Which Games Did E3 2016 Change Your Mind About?

  • I've honestly never really had any interest in getting into Resident Evil, but now that it looks like they're trying something completely new I cant wait to start playing this series.

    (The VR part definitely helps)

  • I'd have to go with Horizon.. I was intrigued by what was shown last year but after seeing the gameplay and hearing about the demo in the showroom, I'm starting to get pretty excited about it.

    Still on the fence about We Happy Few I was expecting a Bioshock-style fps but I'm really interested to find out its a procedural survival game. I love what we know about the world/story so far and I'm looking forward to getting more details

    Also God of War and RE7. I was excited for both, but I was not expecting the change in direction that they showed at the conference. I can't wait to see more

  • I actually thought the first Watch Dogs 2 trailer was kind of hype, like they were going for a Mr. Robot type theme/story. But the minute Marcus pulled out that gun to shoot out that window (even though he didn't use it on a person) I was totally de-hyped. I want this game to not involve any lethal force at all, not because that's my stereotypical view of hackers, but because it places value on hacking, and more importantly, setting traps and diversions and actually using the hacking as a means of infiltration and escape. When you can always "fall back" on a gun or even the yo-yo, it feels more generic.

    As for Detroit - David Cage games infuriate me, but damn if the trailer for Detroit make me think of actually picking up his next game.

  • I have to say the God of Ware franchise. I have never really been interested in the games until that E3 reveal.

  • not a game, but the PSVR.

  • As a primarily PC gamer who hasn't yet bought a 8th gen console, I usually find both MS and Sony conferences kinda boring (just because they don't offer me anything). At this years E3 tho, I got genuinely excited at MS Windows 10 announcements and later at Sonys exclusives (because MS made my console decision for me).

    Only "downside" of this years E3 is not being able to play Sonys exclusive games with acceptable framerate. After playing on a PC for years, 30fps is lowering my enjoyment of a game significantly.

  • Definitely Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I've never been a fan of the franchise because of how recycled it felt every iteration of the game. Infinite Warfare legitimately surprised me halfway into the E3 trailer the moment the space battle started. Looked amazing and fresh.

  • Yeah, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was definitely a shock to see how cool I thought the game was. I've also never really had an interest in God of War, but the new direction really intrigues me, and I'm probably going to go back and play the old ones.

    Also, I didn't think Detroit: Become Human was necessarily going to be bad, but the new trailer and all the info/interviews that came out definitely had me way more intrigued than before.

  • I'm pretty hyped about RE7, never been a big fan of the series but the reveal and the new angle they seem to be going with it has me pretty excited, same with God Of War to be honest. It's interesting seeing franchises try new things.

  • Easily God of War.
    I never got into the series. I appreciated the spectacle, but hated Kratos and thought the series was just about brutality and trying to out do itself. So I was surprised to see such a low key demo and Kratos seemed to be growing as a character. Add to that Nordic gods, and I actually am looking forward to this now.

    Otherwise nothing else was changed for me, I never was as down on Infinite Warfare as everyone else, and FFXV is iffier now, but I still am looking forward to it.

    For Honor is the closest to another change of mind for me. Mostly because while the game looked cool before, I thought it was just going to be multiplayer and I am not good with those games. The new info of a single player campaign made me put it on my must play list.