Which Games Did E3 2016 Change Your Mind About?

  • @Whoaness @selfconfessedcynic
    Yeah, Infinite Warfare definitely surprised me. I'm still skeptical about it, though. I hope they haven't just shown the most exciting part of the game to sell it while the rest of the game is more of the same old CoD.

  • Buying an Xbox One.

  • Amazingly, CoD.
    I went from actively avoiding anything to do with Infinite Warfare to actually quite interested. Just goes to show heavily trailers can influence your opinion of a game.

  • Breath of the Wild for sure. I was really worried about how it was going to look, and whether or not Nintendo would be able to pull it off. I'm one of the few it seems, who doesn't mind games being super linear, so I wasn't really sure about them switching to an open world format for Zelda. They'd done it well with A Link Between Worlds, but the scale isn't really comparable. But all of my concerns have been addressed, and I'm glad to hear that their'll be towns and more NPC's than the old man. No matter how excellent the gameplay is or how well designed the dungeons are, that world would feel really lonely without anyone else in it.

    (And We Happy Few, I was on the fence but now I'm sold.)

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the only game that I knew beforehand, had no interest in, and now am hyped for. The gameplay demo at the PlayStation press conference made me have a 180 hype turn.

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare definitely. Announcement trailer was simply awful, but the E3 gameplay/trailer was Hype! Game not only looked good, it looked GREAT, which is really surprising for it.

  • @Barrelbot @Whoaness @selfconfessedcynic @parasitepaladin @Nillend Yes, Yes, YES!!!

    Seeing that gameplay really got me excited. I'm really hoping that they make the whole thing a bit like Black Flag where you go to various locations and occupy regions or resolve conflicts "at sea"

  • Gained interest
    For Honor
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    CoD Infinite Warfare

    Lost interest:
    Watch Dogs 2

  • In a surprising turn, I've found myself de-hyped for FFXV and hyped for CoD. I... I never would have imagined that, but here I am. I still want to believe in XV, but the reports from Ben and Damiani have me hella down, while the CoD stuff shown during the Sony conference looked pretty compelling!

  • @Whoaness said in Which Games Did E3 2016 Change Your Mind About?:

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but Call of Duty went from this worst trailer of all time:

    Youtube Video

    To the coolest gameplay showing at Sony's conference.

    Youtube Video

    I hate the fact that i agree with you, not you as in person but the fact that COD had a phenominal gameplay showing!

  • For me, the show did not necessarily change my mind, but rather gained interest in several titles. From slightest interest to buying Day One, these are the games that earned a spot on my list from E3 2016 (Please note I have other interests, but they have been on my radar prior to the show):

    Sea of Thieves (Very wary of, but I see its potential)
    Inside (Need more info before commiting to this game)
    Death Stranding (Same as Inside)
    Titanfall 2 (Single Player has me interested, but there are other priorities)
    Crash Bandicoot Remasters (Childhood memories are wonderful aren't they?)
    Horizon: Zero Dawn (Its original debut was a cool concept, but seeing the game in action has given me a stronger interest to take notice)
    Prey (The CG trailer has me fascinated)
    God of War (Fan of the series and this game has me HYPED)
    Days Gone (I'm getting an open world The Last of Us vibe and I LOVE TLoU)

  • I didn't like Skyward Sword at all and Twilight Princess wasn't as good as I remembered when I replayed it... so the new Zelda was 0 hype for me, even more with all the trouble in the development, but after E3 they changed it so much while keeping it charming and it looks so fun I can't wait to try it.

    CoD Infinite Warfare is the biggest surprise, I couldn't care less for the franchise. I loved Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and classic CoD 2, but it got too tiring for me. This one now looks like the game I wanted Battlefront to be, and that makes me angry, but also hyped.

    Resident Evil 7 Biohazard... Oh boy, I love this demo, I played it several times trying to find all the secrets and looking for new stuff with reddit, this is what PT must have felt for the people that already had a PS4 back then. I love the classic RE tank controls prerendered style, REmake is one of the best games I've ever played and the same goes for Resident Evil 4, even if it changed it all so much. But I hated 5 and 6 (haven't tried Revelations yet) so I'm ultra hyped for another gameplay change and going back to horror.

    And finally, Detroit... I could talk for hours about how much I love Heavy Rain and even Fahrenheit, and how much I hate Beyond 2 souls... But this looks like going back to the good ones, no more "you can't actually lose or die" bullshit, no more 1 character that's the only one that matters and her weird missadventures kissing boys. Good old investigations, multiple outcomes with death as a possibility... YES. Let's hope the story can go back to being good as well.

  • NieR: Automata. It's original reveal looked awesome, but i recently saw a gameplay demo with the developers, and it didn't look particularly good. The E3 trailer brought some positive reassurance. It's definitely better looking than that gameplay demo, but I still want to see more. I'm not a 100% sold yet, but I'm probably going to buy it anyway.

  • @Octane I disagree

    On topic I would say the only game that made me lose all hope was infinite warfare. I mean that game should not even be bundled with the amazing COD4. **ck move Activision.

  • I've honestly never really had any interest in getting into Resident Evil, but now that it looks like they're trying something completely new I cant wait to start playing this series.

    (The VR part definitely helps)

  • I'd have to go with Horizon.. I was intrigued by what was shown last year but after seeing the gameplay and hearing about the demo in the showroom, I'm starting to get pretty excited about it.

    Still on the fence about We Happy Few I was expecting a Bioshock-style fps but I'm really interested to find out its a procedural survival game. I love what we know about the world/story so far and I'm looking forward to getting more details

    Also God of War and RE7. I was excited for both, but I was not expecting the change in direction that they showed at the conference. I can't wait to see more

  • I actually thought the first Watch Dogs 2 trailer was kind of hype, like they were going for a Mr. Robot type theme/story. But the minute Marcus pulled out that gun to shoot out that window (even though he didn't use it on a person) I was totally de-hyped. I want this game to not involve any lethal force at all, not because that's my stereotypical view of hackers, but because it places value on hacking, and more importantly, setting traps and diversions and actually using the hacking as a means of infiltration and escape. When you can always "fall back" on a gun or even the yo-yo, it feels more generic.

    As for Detroit - David Cage games infuriate me, but damn if the trailer for Detroit make me think of actually picking up his next game.

  • I have to say the God of Ware franchise. I have never really been interested in the games until that E3 reveal.

  • not a game, but the PSVR.

  • As a primarily PC gamer who hasn't yet bought a 8th gen console, I usually find both MS and Sony conferences kinda boring (just because they don't offer me anything). At this years E3 tho, I got genuinely excited at MS Windows 10 announcements and later at Sonys exclusives (because MS made my console decision for me).

    Only "downside" of this years E3 is not being able to play Sonys exclusive games with acceptable framerate. After playing on a PC for years, 30fps is lowering my enjoyment of a game significantly.