The EZA "VIKINGS" Watch Club - Season One

  • Hey guys, for us precious few who have not yet seen Vikings, I want to set in motion the first ever EZA watch-along.

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    This time we're going to start watching Vikings wherever we can, like Huber would want us to.

    Please use proper spoiler tag etiquette and indicate which episode you're talking about so nobody gets spoiled!

    I encourage tagging posts with the episode number so people can easily CTRL+F their way there.

    Please do not spoil further seasons than the ones indicated in the thread title.

    If you are behind, don't fret, as you can engage in discussion regardless of how far you've gotten into the series.

    Some people like to binge, and others take it slow. All aboard for Valhalla!

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  • Currently watching episode 1, and damn this looks legit. got that game of thrones grit

  • I watched all episodes, and I really encourage all of you to watch it.

  • Watched all the episodes but this is so jolly (Huber would be so proud) that I kinda want to tag along for this journey! Said it to someone in chat but this is right up there with GoT and Spartacus in terms of HYPE

  • Yeah, hyped for the new season! Have fun watching guys!

  • Very good first episode, it's got me hooked. Bit unsure about the norse and english language mixing but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Pretty awesome as far as pilots go.

    Ragnar is cool!

  • The first season is a bit rough, but it really hits it stride and just gets better and better. The accents are hilarious because they are pretty accurate, our native language is very sing-songy so unless we practice English a lot it's going to sound... hilarious.

  • @BatViking yep, Danes take some getting used to alright!

    Time for episode two!

  • @Hoken Danes, Norwegians, Swedish people. Floki's actor is Swedish, there are some inaccuracies in the show, but that's fine since Ragnar Lothbrok is a semi-mythic figure. He was real, but we don't know how many of the stories about him are.

  • @BatViking yeah, I am aware. I'm Swedish ;)

  • Episode 2:

    The Jarl's test was hilariously obvious, what an idiot.
    Not sure if I like Ragnar's wife or not, don't think a warrior woman was ever a thing in that time. Treating this as fantasy for the time being.
    I really like the visuals, everything looks like the Vale in Game of Thrones.
    Everyone's teeth are VERY white...
    Floke is awesome.
    Well, that was a pretty successful raid.

    Great episode! I was thinking they might go easy on the vikings, but I'm happy to say that they are pulling off the ruthlessness VERY well thus far. Ragnar is obviously supposed to be a little softer, at least compared to his brother, so I'm thinking that might come back to bite him in the future.

  • Gonna be watching it tonight from Episode 1.

  • I will join in when I have finished my master thesis in a couple of weeks! I'm a Danish "viking" myself, so it should be right up my alley! :)

  • @Hoken Regarding women, some argue that Shieldmaidens were real, some argue they weren't. So take that with a grain of salt. :P Love Lagertha and her actress. Gotta wait until autumn for new episodes to come out, too.

  • @BatViking it would surprise me if it was true, but the vilification of vikings in the nordics has made history very cryptic for all of us. If they didn't kill everyone who could write we might have had some more information today ;)

  • just watched episode 2

    ragnar's men have NO HONOR. they may as well be killing poor defenseless babes. they dont love glorious battle, they love senseless slaughter. might as well be using a bow and arrow.

  • @GMan and that's the truth about vikings.

  • @GMan I'd just say that Viking's honor is a bit different than what we'd traditionally think about when we say honor, and as the series goes on you'll learn that even Christians' "honor" is different than what you'd think. Basically the series does a great job of showing the difference and similarities of tradition, honor, and beliefs between several different cultures of the time as it goes on. So jolly to see you guys going through this show though :)

  • @PoeCameron oh sure, but i was at least expecting them to be disappointed when

    literally nobody fought back. like, bitch about how they were too weak and stuff. idk. time for episode 3!

  • @GMan well

    they fought monks. The monks could probably have gotten the hell out of there but instead they hid in a room and prayed to a god that wasn't a god the Vikings believed in. Without a lick of combat experience that's kind of what you should expect.