The EZA "VIKINGS" Watch Club - Season One

  • @GMan well

    they fought monks. The monks could probably have gotten the hell out of there but instead they hid in a room and prayed to a god that wasn't a god the Vikings believed in. Without a lick of combat experience that's kind of what you should expect.

  • @Hoken i didnt mean i was surprised or that they'd be, i just mean that

    d figure they wanted a fight, and would be disappointed they didnt get one

  • @GMan

    You have to look at the context. They took a huge risk and a lot of resources (one guy was even killed) just to get to England. Getting there and raiding so easily was great for them as they got what they came for with minimal effort. A battle at home would be different of course.

  • Is the show Vikings based on true story or inspired by true events. Is it based of real historical facts?.

  • @SIX2SE7EN it's a mix as I understand it, they try and base as much as they can off documentation. But considering everything ever written about vikings was not written by vikings there's not that much historical evidence they can go by. Runes and archaeological evidence is the meat of what we have today.

  • So I just finished the first episode and about quarter way through the second and I have to say its not as bad as I was expecting. The acting could use a little more work but I'll wait and see

    Edit: So I finished the 2nd episode. Not bad!. Episode 3 is going to be amazing I feel it

  • @SIX2SE7EN apparently it starts out alright and gets way better. I hear "better than Game of Thrones" but I'll believe it when I see it. Seeing episode 3 tomorrow after college!

  • I've seen it in my recommended shows plenty the past few years, but Huber/Vandenberghe hype has finally made me take the plunge. Finished the first episode earlier. I'll admit I kinda faded out in the 3rd quarter, but the first half, and the last bit were great! I'll make sure and try not to multitask going forward lol

  • Vikings is one of those shows I've been meaning to pick up for a while. This thread is not helping that, I might just take the plunge now :P

  • @Yeoubie do eet.

  • Still haven't gotten to #3. Summer break starts tomorrow, so I'm kicking it off with another episode.

    And MORE considering the new season is coming!

  • Wow, I just finished S1 last week. It's really good!

  • I am eagerly awaiting for the Season 4 return. I'll see you all then!

  • Yesssss. Embrace your inner Viking.

  • I watched the first episode and couldn't really get into it. =/

  • @Stormcrownn watch the second! Hooked me harder than the first, it's pretty Game of Thrones-y.

  • @Hoken Good to know. I'll give the second episode a shot. I've grown a bit tired of TV shows recently, and it takes something pretty good to get my attention.

  • The show just gets better and better imo so stick with it if the first few episodes don't immediately grip you. Some of the battles later on are fantastic.

  • I think i fell off with season 2, so this could be a fun way to catch up with everyone

  • Watched the first six episodes so far and definitely becoming hooked on it. Wasn't too sure after the first episode, which seems reasonably common, but thought it was decent but just destined to be one of those shows that goes on to my backlog and ends up never being watched but I ended up watching the second episode later that day and it slowly got it's claw in me to the point where I'm really liking it now.