Games That You Bought A Console For

  • I bought a PSP for the sole purpose of playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It did not disappoint.

  • Sega Master System, for Alex Kidd in Miracle World

  • It's tough as really I haven't bought some of these consoles as I was still a kid and even the consoles I bought, even if there was a specific game I wanted, I knew I'd get others too.

    The obvious one that springs to mind is the PS2 for MGS2. MGS is my favourite franchise and the hype going into MGS2 was insane. The trailers we'd seen etc. I reckon I've played and completed that game the most of any game. Super Mario Bros 3 might come close.

  • PS3- Uncharted 2 and 3 bundle
    Vita- Uncharted Golden Abyss
    PSP- Star Wars Battlefront
    Original Xbox- Halo, Halo 2
    PS2- Sly Cooper
    Gameboy- one of the Pokemons
    I got the DS, 3DS, PS4, X360, and Xbox One on release day so didn't really buy them for a specific game.

  • DS: pokemon soulsilver
    3DS: RE revelations
    ps2 -> Tekken 4(funny, cuz the fandom generally gives it a lot of flack, but I thought it was fun at the time.)
    ps3 -> Heavenly Sword(gameplay and graphics are dated, but Andy Serkis his performance is still amazing)
    ps4 -> Bloodborne(Honestly, this has been the best reason ever for me to buy a console. Uncharted 4 and ratchet&clank are fun, but to me, Bloodborne reigns supreme as the ultimate exclusive Sony has right now)

    Aside from Bloodborne, none of these game actually impressed me in the long run. Ps2 is still my favourite consoles because of its brilliant gamescatalog(plus the golden JRPG trinity -> P3 FES - P4 - DQ8).

    PS3 had some really good stuff like Ni No Kuni, god of war 3 and demon's souls but overall I find it very lacking. The generation itself had brilliant games but most of em were multiplatform that I can enjoy more easily(and better-looking) on pc.

  • So jolly that you love Nintendo Land so much, really fun with friends! Phantom Pain was what made me buy a PS4, Uncharted 4 as well but since TPP was released last year I bought it for that. I was very dissapointed with MGSV, but it was worth it in the end. Wierd how it can be both like that, but playing mgsv was pretty magical until it really started to become dissapointing. I've bought alot of other games too like Witcher 3 which blew me away, Uncharted 4 and Overwatch.
    The PS4 I gotta say has a really good library and I'm really satisfied with it, there's never been a shortage of games on it for me and the future looks super bright!

  • Thinking back as far as I can:

    NES- Ghosts And Goblins
    Genesis- Sonic
    SNES- Super Mario World
    GB- Tetris and Dig-Dug (Pokemon ended up being the ultimate game for that though)
    N64- LoZ-OoT, Doom 64, Killer Instinct Gold
    PS1- Bloody Roar 2 and Mega Man Legends
    GBA- Advanced Wars!
    DC- Phantasy Star Online/ Skies Of Arcadia
    NGC- Metroid Prime
    DS- Advanced Wars:Dual Strike
    PSP- Monster Hunter/ Metal Gear Acid
    3DS- Kid Icarus: Uprising
    PS2- Monster Rancher 3
    XBox- Fable
    PS3- Eye Of Judgement (Yes, this was really cool to my early 20s self)
    360- Gears Of War (Naturally)
    Wii- LoZ:Twilight Princess
    Wii-U- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    PS4- Battlefield 4

  • As far as I can remember and not in order:

    Gamecube - Melee
    Wii - Skyward Sword
    DS - Pokemon Diamond
    3DS - Animal Crossing New Leaf
    Xbox - Does it count if it's two games? I bought one last year literally just so I could play Jet Set Radio Future and Shenmue II.
    Saturn - Nights into Dreams
    Vita - Persona 4 Golden

    Also honorable mention is the PS3 my brother bought (and we shared) in high school just for Red Dead Redemption.

  • Don't think i ever bought a console solely based on one game.
    Only thing i can think of is PS2 to play Kingdom Hearts when it came out.

    I am thinking of buying a PS4 when the new one comes out due to the exclusives starting to ramp up.
    KH 1.8, 2.8, KH3 (not exclusive but not on PC), Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Last of Us.

  • There's three that come to mind.

    Gamecube - Metroid Prime (It'd been so long since the last Metroid game and I had to convince my parents.)
    PlayStation 3 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Metal Gear! I picked a PS3 up as soon as I could once it dropped.)
    Vita - Persona 4 Golden (I actually picked up P4G nearly a month before my Vita, but when I saw it sitting there so cheap I knew I needed to get a Vita.)

    Thankfully I regretted none of these decisions.

  • When the PS4 first dropped, I said I will not by it until The Last Guardian has a release date. I'm now trying to make ends meet so I can uphold that promise.

  • @parasitepaladin said in Games That You Bought A Console For:

    This is a hard to answer question. For me, it means what console that you didn't plan on buying you ended up buying anyways because of a game. I will always buy PlayStation consoles no matter what! So they don't count. Didn't want the original Xbox, but ended up with it because of Shenmue 2.

    I agree and feel the same way about PlayStation consoles I usually buy one during the first year. With PlayStation I know i'm going to get good exclusives and decent or great multiplatform games.

    Anyways to answer the question I bought a 360 for Oblivion because I had no other way of playing it at the time. Enjoyed my time with the system but ended up selling the 360 a month before the ps3 released.

  • I bought all my consoles knowing I'd be getting them for their coming library, but back in the day I bought (and still own) a Neo Geo Pocket Color JUST to play Cardfighters Clash and Match of the Millenium, and I don't regret it.

  • NES: All the Mario (Parents bought it)
    SNES: Zelda (The Best One)
    GB: More Mario
    GBA: Portable JRPGs (Dragon Quest Re-Releases)
    PS1: FFVII
    PS2: To watch my CE: Army of Darkness DVD (cheapest DVD player I could get, at the time)
    PS3: New Ratchet and Clank, to watch blu-rays
    GBDS: More Portable JRPGs (FF Remakes)
    Vita: Persona 4 Golden
    PS4: MOAR JRPGS, PLEASE (I might like them, a little)
    Wii: Zelda
    Wii U: Platinum Games Goodness

  • PS2: MGS2
    GBA: Pokemon Ruby and Saphire
    PS4: Bloodborne
    WII U: Wind Waker HD and 3D World
    3ds: OOT Remake

    No regrets.

  • PS2 - Kingdom Hearts
    PS3 - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch
    Xbox - Shenmue II

    Shenmue II being on Xbox is why I'm an Xbox gamer to this day.

  • Banned

    I bought a PS3 for Tools of Destruction. Love me some Ratchet and Clank.

    Also bought a Gamecube for Sonic Adventure 2. I completely skipped over the Dreamcast back then.

  • Banned

    I bought a Wii at launch for Smash.
    Lined up and everything. Brought my Gamecube and a friend brought a small TV. We used the outlets outside of Futureshop to get a 60 person Smash tourney going that went from 8pm to 4am the next morning.
    I probably had more fun waiting for a Wii than I actually had playing it.

  • I bought PS2 for MGS2 and FFX, DS for The World Ends With You and Ace Attorney, PS3 for MGS4 and Wii-U for Smash Bros. Also, while not console, I spent 2000€ to build PC for Skyrim (also for video editing and such, but still). I have no regrets.

    • Xbox Jet Set Radio Future (UTTER REGRET of buying the Xbox. Still collecting dust)

    • Wii Zelda: Twilight Princess

    The rest of my consoles are just me being a fangirl. Gotta have Playstations and every sega console. Only started getting Nintendo systems with the N64 (my favourite), GameCube, and lastly Wii. Never upgraded to a WiiU.