looks like they added the piss filter from Fallout 4 to everything. The only new Elder Scrolls stuff we got was a card game and a MMO expansion, two things I really don’t care about.

    Microsoft impressed me the first time I watched it. It was an extremely solid, well-paced press conference. There were obvious red flags like showing the same Battlefield 1 trailer that EA showed the day before, or lingering on Minecraft for way too long, but it was competent. The most impressive part of the conference to me was how they pitched the Scorpio. They made a device that I was strongly against seem alright.

    Ubisoft wasn’t a bad conference, it was just typical Ubisoft. There was nothing groundbreaking, and nothing I cared about. The Allies say For Honor is good, but I’ve never played it so I don’t know if it’s the kind of game for me. Steep looked alright. South Park seemed funny. Watch Dogs 2 looks boring. I didn’t go into Ubisoft with any expectations, and left it feeling indifferent.

    Sony set a new bar for E3, and I have trouble calling what they did a “conference”. I want to call what Sony did a performance. They started their show with a 4 minute song played by a live orchestra, which lead straight into God of War. God of War looked spectacular, and got me excited for a game that I previously thought was going to be dumb. Shawn Layden was the most comfortable he has ever been on stage, and felt down to Earth and humble. There was no time spent on explaining the mechanics of each game, or how detailed the environment was. Days Gone looked great. Horizon looked great. Detroit looked great. The Last Guardian got a release date. Resident Evil 7 had a great reveal. Sony made me interested in VR. Call of Duty looked surprisingly good. Kojima’s reveal was incredibly cool, and Death Stranding had one of the best trailers ever made. Spiderman looked amazing. I don’t think the highs were as high as last year, but overall it was a better put together show.

  • EA: 1 Star
    Bethesda: 4 Stars
    Microsoft: 4 Stars
    Ubisoft: 3 Stars
    Sony: 5 Stars

    (rated based on presentation and how many games they showed off that I cared about)

    The Allies said it all.

  • @selfconfessedcynic I agree with that. Only major disagreement was the repeated statement that an Xbox One is useless. Blood sort of defended it on the Day 3 discussion.

    That being said, I think the guys are really overwhelmed and sleep deprived. The implications of Microsoft's announcements probably require some more sleep before putting down some extensive opinions on.

  • @Stormcrownn Haha, they were so shattered after the week. MAN the Allies went the extra mile of us - so happy they're in the business.

    But yeah, MS made some serious waves with their platform announcements. They're changing what consoles can be in (probably) a good way - the move towards Xbox being essentially an affordable mid-tier gaming PC is a big deal.

    We need Xbox to stay competitive and keep making interesting moves like this so the business stays healthy. I love what Sony's doing right now, but if MS and Nintendo ever do crash and they were left as the last console maker standing, I'd be scared for our future.

  • @selfconfessedcynic I've seen the question asked, why does it matter how successful the Xbox One is? - Microsoft doesn't make money on it. Their software divisions make money. Its actually GOOD for the xbox one to not have the success of the platform tied to the hardware itself.

    How many Xbox One exclusives will get attention/sales now that PC Players will be diving into them?

    Follow up question, how many of those people would've bought an xbox one anyway? Are they really losing anyone?

    Even if someone sells their Xbox One, they are going to be getting those games on PC anyway. Microsoft doesn't lose anything. The only potential "loss" is the PR, but I don't think allying with PC Gamers will be a losing strategy.

  • I would score them something like this:

    Short version:

    EA: 0 stars
    Bethesda: 4.5 stars
    Microsoft: 4,5 stars
    Ubisoft: 3 stars
    Sony: 4.5 stars
    also, PC gaming show: 3.5 stars

    tl;dr version:

    EA... Just... Get your shit together. Majority of your sports game fans aren't intense gamers that follow gaming news and events like E3, so don't give so much time to sports. Just saying. Just tell what new there is in each new title as we know you are milking those games till the day you hit bankruptcy, and move on to your actually interesting stuff. Maybe even give more time for your indie stuff, because they have been highlight of your show for the last two years at least.

    Bethesda, I love their games, so when they give me stuff like this, I just can't handle myself, so the rating might be "too high" because my inner fanboy affected the score, but it was still good stuff.

    As for Microsoft, whilke they didn't have as much good stuff, and their show lacked the pace Sony had, they did tell the boring stuff that needed to come out, and their service updates are actually good stuff for us as consumers, so yeah, I give them that.

    Ubisoft... They had their ups and downs, but the good stuff they had, was AMAZING. South Park, For Honour... Can't wait.

    Reason why I gave Sony the same rating as Microsoft is that while their conference was easily most entertaining, but they should have taken bit more time, and talked something about what their plans are for near future as a company, which is what pretty much everyone else did except Sony. Yes, that would have not been interesting, but this is a press event, and you should at least give some details of what Playstation has ahead, instead of just games and Playstation VR.
    I'd say that add 10-15 minutes to the show, somewhere in the middle, and tell what kind of stuff you have planned as a company. Yes, not interesting, would have broken the nice flow they had for a while, but this is something that needs to get out, so I feel that they missed a mark there. But still, amazing stuff.

    Also, gotta show some love to PC gaming show. Get a better time for your show, so it won't overlap with other conferences, and keep it up. You definitely had some interesting stuff in there, and the way it's presented is great.

    Alsoalso, I had no idea why I told this stuff like someone at said companies/whatever would read this stuff, but whatever, it felt more natural to me for some reason.

  • EA: 0.5 out of 5 stars
    Bethesda: 2 out of 5 stars
    Microsoft: 2 out of 5 stars
    Ubisoft: 1.5 out of 5 stars
    Sony: 5 out of 5 stars

    My conference scores are solely based on games and presentation quality. It was a very disappointing E3 I felt except for Sony. I wasn't much excited before Sony pumped out game after game. I know I'm being a little unfair. I will say bethesda was pretty good and from ubisoft the south park fractured but whole and steep announcement was pretty cool too

  • EA: 0.5/5
    Bethesda: 2/5
    Microsoft: 3.5/5
    Ubisoft: 4/5
    Sony: 4.5/5

    EA: basically gutter trash. Tried way to hard to seem like they "get it" and instead wasted our time with awkward dual conferences and people coming on stage. The coach that came on stage and the actor playing the soccer player were Konami cringe worthy. The Star Wars segment was insulting to fans, and their one job of showing us a full gameplay or story trailer failed with another behind the scenes snippet. They do get some points though for good showings of Battlefield and Titanfall 2.

    Bethesda: a disappointment considering how much potential they had going into the show. The Quake announcement was a nice surprise but then they didn't give enough information on what it's actually going to be (hero or arena shooter?) so it kinda muddled that. The Prey announcement was certainly a surprise, but again not a lot to show us what the actual game will play like. Skyrim remake and Fallout 4 DLC didn't do much for me (though the later was jolly) and they actually de-hyped me for Dishonored 2 with that horrible gameplay walkthrough.

    Microsoft: a solid showing that got to tied up in hardware announcements and speeches that took time away from the games. Their cross platform plan is certainly interesting and it's something that may change the course of consoles in the future one way or another. We Happy Few, Dead Rising 4, Sea of Thieves (SO JOLLY) were all good showings, and Recore interesting but I need to see more. FFXV and Gears 4 showings were just BAD imo, and Battlefield was good but more of the same. Then they also introduced the Xbox One S.....and then immediately gave no one a reason to buy it since the Scorpio will make it obsolete in a year.

    Ubisoft: really solid conference that was light hearted fun and easy going. Aisha was great and continues to be a good host. Steep was a surprisingly jolly reveal that seems really meditative and just relaxing to play, but the Ghost Recon gameplay actually made me fall asleep which is a shame because its premise is essentially co-op Sicario, and Watch Dogs 2 was just as boring as we thought it'd be. However the highlights were a hilarious showing from South Park, and some absolutely epic gameplay (and amazing presentation from VandenBurge) of For Honor that made that game even more of a must play for me.

    Sony: the reigning king triumphantly returns to E3 with another outstanding conference, and showing they actually get what their audience is looking for; the games. The live orchestra was utter hype manifested from start to finish. Despite knowing that it was probably coming, God of War was a fantastic reveal and gameplay that hasn't gotten me so hyped for that series in years. Kojima went full God mode with his entrance and the Death Stranding trailer has me hooked on finding out more. The RE7 reveal was LEGENDARY and has revitalized that franchise with hype (and something that was even better watching it live with EZA cause I was on the wild roller coaster with them). CoD actually made a redeeming gameplay showing, and despite the Blackfoot shady deals nature of that Skylanders trailer, the whole jolliness of getting Crash back was great, and I never thought I'd be so excited for VR as Sony made me after all those VR experiences ( they had a better Star Wars game announcement than EA!). Not to mention SPIDERMAN being made Insomniac is Arkham levels of exciting. All that said though, this just doesn't reach a complete 5 star simply because the Legi Star Wars shouldn't have been there (or that long) and Days Gone just did nothing for me.

  • @Stormcrownn Microsoft wants Xbox to be successful. It's Bill Gates vision to dominate the living room.

    And Microsoft are willing to throw billions into ventures to try and control that market that end up failures like Windows Phone, Zune, Kin, but, right now, Windows 10 is in trouble, and Nadella recognizes that gaming is a huge draw on PC. There's no doubt Xbox going to Windows 10 is meant to bolster Windows 10 adoption, which has been reported to have poor adoption rate in a May article.

    I think Xbox One has become useless. I don't think Xbox One's exclusives were that great, and now they have no more exclusives. As for form factor appeal, Steam Machines tried to do that, but no one wants a "PC" that doesn't do anything but play games. Everyone has a PC, and PS4 has the exclusives, so the PC and PS4 combo is the only way to go for gamers.

    I disagree that Microsoft doesn't lose anything. They're losing millions in R&D and manufacturing for Xbox if people stop buying them. If their entire gaming market shifted to PC, and Xbox is losing money, they'll kill it.

  • @Whoaness I definitely feel my thoughts being scattered due to a lack of sleep. I typed up a 700+ word response, but the overall message that I am trying to convey feels very clear in my head. I'll probably take another look at this post and edit it so my points transition a lot better.

  • This post is deleted!

  • EA: 1/5 - This is probably the worst conference EA has ever done. Remember when they used to do that "10 games from 10 different studios" thing a few years ago? Those were great. This year not so much. I'm not even an EA hater. I love madden. This year was just super disappointing.

    Bethesda: 3/5 - Obviously not as good as last year when they blew the lid off of Fallout 4, but it wasn't bad either. Bethesda fans are probably satisfied. It was a tad bit disappointing for me though. I am looking forward to Skyrim with mods on Xbox.

    Microsoft: 4/5 - Not much to complain about. Some of the demos didn't show well, but I feel like they were just bad demos and not bad games. I'm looking at you Scalebound and FFXV. Everything else was good and even great. Love how they're open to giving gamers more choice between playing on console vs PC. It's about time someone realize that PC gaming is not a direct competitor to console gaming. As someone who plays games primarily on Xbox I'm excited.

    Ubisoft: 3/5 - Solid. Say what yo want about Aisha Tyler but I always have a good time watching Ubisoft's conferences. Nothing really blew my socks off but it wasn't bad either. The South Park reveal was maybe the best game reveal all E3.

    Sony: 5/5 - Sony can sometimes be the worst with filler in their shows, and this year they were no filler and all killer. I actually would have liked for them to talk a little more. My only complaint, and this is very much a nitpick, is that all of their games look like they're trying to be The Last of Us. The Crash announcement was also the definition of blue balls. But other than that great conference. I actually think it was better than last year, but I also think that last year's show was overrated. I don't have a PS4 yet but I'm definitely gonna pick one up just for Horizon and Spider-Man.

  • EA - *
    Beth - ***
    Xbox - **
    Ubi - ***
    Sony - *****

  • EA: 1
    Bethesda: 2
    Xbox: 3.5
    Ubisoft: 2.5
    Sony: 4.5

  • EA: 3 Madden and Battlefield 1
    Bethesda: 3 Dishonored 2 and Skyrim
    Microsoft: N/A Dign't get the chance to watch it
    Ubisoft: 4 For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands
    Sony: 5 Horizon, Spiderman, Last Guardian release date and Call of Duty.

  • EA: 0.5/5 (or a D-) The only thing that showed somewhat presentable was Titanfall 2.

    Bethesda: 3.5/5 (or a B+) The DOS start with the hidden Wolfenstein reveal coupled with a Quake trailer was really appreciated as a child of the 90s. Not interested in Quake, but still happy to see it. While I have no interest in Elder Scrolls, the Skyrim: Special Edition announcement was really important. Prey and Dishonored 2 are the two games yet to release I care anything for and being a die-hard DOOM fan, I appreciated the news about the upgrades to SnapMap.

    Microsoft: 3.5/5 (or a B+) I'm a huge Gears fan so despite the flack its getting, I enjoyed the time it got. Being a huge Final Fantasy fan, I was distraught at how poorly the demo for XV was shown. Still think its a great game, but that was a terrible demo. Inside making a reappearance has me interested to learn more about it and We Happy Few is going to stay in my mind for a little while. For the most part, I liked the conference's pacing but the show itself had issues, most falling on the director. Whoever thinks its a bright idea to keep pulling the camera OFF what's being shown onscreen is not in tune with the audience. AT ALL. I found it incredibly annoying during Gears 4, ReCore, FF XV, Dead Rising 4, and Scalebound that the camera was pulled to show the stage, not the demo or trailer. Other moments like Killer Instinct, The Division, Battlefield 1, and Minecraft all felt pointless, but I appreciated that Microsoft took time to focus on a lot of their games. The final major issue I have is book-ending the conference with hardware announcements. Makes purchasing a Slim seem pointless when you say "Hey, our best system is coming in Holiday 2017 so hold off til then!"

    Ubisoft: 3/5 (or a B- ) I'm a little more lax on Ubi than most, but not by much. I couldn't stand the opening, but that's just me however, despite not caring for the scripted VO, Ghost Recon: Wildlands was entertaining. South Park: The Fractured, but Whole was the funniest moment of all of E3 and For Honor showed well. And I like Star Trek so despite the haters, I enjoyed the time on Star Trek: Bridge Crew. HOWEVER, this conference was WAY too long. The Division, Eagle Flight, Assassin's Creed had no point being out there and while I respect Grow Up, Trials of the Blood Dragon, and Steep for being typical Ubisoft conference moments, I don't believe they connected with the audience as much as they hoped. Watch Dogs 2 would've had more interest from me if they already didn't pull back the curtain the previous week, but that's video games before E3 for ya. Overall, Wildlands, South Park, Star Trek, For Honor, Grow Up, Trials of the Blood Dragon and Watch Dogs 2, then you could've had a 4/5 conference.

    Sony: 5/5 (or an A+) Is there really any question (except for Sony haters)? Loved the format of game after game after game and while some of the conference had things I don't care for, they were few and far between. Personal highlights (In order): God of War, Days Gone, The Last Guardian (as far as the release date. Happy for everybody who wants this game BADLY), Horizon, RE VII (as far as announcement. Don't like the series), Star Wars VR, Batman Arkham VR, Infinite Warfare (not getting the game but the franchise always demos well... except for BlOps III), Crash Bandicoot Remasters (the stage was awesome), Days Gone again. But most importantly, the single most awesome moment for me is seeing Hideo Kojima come onstage to an awesome light design with a kick-ass score and owning the spotlight like a BOSS. Never played the MGS franchise but I respect Kojima IMMENSELY and his circumstance is one I studied with great interest. Death Stranding is on my list out of sheer curiosity, but Kojima hitting the stage is my #1 moment of E3 2016. The ONLY downside (if you want to call it that) of the show was Lego Star Wars as it didn't seem to fit with anything else (I didn't see anything Sony exclusive during the trailer) so that could've been left out but there you go.

    I can't wait until next year, but until then: On to GAMESCOM!!!