If you could live in one Game Universe, Which would it be?

  • I'd have to go with Mass Effect mainly because of the Alien Races. The thought of exchanging stories with a species from another planet, or even cluster, sounds amazing to me. Sure there could be a Reaper threat or something but I'd be able to talk to Asari, Turians, Hanar and much more but most important I could hang out with Quarians....maybe even meet my own Tali <3 Also the Citadel in Mass Effect 1 looks like such a pretty place to visit.

    Another world would be the future world of Megaman either original Megaman or the world of Legends. OG Megaman because it would be cool to have bots help you do things and also be able to adopt bots, I could be the dad of Megaman and Roll, live the dream.
    Legends because Kattelox island just looks so refreshing, all the pastel colors, the cheery music playing in the apple market and being a digger sounds like a pretty good living as long as you can deal with the reaverbots.

  • Dragon ball or Pokémon, no contest. Fite me.