Anyone heard of ENDERAL? It's BLOWING ME AWAY.

  • This project needs some more shout-outs....

    This mod (technically) is really a game.
    A huge game, a great story.

    Anyone else enjoying this?

    Seriously... this team is one to keep your eye on....

    If you haven't heard of it, look it up, it's wonderful.

    I promise I'm not affiliated with them. =P

    SureAI is the next CDPR I'm calling it.

  • Yep it’s awesome. Kind of love the levelling system and story is good. Lore is nice but sometimes the story or some dialog feels a bit like fanfiction. Not that it’s bad but somethings would not make it into an actual published game. But sadly due to my bad habit of modding TES I didn’t play it nearly enough. Well I’m maybe 70h in :blush: . SureAI exists for quite a while but I think it’s more of a student project than an actual company. Also means the staff is constantly changing…

  • I saw it on a stream and I'm impressed. I might give it a shot after Skyrim special edition comes out.

  • Came expecting drug recommendations, somehow left satisfied.

  • SureAI has confirmed that they are working on an unannounced project, I'm really hoping that they are stepping things up. They really have the potential.