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  • @TokyoSlim Honestly, Comboy Bebop is not for everyone and I wouldn't really call it a very "western" friendly anime. The overall style and structure is still very japanese.

    I personally believe that movies are always better as an introduction because they're not huge investments and don't need X amount of episodes to get going. So something like Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust with English dubs would be a better introduction. It has action, looks good, doesn't get bogged down in dialogue, solid english VA, doesn't have any of the typical anime stuff (like wierd facial expressions), has a straightforward story and is only about 1h30min long.

    I mean Big O (basically Batman TAS with a giant robot) was designed to appeal to western audiences and it was a hit in the west, but I wouldn't recommend that people new to anime should start with it.

  • @suplextrain I never said it was "for everyone" But I do stand by my recommendation that it's far more Western friendly than most other stuff, and it's a great place to intro into Westernized anime, and that's backed up by it's popularity in the West and the fact that for a whole bunch of people, it's exposure on Adult Swim got them into Anime in the first place. You mention that VHD is only 1h30min long, but an episode of Bebop is on average 24 minutes long and are largely self contained stories. There's an overarching narrative, but as I pointed out previously - each session has a distinctly different vibe, so you can pretty easily skip around or not watch one if it seems like it's not your thing.

  • @TokyoSlim Over the span of like 10 years I have tried to get numerous people online and offline into anime and stuff like Cowboy Bebop was seldom a good intro.
    Now I'm not saying it's a terrible introduction or that people can't have gotten into anime that way, but from my experience it isn't ideal. I also brought up a similar show with Big O to further cement this.

    Also to reiterate a show like Bebop requires more commitment than a 1h30min movie. Shows can be a slow burn, have a weak start, give the wrong impression early on and so on. A movie is paced differently and VHD : B is overall a pretty well paced movie that is also short, this makes it easier to swallow.
    Now Cowboy Bebop really has its ups and downs (and the beginning isn't particularly great), this is in addition to typical anime stuff I mentioned prior. Additionaly you telling people that they can just skip episodes is already a bad sign and just strengthens my argument, after all wasn't the entire goal to convince people to actually watch anime?

    Now I get you you really like Cowboy Bebop, but I think you're taking this a bit too personally. From my experience Cowboy Bebop simply isn't an ideal intro to anime.

  • @Sazime You're certainly in for a ride then.

  • @suplextrain Maybe not, but it's a great noir series, if someone is ever looking to put more film noir into their life.

  • @suplextrain My telling people that they can skip episodes is not a bad thing. I skip episodes of it all the time. I start in the middle. I watch the end first. Whatever. The point is that it's a shorter time commitment than watching an hour and a half long movie. If the current episode you're watching is goofy, skip it. Next episode will be something totally different and as most episodes are self contained, you won't be missing much. If you think part of VHD is goofy, then you think all of it is, and there's nothing else to try or look forward to.

    Tons of people have never even seen the whole series and it is in no way hindering their enjoyment of the show.

    Not taking it personally at all. Bebop is nearly universally praised as a gateway to Anime. It's super accessible and very westernized. That's one of the reasons it's on nearly everyone's list to recommend to new people interested in Anime. It's fine if you don't like it. I'm not going to say you're wrong, but I don't think it's something you should try to convince other people not to watch.

  • I'm totally up for an anime of the month sort of deal. I've watched a some stuff that edges on the mainstream, with a few of the token Death Note/FMA: Brotherhood/Bebop ones that everyone has seen, but considering I got into anime through the uncommon stream of purely my own actions (ie 0% recommendations from friends/internet) I have certainly missed out on some big titles here and there so I'm up for any sort of anime.

    That is as long as we're allowed discussion on both the positives and negatives of whatever's chosen without being flamed out of the building - some of us may have had bad experiences in the past of hating stuff before it became cool to hate it [cough] SAO [cough] :P

  • @Mr-M said in Easy Allies Anime of the Month Club:

    That is as long as we're allowed discussion on both the positives and negatives of whatever's chosen without being flamed out of the building - some of us may have had bad experiences in the past of hating stuff before it became cool to hate it [cough] SAO [cough] :P

    Well said :thumbsup: Maybe we could use some general discussion guidelines for the thread? A separate thread for venting? Just something to chew on while we wait.

  • This might not be the thread for it, but I've been looking for a new Anime for a while now. Have been out of the loop for a while now, probavly since steins gate as nothing since have caught my interest in the same way. Except for Erased which I just got finished with, so Allies, have any tips for me?

    Looking for something in that same genre. A series which makes u feel all empty when you finish it.

  • @seppo91 So you want something that's already finished? If not try ReZero. If you want something thats finished try Shiki, Parasyte or Requiem for the Phantom

  • @Dragonhunter thanks! Will watch an episode or two of each and see what grabs me

  • @seppo91 http://forums.easyallies.com/topic/220/anime-who-s-watching-what that's the thread of everyone's current anime so you might find one mentioned there that catches your eye. anichart.net also has simple summaries of everything out and has past archives dating back to 1995 so if end up super bored you can take a scroll through time and just pick out something that piques your fancy.

    Emptiness eyyy? Shinsekai Yori (#85th highest rating on MAL) might fill that void. It's really really good. It'd be my vote for the first anime of the month we watch as a group if anything but comedy comes up as the genre (my comedy genre vote is the one lower down in this post).

    Though, if you're the sort of masochist that wants the type of emptiness that occurs when perfection ends prematurely without any sort of closure then you'd be hard pressed to find one that beats my favourite anime of all time: Ouran Highschool Host Club. I rewatch it around twice a year and it still gets me at the end.

  • @alexwhiteplays Wow, I'm the worst. Sorry to just be getting back to you! I've never been a much of a forum user; got busy and just spaced it. >_<

    That sounds perfect!

  • Thread is going up later today, I have to do a bit of work first. See you there!