Subscribed To Threads by Default?

  • I'm not familiar with this forum software, but damn if it isn't clean and snappy. Really like it, just one thing is bugging me.

    I seem to be subscribed to all topics by default and I get a new notification in my inbox about every single updated thread. It isn't so bad right now, but I assume it will get a bit more cluttered once the forums pick up Steam.

    I've looked in the options and seen there's options for "follow topics I create" and "follow topics I reply to" but these are unchecked by default. Is there a way around this?

  • Yup, you cannot have a filter like that. Same issue with another similar forum I spend time on, but since it is a smaller community it is less bothering. Maybe there is a plug-in admin can use but that is me guessing things up here.

    You can still do a quick "mark as read" on the the topics you're not interested in the new unread selection list by clicking on the avatars though (icymi):

    alt text

  • @Maczime Ah, thanks for the heads up. Looking at it when you replied to this, because I'm watching this topic due to me creating it, this one came up under the alarm , so that will be the topics I choose to subscribe to and I can just do the 'mark all as read' function under the inbox!

  • Yeah I came here to post this as it is really bothering me. I have been doing the mark all as read, but still, it would be nice to only subscribe to the threads I post on. Hope that can get fixed.

  • I figured it out. We're set to watch boards by default, so you see that icon in the top right that says 'ignore' in the topic list? Press that and new posts in that board won't alert you in the inbox anymore.

  • @Hasney Thanks Hasney. I have kept it set to watch the Shows Forum, but didn't want updates on ever general or bug related thread.