Your Conference Scores

  • EA: 1/5 I feel so cheated for buying battlefront now... AND IT'S SO BORING.

    Bethesda: 2.5/5 They had no big guns, but they did kind of a nice job with how little they had. I loved the first Prey and I was scared Prey 2 would be some random action FPS, but they got me intrigued now.

    Microsoft: 4.5/5 Damn nice job. Their games may not be your thing and GoW4 looks a little too similar, but it was all games, a lot of gameplay and the talking and minecraft parts went by quick. Great job, specially since they stopped lying with cinematic trailers of game that don't even exist... COFphantomdustCOF

    Ubisoft: 4/5 YAY IT WAS FUN, of course they had lows... a couple of hard lows, but the rest was really fun to watch and Aisha was better than past years this time, good vibes and good demos. South Park ruled and I've never seen the show. NEVER CRINGE PEOPLE, LISTEN TO KYLE!

    Sony: 5/5 Welp... I was screaming out of hype for more than 50% of the conference, and the only bad thing (Crash goes down to Skylanders) was really short and I'm guessing necessary to get his remastered editions... Can't believe they keep their conferences so damn good.