Games That You Bought A Console For

  • Gameboy: Kirby's Dream Land 2
    PS1: Crash Bandicoot
    Game Boy Advance: Super Mario Advance / Pokemon Sapphire
    Gamecube: Melee
    DS: Mario 64 DS
    Wii: Metroid Prime 3
    3DS: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    Wii U: Wind Waker HD / Smash Bros. Wii U

    And pretty soon (maybe) PS4: Yakuza 0

  • I usually don't buy consoles due to any one specific game. Now I just buy them all. But I remember very vividly trying the Demo1 disc that came with the PlayStation at launch at a friends and it had a playable demo of Destruction Derby and a trailer for the original Tekken. The very next day I took all my savings and went to the store and bought a PlayStation, Tekken, Destruction Derby, extra controller and memory card. WORTH IT!
    Also I eventually bought the PS2 specifically to play Gran Turismo 4.

  • On all of these prior to this gen, it was more along the lines of games I asked on my christmas list along with the console.

    N64-Mario 64
    PS1- Spyro 2/ THPS 2
    Gameboy- Pokemon yellow,
    Gameboy color- Pokemon Gold
    Gameboy Advanced- Megaman Zero
    PS2-Final Fantasy X
    Gamecube- gameboy to tv adaptor adaptor/ Zelda collectors edition
    Can't remember xbox360 Maybe original Dead Rising or Guitar Hero 3?
    ps3- Ni no Kuni
    3DS- Ocarina of Time 3D
    PS4- Infamous: Second Sun
    Xbox One- Dead Rising 3
    Wii U- Mario Kart 8

  • Before I got a PC to handle gaming (and before most games were ported to the PC), I used to just always get consoles. But now, I am going to get my first current gen console (minus my Wii U) specifically for 4 upcoming games (which come out in the following chronological order): Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, Persona 5, and Kingdom Hearts 3 (whenever the heck that comes out). Even if those are the only 4 games I play on that console.... I will have no regrets.