Review of Bosman at Home Ep. 4

  • About three weeks ago I started writing an Uncharted 4 review. I’d never wrote a review before, but always wanted to. I wrote five pages going into detail about the prologue, stealth, rope mechanics, graphics, gunplay, environments, etc. I’m happy with what I created, but Bosman at Home Ep. 4 showed me how much more a review can be.

    In Ep. 4 Bosman teaches about the importance of Context, and uses Uncharted 4 to demonstrate this. Bosman is brilliant in how he uses Uncharted 4 to teach what Context looks like in games, while also showing how Context makes Uncharted 4 great.

    Writing on Games (a smaller YouTube channel) says a good game review is “Narrow and Deep, as opposed to Broad and Shallow”. Bosman talks exclusively about the “A Normal Life” chapter, because ultimately everything great about Uncharted 4 can be gleamed from that section. But Bosman goes beyond this basic “Narrow and Deep” concept, and layers it with an educational look at Context.

    Bosman is among an elite few who take a deeper look at games. Traditional game reviews have their place, but the more critical analyses are what will make the gaming medium more respected.

    Writing on Games:
    Bosman at Home Ep. 4:
    Youtube Video

    Some of the previously mentioned “Elite Few”:
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  • The push for "objectivity" in game reviews annoys the hell out of me. The best reviews are the writer's subjective musing on the media they've consumed. As soon as you start putting things on strict scales with an average score spat out at the end its no longer a review it's a list of features.

  • Couldn't agree more. I just watched it and one of the thoughts I had while watching was "wow, I definitely appreciated all the things he is talking about without being able to express it or have it as a clear thought".
    It made me think about how much Kyle would have had to reflect on that to noticed be able to flush out those ideas.... either that or he's just a genius when it comes to stuff like this which is equally possible.

    I'm always impressed when people notice things that aren't super obvious especially when those same things feel like they should have totally been obvious in retrospect. Kyle is definitely very talented (as are the rest of the EZA crew).

    Also the ending killed me. Loved it

  • Final Bosman was my route to finding GameTrailers and I'm so glad that he's still doing in-depth content like this, even if it is sporadically. I was particularly taken with that chapter of Uncharted as well and mentioned it to a friend who thought it was nice, but pretty much just breezed through it. It's nice being able to count on Bosman and his attention to context.

    YouTube recommended I re-watch the "Allies Assemble" video they launched the Patreon with yesterday and I couldn't believe how recently that was and how far the Allies have come in a couple months. I've never felt as invested in an online community as I am in the Allies.