Are you Playstation Experienced... Again?

  • @Kaminski
    Thanks for reminding me bout that, love watching high level SF V. I'm honestly just really glad they are still doing this event, Id love it if Microsoft and Nintendo did stuff like this too. Last years PSX was the only gaming convention I've been too and it was a blast.

  • @TheMarcV I totally agree. While I'll be heading down for PSE, I have not yet spent the time or money for WonderCon. That move totally bummed me out as well.

    @Kaminski I don't play much of any fighting games, and I didn't think I would be interested, but going to watch the matches just to take a break of things was AMAZING last year.

    @TokyoSlim Here's hoping some sort of Alley meet-up can be arranged!

    @Haru17 Totally appropriate and from one of my favorite shows. XD

  • @Sazime I certainly hope so!

  • I live 15 mins away from the convention center and Disneyland so I am definitely going to...try and make it. Hopefully I can get the tickets before they sell out.

  • plane tickets are so expensive. hope to find some reasonable price at the sale in 2 weeks. and picking a hotel that is close enough to the event.
    gotta check out other places to visit, otherwise spending a lot only to go to one event is ridiculous.

  • I can't go (living in the UK) but I'm so pumped for the show.

    Sony skipped doing a Gamescom or Paris Games Week press conference this year. I reckon they're saving the announcements so PSX can rival the E3 show. All killer, no filler!

    I'm also hoping for some kind of PSVR support. How cool would it be for Sony to bring a 360° camera to the event and let us watch in VR?

  • I'll say this, if you do go look out for the easy allies crew. Last year on sunday I was thinkin, ill probably see some of them and totally run into Huber, Ian and Brad, got some time on Huber Hype, I was the weird guy in a blue princess leia talking bout getting ratchet and clank and FF VIII, so awesome. I did get Ratchet and clank by the way

  • I booked my trip the other night! I'm really excited it's my first time. No one could come so I'm going solo!

  • Is there good merch? Should i bring empty luggage space?

  • @Leroy-Anderson Eh, kinda? Last year there wasn't much, but I did get a couple cool posters, which needed some special care (they were a give away).

    By and large, I saw things I could have picked up anywhere, but I did get a t-shirt from their store and a couple after playing demos. :)

  • @Sazime Thanks for the info. Since it's only 3 days i want planning on bringing checked luggage. I think I'll just stick to my cat carry on then.

  • @Leroy-Anderson cat carry on? lol. I'm not bringing a cat.