If you could live in one Game Universe, Which would it be?

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    Skyrim is also very High on my List!

  • Mass Effect for sure. Exploring the universe with a warp drive is among my deepest desires.

  • Mass Effect is sort of like the best of both worlds, Star Trek and Wars. Preferrably one without the Reapers being... you know, Reapers. That or Star Wars. Particularly because of how viable space travel is in that universe, just pop a hyperdrive in that sucker and you can go anywhere without being military etc.

  • looks at other replies Haha, wow, yeah Mass Effect was the first thing to come to mind too.

    I wonder how similar all of us Easy Allies fans are? Our tastes seem to converge around so many things.

    As a runner up, I think I wouldn't mind Inaba (Persona 4).

    Note: I wouldn't pick anything in a fantasy universe since the quality of life is certainly not guaranteed (eg dental care man!)

  • I seriously consider the burden of living in a world that is technologically behind what you are use to. How quickly would you get use to the experience there?

  • Japanese high school is generally described as hell, but if it was anything like Persona and other JRPGs, it'd be interesting. Thing about medieval settings is also that you won't have many quality of life things, like... people washing themselves regularly, or antibiotics.

  • I would love to live in the world of Dragon Quest VIII. I'd love to look in a mirror and see how Akira Toriyama drew me.

  • Pokémon. Particularly Johto. Just a bunch of peaceful, serene towns and cities with sick animal companions where every major conflict is solved with a Pokémon battle. It'd be sweet.

  • Dark Souls. Yeah I know its harsh but I have never seen a world more complex. I know its very dangerous but I like it. Also I would love to be in the Witcher world but only if I am also a witcher.

  • The world of Neko Atsume where I am a cat in it.

  • I'd have to go with the Mass Effect universe or Tamriel.. I'd love to visit/explore the Citadel or Imperial City

  • Final Fantasy VII

    Main House in Kalm and a holiday home in Costa Del Sol

  • The Pokémon Universe because not only would it be cool it is also as close to a utopian society as you can get in video games.

    You get to compete with people in various things (battling, talent/fashion shows, sporting events and more!) with cool as crap monsters that a happy to do it and earn money in the process. Money for having fun and travelling the world. What's better than that?

    The tech of Pokémon is also really advanced (they can put monsters in tiny balls and store them in the cloud on computers!) but they've seemed to have made a concerted effort to stick with each region's traditions. Theres loads of temples and history to uncover that is relatively untouched by people.

    Then there are the people who are all super friendly for the most part. Even the bad guys have nobel ambitions they're just going about in the wrong way. (Apart from Team Rocket, those guys are just dicks...) Thankfully they always get stopped in the end because that's how the Pokémon Universe is.

    The place is so awesome and carefree that 10 year olds can go travelling on their own with nothing but a backpack.

  • Maybe Elder scrolls or Xenoblade chronicles. But even then I wouldn't be able to play video games that I love.

  • I would probably go for the Star Trek universe in the era of Voyager but this feels like cheating because this is more a TV universe than a game universe.

    Otherwise, I would probably go with Final Fantasy VII or VIII universe because of their unique combination of old with new (in terms of technology). I would however be afraid of the somewhat dystopian life one will probably experience in both of those worlds.

  • Though I'm pretty torn (so many great worlds), I would have to choose Skyrim. It's chilly year-round, every house feels cozy, and there's something about the careers in a world like that just feels right. I've spent the past decade working in local television news and the product I create is somewhat intangible, a broadcast that airs once and then fades away. The idea of being a blacksmith and hammering out some armor for someone that they take with them... It's very appealing.

  • Depends if I'm an MC or NPC:

    MC: Mass Effect. Traveling the galaxy, meeting aliens, kicking ass with biotics+techs... It would suck as an NPC though since you'd probably end up as a husk or goo to make another Reaper.

    NPC: Pokemon gym leader. @thenerdtheword Covers most of my sentiments. It's such a jolly place to be and being a gym leader would mean I'd be helping out adventurers and have a pretty high standing in the local community :smile:

  • Super Mario Sunshine, just chillin' on the beach all day long..

  • I guess for me the question is whether you get any of the powers associated with player characters from the chosen game. Final Fantasy has my one of my favorite magic and ability systems, particularly X (divisive, I know, but I was a big fan of the sphere grid), and living in a post-Great Calm Spira could be a lot of fun. I could also be sarcastic here and answer with Watchdogs, which is set in Chicago (which is where I live). If I don't get any special powers, though, I'd probably have to go with Pokemon as well.

  • It's gotta be Scribblenauts! All you need is the book, and you'll pretty much be set for life.
    Imagine living in a world where only Copyright laws can stop you
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